What We Learned from Andy Reid on Monday

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke with the media on Monday

RICK BURKHOLDER: “Just a couple updates on some people that will be at this camp that are injured and going through some stuff. The first one you guys don’t know about, Chris Jones had his knee scoped back on July 12th. He got injured working out on his own and he’s been scoped. He’ll be up here doing rehab. He’ll start training camp on PUP and we’ll just see how it goes over the next week or two and we’ll give you an update on him as we get updates. Parker Ehinger, who you know was hurt last season, he’ll start this camp out on PUP and do rehab with us. But he’s doing fine, he’s right on schedule. Dadi Nicolas, who got hurt in the last regular season game and was operated on the 5th of January, he’s also in the middle of the rehab process, or late in the rehab process. He’ll start on PUP and do work with us here. With those three guys we’ll keep you updated as we have updates. It won’t be an everyday thing, but we’ll give you updates as we need to. Two players that were hurt during the year or had off season surgery, Derrick Johnson who had the Achilles surgery, he will not start on PUP. He’ll be in this camp, we’ll work him out and we’ll bring him along. He’s able to do a good bit, and we’ll just rely on Coach Reid and the coaches to monitor his reps and he’ll continue to do rehab with us, but he’ll be in this camp. And then, Travis Kelce had his left shoulder operated on in February and he will also be in this camp, not a PUP person, and he’s the same as Derrick. We’re just going to rehab him and have him practice and monitor his reps. So those are the guys that will be in this camp, and then if we have anybody when the veterans get here we’ll update you.”

ANDY REID OPENING STATEMENT: “Good to be back at training camp here. There is nothing like it and we sure appreciate the people here at Missouri Western State University and the great job that they do for us. Some things have happened obviously. We know that. You had an opportunity to hear from Clark this morning and Brett Veach. I would say that when we are talking, I am going to address John and that situation, but again it is going to be following on what Clark said. Clark takes the opportunity to evaluate Mark, myself, John and the general manager position, the head coaching position and the president position. We do answer to him. This is a decision that Clark made. I absolutely stand by that. I am happy to be a Kansas City Chief. I think I work for a great organization. I love the leadership in this organization and the players. I feel like I am in a great situation here. I also know that on the other hand, that things are going to work out for John. I appreciate everything that he did here. Obviously, we have been friends for 20 some odd years, but I do understand the personal side and I do understand that there is a professional side to this thing. It is not going to stop Personalized Colts Jersey me from being a friend of John’s on that side. On the other professional side, I know that good things are going to happen to him down the road. He will be able to help another team work to become a good football team from a personnel standpoint.

As far Custom Colts Jersey as my contract goes, I am glad that I am here. I am glad that I have an opportunity to be here for a few more years to see you guys and to enjoy these [training camp] openings right here. To have Brett Veach on board I think is a good thing. Again this is something that Clark has spent a lot of time doing. I was not involved with the evaluation process there, although I am very happy that it worked out this way. There were some real good candidates that were in the mix there and I know Clark talked to you about that. I think Brett will do a nice job for us. I think the more you get to know him, the more you will appreciate him and the way he goes about his business. I am not going to sit here and compare John and Brett. I am not going to do that and really I think Clark probably said it the best this morning and wrapped it up. I think he is a top owner in the National Football League. I have been very honored and privileged to have worked for him and continue to work for him and his family.”Women’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey.

Q: Do you think the Chiefs are closer to being a Super Bowl team than you were before these changes?

REID: “I would surely tell you that we have an opportunity to do that. Now we have to do our work here. We have had a good offseason. We got the players here and the coaches here to do it. You have to put in the time and you have to catch some breaks in the National Football League. I mean we know that. It starts now. I expect the guys to be coming back here in shape. We get to hang with the rookies here for three days and the quarterbacks and a couple of selected vets that are coming off injury. We are starting now and build up when the rest of the guys get here. I sure think we have a shot, absolutely.”

Q: What is the best way to get things back on steady ground after the drama of the last two months?

REID: “I don’t know if drama is the word. There are things that happen in the National Football League. That is how it works. I have been doing this for a couple years so I understand how things work. Sometimes change can be good. That is just how things work sometimes, whatever the situation is. Sometimes that can be good. Time takes care of that, but you find out. This has not been one where I have sat there and been stressed out over the things here. I don’t see that as a drama offseason. I do not put it in that category.”

Q: You said you had no role in the process of choosing the new general manager. Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Custom Made Elite Alternate All Black Football Jersey Shirt Did you campaign for Veach?

