Customized Cardinals Jersey Can Chicago police reform? It’s up to Mayor Emanuel now

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired his police chief and announced a task force Tuesday. Those moves could have a powerful effect – or be window dressing.Cheap Customized Women’s Nike Arizona Cardinals Black and White Two Tone Jersey.

The mounting fallout from the police killing of a black teenager a year ago rocked the Chicago Police Department to its core Tuesday.

Now, the promise of reforming the CPD Customized Cardinals Jersey to rebuild community trust could largely depend on whether the political will exists to do it.

On Tuesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired Police Supt. Garry McCarthy and announced the creation of an accountability task force to probe whether the department protects rogue cops at all costs.

The moves came amid a growing furor over how the city and the department have handled the case of Laquan McDonald, the teenager who last year was Custom Ravens Jersey fatally shot by a police officer 16 times – with many shots fired after he had already fallen. On Tuesday, Mr. Emanuel spoke of “systematic challenges that will require sustained reforms.”

The steps he announced Tuesday could have a profound effect on Chicago police culture and behavior, experts say, but only if Emanuel himself demands it. Task forces from Maryland to Washington State have led to significant reform,Youth Nike Personalized Arizona Cardinals Elite Red Team Color Jersey Cheap, for example. But they can also easily become empty vessels that do little.

The difference is one of desire, says Charles Katz, a criminologist at Arizona State University in Tempe and co-author of “The Police in America: An Introduction.”

“The question isn’t so much that there are problems in the police force, but the lack of willingness to address those issues in a transparent manner, which allows the public to maintain faith that the police and the city are doing what they’re supposed to be doing,” he says.


That willingness has made task forces successful in the past. A community police commission in Seattle recently became the first citizen task force ever to help Customized Football Jersey formally write a police department use-of-force policy, which included a strong de-escalation component, writes Samuel Walker, an emeritus criminologist at the University of Nebraska in Omaha, in Criminal Justice Policy Review.

Task forces can also force police leaders to acknowledge an outside view of a culture that can be difficult for civilians to understand. Last year, 10 years after a task force in Maryland’s Prince George’s County, the state’s attorney there, Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey,Angela Alsobrooks, said: “When you have the authority to take life and to take a person’s liberty, that relationship and the trust between our community and public safety is an absolutely sacred relationship.”

A 10-year-old police accountability project in Albany, N.Y., mainly improved trustworthiness, because it forced the city to respond to allegations of police misconduct, even if unsubstantiated, according to a 2010 report by the John F. Finn Institute for Public Safety.

“People feel that procedures are fairer when they trust the motives [of police]. Authorities can encourage people to view them as trustworthy by explaining their decisions and accounting for their conduct in ways that make clear their concern about giving attention to people’s needs. These expectations have powerful effects on clients,” the report states.

Chicago has often fought efforts to shine light on the police department. Only after winning a federal court case against the city in 2014 did the Citizens’ Police Data Project, in part sponsored by the University of Chicago Law School, begin publishing more than 56,000 complaints lodged against some 8,500 CPD officers. Data published by the project this year show that no discipline was given to officers in 99 percent of complaint cases, compared with a national average of 90 percent.

Now, Chicago is at a moment that “requires more than just words” to restore trust, Emanuel said Tuesday.


The shooting of Laquan took place only months after the killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson,Customized Falcons Jersey Mo., and Eric Garner in New York City, which led to nationwide protests against police use of force. But instead of releasing a video of the incident, as other departments had done with similar footage, Emanuel – who was facing reelection just a few months later – said it was part of an ongoing investigation.

The video was released last week, but only because of a judge’s order after a freelance journalist filed a lawsuit. On the same day the video was released, Officer Jason Van Dyke, who fired the shots, became the first Chicago officer to be arrested on murder charges related to on-duty activity.

The video not only contradicted the City Hall version of events – including that Laquan had “lunged” at officers – but also destroyed City Hall’s “one-bad-apple” narrative, write Bill Ruthhart and Hal Dardick in The Chicago Tribune. Instead, it fits “an all-too-familiar set of circumstances: City Hall initially casts the incident as an act of police self-defense only for the facts to bear out a different story later.”