REID: “No, that is not how Clark operates. That is not how he rolls, which is probably the best way to put it.”

Q: Did he ask for your opinion on how Veach was as a candidate?

REID: “He knows how I feel on him. Did he talk to me about him? He did, but I wasn’t in on the interview process or any of that for any of the guys for that matter. That is not how he operates. Is he thorough? He is thorough, but I did not sit there and campaign for him.”

Q: Clark said that during his evaluation that he found issues in the personnel department. Did you feel like there where issues in the personnel department?

REID: “I am not going to get into that part. That is a whole separate area. One nice thing here is that it is cut and dry. There is personnel. There is the front office and then there is coaching. That is one thing I really like. You know where you stand and what you are responsible for. That is not my area and I do not want that to be my area. That is not where I am at. When Clark says that, it is pretty cut and dry.”

Q: Brett spoke about the respect you guys have had for each other in the last ten years. He said you guys have respectfully disagreed in the past but there is always respect. Is that a fair way to assess your relationship?

REID: “I would tell you this, and you know, you are here and you understand this. When I talk to you, everybody here, fans included, I talk about competition. I Youth Nike Indianapolis Colts Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey mean let’s bring it. We are not going to get any better if you are sitting there comfortable. That is not how this works. You get the best out of you when you have somebody pushing you and challenging you. I would say the same thing, and I do, to my coaches and people I deal with in the organization. Let’s go. Bring me your best shot. The best thing I think Brett said there was if you come with an issue, have a well thought out answer of why you bring it. Don’t just bring it to bring it. Think through it. I love that part of it. I am going to tell you, I am not always right. That is not how I go into this at all. I listen and I try to surround myself with good people on the coaching side. Tell me what you think. Let’s go. That is the only way we are going to get better.”

Q: Why didn’t Tamba play more against the Steelers?

REID: “I probably should have addressed the Tamba situation too, because I am so much into social media. I am just learning how to text and we are on to all of this other stuff. I am obviously not into the social media, but that is part of today. I understand that. I get it. The one thing you love about Tamba is he loves to play. I can’t tell you he is getting any younger. I can’t tell you that. I do love the fact that he bugs on you that he wants to play. As coaches, we have to make that decision. We make a decision that if he plays seven plays or 27 plays or 47 plays. That is what we do. Is a player always going to be happy about it? No, but that is not how it works. Do I love the fact that he wants to play? Yeah. He is going to be 50 years old and probably still tweeting out those things that he wants to get in his plays. Will I talk to him when he gets here? Yes, we do not want to do it through the social media part of it. Let’s just talk about it and if you have a problem let’s talk about it.”

Q: What do you see Tamba Hali’s role being going forward?

REID: “We will see. We will see how his wheels hold up. That’s been the issue, just his knee. We will see how those hold up and what we can get done there and I’m glad he is with us. Let’s go.”

Q: Tamba Hali seems to disagree with the trainers on his health, is he healthy?

REID: “I will talk to him about all that. If your knee is puffed up, it is puffed up. If you can practice, you can practice. That’s just something you have to do. Do you love the fact that the guy just wants to get out there and go? Absolutely. Let’s just not do it through tweeting or whatever he did.”

Q: Tamba questioned on if the World Champs had any missed OTAs, is that something you need to address?

REID: “That will all work out when they get here. He is like the big brother of the group and does all that stuff. We don’t need to do that, obviously, I am not condoning it. I’ll get all that when they get here. I don’t see that as a big deal.”

Q: Do you think it is better for the coach to address that early or let the men take care of that themselves?

REID: “It is voluntary. It is something as a coach that is out of your hands. Do you want everybody here? Sure, you want everybody here. But it is a voluntary camp. Tamba sounded like an angry coach there. He doesn’t need to go there, he doesn’t need to do all of that. Those guys understand Tamba. They know him better than anybody. Every team goes through this. Every team, there are guys there and not there because of the voluntary part of that. That is the rule and that is what it is and we go through it.”

Q: Do you think it is better to let the men handle an issue amongst themselves or get out in front of it yourself by addressing it at camp?

REID: “I talk about that kind of stuff. As a coach, that is what you talk about. Getting along and teamwork, and all those things. I am not worried about it. That is one of my responsibilities. They will work on it on their own, too. Especially that group.”

Q: Do you have a leadership issue after one leader calls out another leader?

REID: “Two of those guys, all of three of them actually, are good players. Two of them are really good leaders and they will continue to be leaders on the team. And you don’t know reasons why they weren’t here, you don’t know all those things. And I would never get in to all that. You have to look at the big picture of things and see how it works. Those guys are going to come in here and they will be fine. It will all work out.”