Chicago’s past includes some of the worst cases of police abuse in United States history. The city and Cook County has had to pay out nearly $100 million legal Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Uniform fees and settlements for the actions of Det. Jon Burge, who tortured mostly black suspects with cattle prods, flashlight beatings, mock Russian roulette, and near-suffocation using plastic bags in the 1970s and ’80s.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Tuesday it has an “active” investigation into the shooting of Laquan.

“Chicago is at a tough impasse,” adds Professor Katz. “There has been over the past few decades repeated violations of individuals’ civil rights in the worst ways. The CPD has not been transparent in addressing those issues, even when they know they’ve occurred.”

The five-member task force is expected to offer a report by March.

Customized Football Jersey Clinton Campaign Defends Controversial 9/11 Remark By Pointing To 9/11

Hillary Clinton incited a broad backlash during the most recent Democratic presidential debate by suggesting that her popularity among Wall Street donors was due to her work in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.Women’s Atlanta Falcons Nike Custom Made Elite Red Team Color Jersey Cheap. On Monday, her campaign doubled down, pointing to the same attacks as proof she is incapable of exploiting the tragedy for political gain.

“It’s outrageous to suggest that Senator Clinton of all people, who went to Ground Zero …Customized Football Jersey that she of all people would politicize 9/11 is an outrageous notion,” Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said on a conference call with reporters.

Fallon said Clinton had been instrumental in securing aid funding for the region impacted by the attacks,Custom Titans Jersey, which included much of New York City’s banking district.

Clinton took heat for the debate remark from many different quarters, including the New York Times editorial board, Youth Nike Cincinnati Bengals Customized Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey,which said the city’s recovery from Sept. 11 had “little to nothing” to do with Clinton’s fundraising base on Wall Street.

“Her effort to tug on Americans’ heartstrings instead of explaining her Wall Street ties — on a day that the scars of 9/11 were exposed anew — was at best botched rhetoric,”Customized Tennessee Titans Jersey  the editorial board wrote. “At worst it was the type of cynical move that Mrs. Clinton would have condemned in Republicans.”

Clinton has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and private equity firms since leaving the State Department. Her formal campaign has received more money from big banks than any other candidate — Republican or Democrat — in the 2016 race. Those figures do not include contributions to super PACs,Men’s Nike Tennessee Titans Customized Elite Away White Jersey Sale, and do not include donations from hedge fund managers or private equity magnates, many of whom favor Republican candidates. Clinton’s wide lead over a relatively small Democratic field also consolidates her contributions from Wall Streeters who want to support a Democrat.Youth Nike Tennessee Titans Customized Elite Team Color Light Blue NFL Football Jersey Cheap.Financial elite contributions to Republicans are spread among a many more candidates.

Former House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) also defended Clinton’s donations from Wall Street.Custom Falcons Jersey  Suggestions that Clinton is beholden to her Wall Street campaign contributors is “not just morally offensive, it’s truly stupid,” Frank said.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Clinton’s chief rival for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination,Custom Bengals Jersey criticized her Wall Street support during Saturday’s debate.

“Let’s not be naive about it,” Sanders said. “Why over her political career has Wall Street been the major political contributor to Hillary Clinton? Now maybe they’re dumb, but I don’t think so.”

Customized Football Jersey Eagles hoping Mark Sanchez bails them out

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — November is turning into Sanchize time in Philadelphia.

For the second year in a row,Customized Football Jersey the Eagles are turning to Mark Sanchez near the midpoint of the season.

Sanchez couldn’t rally Philadelphia to a comeback win over Miami on Sunday, but will likely get another chance this week when the Eagles (4-5) host Tampa Bay (4-5).Men’s Tennessee Titans Nike Custom Made Elite Team Color Light Blue Jersey Cheap.

Sanchez came in when Sam Bradford injured his left shoulder and suffered a concussion in the second half of a 20-19 loss to the Dolphins.

Coach Chip Kelly had no update on Bradford’s status Monday.

”I feel very confident in Mark Sanchez,” Kelly said.

Sanchez replaced Custom Titans Jersey Nick Foles in Philadelphia’s eighth game last season, led them to a win at Houston and went 4-4 as a starter the rest of the way. The Eagles finished 10-6 and missed the playoffs after a 9-3 start.Men’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Custom Made Elite Team Color Black Jersey Cheap.

Sanchez set a franchise record with a 64.1 completion rate, but also committed too many turnovers.Customized Tennessee Titans Jersey He threw a crucial interception against Miami from the 9 after driving the Eagles into position to go ahead on a field goal with just over four minutes left in the game.

Miles Austin was the intended receiver and he didn’t appear to make a play for the ball, but Kelly made it clear Sanchez shouldn’t have thrown that pass on second down.

”We were hoping he would just take a peek,” Kelly said. ”It looked to me like Brent (Celek) was open underneath,Men’s Nike Personalized Atlanta Falcons Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey Shirt, just dump it down, play the next snap and get a positive yardage.”

Sanchez blamed it on miscommunication.

”I thought he was going to do one thing Custom Falcons Jersey and he was thinking another,” Sanchez said. ”So I put the ball (there) expecting, trying to anticipate where he was going and it didn’t pan out very well.”

Sanchez finished 14 of 23 for 156 yards in his first action this season. He showed more mobility than Bradford and scrambled away to avoid the rush better.

”Sanchez graded out well,” Kelly said. ”Obviously the interception was a big down for him, but he made some plays.”

Sanchez has never been a running quarterback or anything close to former Eagles Michael Vick,Custom Bengals Jersey Donovan McNabb and Randall Cunningham,Youth Nike Tennessee Titans Customized Elite Team Color Light Blue NFL Football Jersey Cheap, but he’s more of a threat to keep the ball on a zone-read play than Bradford.

Still, Kelly’s game plan doesn’t change no matter who starts.

”I don’t think the offense is much different,” Kelly said.

NOT-SO SPECIAL TEAMS: The Eagles allowed their second blocked punt of the season and it was a turning point for the Dolphins, leading to a 12-yard touchdown drive that helped them erase a 16-3 first-quarter deficit. Kicker Caleb Sturgis missed a 32-yard field goal in the first half that turned out to be a huge difference in the game.

Kelly blamed the snaps on both the punt and the missed field goal. Longtime long snapper Jon Dorenbos has been one of the best in league for years.Women’s Nike Custom Cincinnati Bengals Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Sale.

”We need to clean some things up,” Kelly said.

MORE INJURIES: Kelly also had no update on RB Ryan Mathews, who also has a concussion.

Customized Football Jersey If You Hear President Obama and John Kerry Call ISIS “Daesh,” Here’s Why

ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State — with every new media report, it seems that the vocabulary of terrorism changes.

In the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris that left 129 dead and hundreds wounded,Customized Football Jersey  a number of world leaders have begun referring to the Islamic State as “Daesh.”

“It is an act of war that was waged by a terrorist army, a jihadist army, by Daesh, against France,” French President François Hollande said shortly after the attacks. Secretary of State John Kerry also used the term during a meeting in Vienna. “The United States, I want to emphasize, welcomes support in the fight against Daesh,” he said. During a speech at the G20 summit in Turkey, U.S. Men’s Tennessee Titans Nike Custom Made Elite Team Color Light Blue Jersey Cheap President Barack Obama said it too. Custom Titans Jersey“Turkey has been a strong partner with the United States and other members of the coalition in going after the activities of ISIL, or Daesh, both in Syria and Iraq.”

The terms ISIS, (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), ISIL (The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and the Islamic State all have roots in the same origin. Daesh, however, seems opaque and out of place.Customized Tennessee Titans Jersey, The reason more and more world leaders are climbing on the Daesh wagon, however, may simply be because the Islamic State doesn’t like it.