Q: What do you need to see from the team to consider camp a success?

REID: “So one nice thing about going to camp is that you are stuck in the dorms here and the cinder blocks and the smell. All those things and they bring us comradery. You might complain about the bed, but it brings you together as a team. It helps generate that. Now, obviously, you have to go through the highs and the lows of the season and that continues to build on the team and that starts the foundation of it. And I enjoy that part. And it gives the coaches an opportunity to actually coach when you’re not necessarily coaching against a team. You are not game-planning for a team, you are coaching your players to give them an opportunity to maximize their potential. I love that part about training camp.”

Q: It’s not the case that you both have areas of control, correct?

Reid: “Don’t let that boyish look get you down on his age. We have a coach in the NFL that is 30 years old. Brett is an old man compared to him. What is he? 39? Almost 40 now? He has that. That is his deal. But he is a good communicator. It Custom Ravens Jersey isn’t going to be any different than what Dorsey and I did. That’s the way I see it.”

Q: What do you do without Chris Jones for the time being?

REID: “Well, I think this is one that will be a fairly quick turnover. I am not seeing this as him being out for an extended amount of time. I think it is a pretty routine thing getting him back up here rehabbing with Rick. We will know more and be Custom Falcons Jersey able to give you more information on it then.”

Q: How long are you thinking?

REID: “Let me get that to you as Rick gets into it. I’m not looking at it as midseason, that’s not what this is.”

Q: What are the areas you are hoping for improvement going into this season?

REID: “So one of the things that make you excited is defense. We are going to be back together as a defense, with a couple young additions. You brought Mauga back in, that gives you some stability at the mike position with some young guys right in there with some playing experience. (Derrick Johnson) is back and will continue to play for us. Dee Ford took a step up last year and then you have Justin Houston on the other side, you have Tamba Hali in the mix there. Zombo is still working all the different positions. Secondary, Eric Berry is now a year out of being sick and can build on the greatest year that he had, which I expect him to do. Our young corners are getting even older as we go here. From a defensive standpoint, I am loving it. The offensive line, you have some good young guys in there that are tough kids that have another year of experience under their belt.  The running back situation, we added a nice young running back into that mix. Those guys finally got a taste of being starters, the guys that have been here. Wide receivers, we have some good, young guys we feel good about. Tyreek has an opportunity to step up and add into that. Conley is another year older. These are things to be excited about it. And Alex Smith, who I think the world of, and the way he goes about his game, he is a guy that makes everyone around him better. I left out our fullback position, Sherman. He may be the oldest guy on the team now but he is still an effective special teams player and does what he needs to do at the fullback position. And then Kelce is one of the best in the business and he will be back with us healthy. We are excited about all that.”

Q: What is your comfort level on the backup quarterback position?

REID: “We will just see. Competition, put them out there, and let’s go. Let’s figure out what goes on. Tyler had a good offseason and we bring in Patrick here and that is a Personalized Ravens Jersey nice thing, too. Let them go out there and compete.”

Q: What do you do in the meantime with Chris Jones out?

REID: “So you have (Rakeem Nunez-Roches), who played in there last year, which is good. So he gets in and we keep on going from there. And then we will see how the depth plays out from there. I am not too worried about it.”

What We Learned from Brett Veach on Monday

Chiefs general manager Brett Veach spoke with the media on Monday


CHAIRMAN & CEO CLARK HUNT OPENING STATEMENT: “Good morning everybody. I want to particularly say welcome to the Chiefs staff and our season ticket holders who are with us this morning. Glad that you could join us. As you know today is the culmination of a busy offseason for us. We reached a long-term contract extension with Andy Reid in June. Which will keep him on the sidelines of Arrowhead for years to come. I know that Andy and the coaches are excited to get to Training Camp up in St. Joseph and get it kicked off. We’re very excited to have him leading our football team this season and into the future. Over the course of the last month, we’ve conducted a broad search for a new general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs. We’ve evaluated more than a dozen candidates from around the league and interviewed a number of outstanding personnel executives during this time. After going through the process it was clear that Brett Veach was the right person to be the next general manager of the Chiefs, and we are excited to introduce him today. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brett during his time with us and I am confident that he will do an outstanding job of leading our personnel department. He has a sharp football mind, a tremendous work ethic and a keen eye for finding talent. Brett has played a critical role in our success over the last four seasons and I know that he is eager to get to work to build upon the strong foundation that we have. Please join me in welcoming the new general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, Brett Veach.”