Daesh is technically an acronym for the Islamic State’s proper Arabic name, al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham, and was used by ISIS members for a period of time. The word Daesh isnow forbidden within the territory controlled by the Islamic State: If you say it, you run the risk of having your tongue cut. The term fell out of favor among the militants after a rebranding by the group’s Men’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Custom Made Elite Team Color Black Jersey Cheap leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in July.Custom Falcons Jersey Part of the reason is because in Arabic the word “Daesh” can be taken as a play on words to mean something along the lines of “a bigot who imposes his view on others” or “to trample down and crush,” the Boston Globe reported.

With propaganda being essential to the ISIS strategy of recruiting foreign fighters, it comes as no surprise that the group has moved to expunge all the negative associations inherent in Daesh.Youth Nike Tennessee Titans Customized Elite Team Color Light Blue NFL Football Jersey Cheap.

Propaganda also plays into another reason why leaders are beginning to forswear terms like ISIS and Islamic State. By talking about the group using its own terms, those fighting it convey a de facto sense of legitimacy on the Islamic State’s aims. The Islamic State, of course,Custom Bengals Jersey is not actually a state, but rather of collection of terrorists operating from seized territory in Mesopotamia. No “Islamic State” in that territory has ever been recognized by any government as representing any actual country.Men’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Custom Made Elite Team Color Black Jersey Cheap,  World leaders repeatedly calling it a “state” potentially play into ISIS’s hands.

Customized Arizona Cardinals Jersey To stay or go? Middle tier quarterbacks struggling

There is nothing worse as an NFL fan than rooting for a team without a franchise quarterback. That is, unless you root for a team with the wrong franchise quarterback.

Matthew Stafford’s Customized Football Jersey benching on Sunday against Arizona highlighted the struggling middle class at quarterback. Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Tannehill’s careers have stagnated not long after signing new contracts. Alex Smith’s limitations have shown up more than ever in Kansas City this season.Sam Bradford’s start in Philadelphia makes Mark Sanchez look like Randall Cunningham. Peyton Manning took a big pay cut in the offseason, and his play this season shows why.

The quarterbacks mentioned above Customized Arizona Cardinals Jersey are generally paid very well, but not in the same tier financially as players like Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Russell Wilson, and Cam Newton. It raises an interesting question for each team. Is their guy good enough to keep in 2016?

Let’s take a look at Personalized Arizona Cardinals Football Uniforms  what the future could hold for each struggling middle class quarterback.

Not going anywhere


Matthew Stafford: Lions coach Jim Caldwell Custom Made Cardinals NFL Football Shirts felt like he had to send a message to Stafford after two early interceptions Sunday against Arizona. Caldwell warned Stafford at halftime that another pick would result in the most embarrassing moment of his seven-year career. Yep, he was benched forDan Orlovsky.

Last year’s 11-win season covered up the fact that Stafford took a step back in 2014 under Caldwell and first-time coordinator Joe Lombardi. He doesn’t look like a fit for Lombardi’s Saints-like precision offense. Stafford still struggles at some of the pre-snap and blitz recognition parts of the job that the best veterans master.

Stafford has had a similar career toJay Cutler, with little evident progress. Now he’s starting to get the same heat as Cutler.Arizona Cardinals Customized Women’s Jersey  Yet we still don’t think there’s a chance Stafford is going anywhere soon. Stafford is signed through 2017, and due $33.5 million over the next two years. He received a huge signing bonus when he inked his deal in 2013.

If things don’t turn around this season, we’d expect a different offensive coordinator in Detroit next year. But it’s hard to imagine them giving up on Stafford’s big arm. The team is built around him, right or wrong.

Alex Smith: This was a nightmare season in Kansas City even before Jamaal Charles was injured. A struggling defense has exposed Smith’s limitations throwing the ball down the field. He’s ranked second to last in ESPN’s QBR metric, and 25th by ProFootball Focus. Women’s Arizona Cardinals Nike Custom Made Elite Red Team Color Jersey Cheap And he’s not going anywhere because his $14.1 million salary in 2016 is fully guaranteed. This Andy Reid-Smith combination is what the Chiefs will keep rolling with, but they could really use a draft pick at quarterback to develop.

Ryan Tannehill: One of Mike Tannenbaum’s first acts as Executive Vice President was to give Tannehill a huge contract that guaranteed his base salaries through 2018. The coaching staff  Cheap Customized Women’s Nike Arizona Cardinals Black and White Two Tone Jersey is going to change in Miami, and the next hire will certainly be geared towards maximizing Tannehill’s strengths. (Anything but throwing deep to the outside.)

Future up in the air


Colin Kaepernick: His performance Men’s Nike Arizona Cardinals Customized Elite Away White Jersey Sale on Sunday night will quiet the panic surrounding Kaepernick, but there’s no doubt that he’s playing for his future this season. When Kaepernick signed his extension in 2014, it made it very easy for the 49ers to get out of the deal after any season. As Pro Football Talk noted over the weekend, Kaepernick’s 2016 salary is not guaranteed until April 1 next year. That gives the 49ers the chance to survey the free agent/trade market after the new league year opens before making a decision on Kaepernick. They could also use the time to get a handle on how they want to attack the 2016 draft at quarterback.

Kaepernick is “only” due $11.9 million next season, so he’s not prohibitive to keep. His play for the rest of the season will determine a lot here, and the odds are that he stays for at least one more season. But the 49ers figure to be in the market for other options.

Jay Cutler: The Bears would have already traded Cutler if any team was willing to take on his contract in the offseason. No one bit. $10 million of his $16 million salary in 2016 is already guaranteed, which would make him tricky to deal again. The Bears are stuck in quarterback purgatory because of it. While Cutler’s toughness this season has impressed his teammates,Youth Nike Personalized Arizona Cardinals Elite Red Team Color Jersey Cheap  it remains to be seen if offensive coordinator Adam Gase can be the first Bears play caller to get consistent play from him. We can imagine a scenario where Cutler plays just well enough to inspire interest elsewhere, with the Bears willing to move on.

Peyton Manning: It feels strange to put Manning in this group, but his play this season warrants it. The Broncos are struggling to score and Manning is forcing too many passes. It’s like Manning is trying to re-calibrate how he should play the position with a diminished arm in a new offense, and he still hasn’t figured out the formula. It’s led to wayward deep passes and consistent mental mistakes. The Broncos were ranked 30th in passing by FootballOutsiders’ metrics before failing to score a touchdown in Oakland Monday.

Manning took a $4 million paycut to his contract in the offseason, an unprecedented development for a player of his stature. That showed a willingingness by the Broncos to move on from Manning if he didn’t play ball. He has one more year on his salary at $19 million and it’s safe to say he’s not getting that much money. If his play continues at this level, it’s hard to imagine the Broncos bringing him back to Denver at all. Don’t count out Manning improving dramatically during this season. That’s probably what it will take to see him still starting games for the Broncos at age 40.

Sam Bradford: The Eagles invested plenty in Bradford via trade, but he’s going to need to play better to be back next season. His decision to turn down a long-term deal before the year from Philadelphia could turn out as poorly as guard Evan Mathis’ request to be released by the team. Chip Kelly is not afraid to move roster pieces around, and there’s no telling at this stage how patient theEagles organization will be with Kelly. This one is way too early to call, but it’s safe to say Bradford hasn’t shown enough yet to be given a big new deal.

The X-Factor


Drew Brees doesn’t fit naturally into this column because of his first-tier contract. I’m including him because we are forecasting 2016 at the quarterback position, and he’s undeniably a wild card to consider for interested teams. We have a long way to go before the Saints completely rebuild after this year, but it’s possible teams could inquire what it would cost to get Brees’ big contract out of New Orleans. He’s due $18.75 million and the Saints would only take a moderate cap hit to trade him.

As Saints fans know, finding your next franchise quarterback isn’t the easiest thing to do. That’s why the struggles of the middle tier quarterbacks above qualify as a “good problem” to have. It’s certainly better than what Bill O’Brien is dealing with in Houston.