GENERAL MANAGER BRETT VEACH OPENING STATEMENT: “Thank you and thanks for everyone for being here today. I want to first start off by thanking Clark Hunt and the entire Hunt family. I am extremely honored and humbled to represent the Kansas City Chiefs. To my family that is here today, my mother and father Robert and Donna Veach. My brothers Bob and John. My wife Alison and our three children Ella, Elijah and Wylan. Thank you all for your unconditional love and support throughout the years. I’d like to take this time to thank my extended family and friends in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania. I was very fortunate to grow up in a small town where football meant everything. And I am very proud to say that before I was a Kansas City Chief, I was a Mount Carmel Red Tornado. To the Chiefs Personalized Ravens Jersey Kingdom, this is a very challenging profession, both mentally and emotionally, however when you pull up to the stadium on game day, smell the barbeque in the air and see the fan interaction and that Sea of Red, you’re quickly reminded of how lucky we are to work here in this city for this great owner and these great fans. Your passion and devotion to our team motivates me every day and it’s truly inspiring. During the course of my career I’ve had the opportunity to work with many influential people who have helped mold me both personally and professionally. I’d like to take the time to recognize these people. My high school coach Dave Williams, my college coaches and mentors at the University of Delaware, Jerry Oravitz who is here today, Paul Williams, Dave Scott, Ted Kempski, Tubby Raymond, K.C. Keeler, Kirk Ciarrocca and Bob Sabol. To the Lurie family and the Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff, personnel department for giving me my first opportunity to work in the NFL. All of the NFL coaches who took time out of their personal schedule to teach me more about the game of football. These individuals include, the late-Jim Johnson, John Harbaugh, Marty Mornhinweg, Juan Castillo, David Culley, James Urban, Todd Bowles, Sean McDermott, our entire Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff, especially our offensive coordinator and my former quarterback at Delaware, Matt Nagy. I would also like to thank the personnel department members that have guided me over the years. Tom Hecker, Jason Light, Matt Russell, Ryan Grigson, Phil Savage, Anthony Patch, certainly our entire Chiefs personnel staff and without question John Dorsey and Chris Ballard. Now 10 years ago Andy Reid took a gamble on hiring a former intern as his assistant. Although we didn’t talk much the first few months while we were working together we quickly developed a strong relationship. I obviously learned a lot of football from Coach over the years. But as many of his current and former players will tell you, Andy (Reid) teaches you more about life than the game of football. So I want to thank Andy (Reid) for helping me become a better scout but more importantly a better person. Again my family and I are extremely excited for this opportunity. I am also equally excited to get a chance to know you and answer your questions today.”

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a GM and why does this opportunity with this team mean so much to you?

VEACH: “I would say that when I first started working with coach (Andy Reid), many of those assistants went onto the coaching side. I was just at the right place at the right time where coach (Reid) was doing a lot of personnel stuff at Philadelphia. Much of the work he gave me was centered to the personnel side, so I grew a very deep passion for player evaluation and roster composition. And then obviously coming here, my last four years and really falling in love with the city, falling in love with the players here. This opportunity meant everything to me.”

Q: What did you learn from John (Dorsey), because he put a real emphasis on the athleticism and marrying that with tape. How much of that is your philosophy and what did you learn from John?

VEACH: “I think the great thing from John (Dorsey) from my standpoint is just the, as John would always say ‘the Green Bay way’. He had a format. We can all look at players and evaluate players, for the most part we should be able to determine a good player from a bad player. But there’s a way to attack each period of the transactional phases in the calendar year. So I think the layout, the aggressiveness in which how you attack each period was very important to me. Coming from Philadelphia was a little bit different. In our pre-draft meetings, now we’re 17 days, we’re all in and I think the whole process. John had a lot of experience, so he was able to shift my thinking in different areas.”

Q: What was your relationship like with John Dorsey and considering the comings and goings in the front office during this offseason, how would you characterize the organization of the personnel department you’re taking over right now as you begin your first training camp?

VEACH: “I had a great relationship with John (Dorsey) – still do. I think moving forward, I’ve been here for four years, so I’ve gotten to know and respect all these staff members here which is going to help us hit the ground running here as we go.”

Q: When you got started in the NFL, your career could have gone coaching or could have gone into personnel. What was it about the personnel that led you this way?

VEACH: “I love college football. That was the one thing. I was just fascinated by putting a roster together and seeing how all the pieces of the puzzle fit. Being in Philadelphia, they did a good job extending players and thinking long-term. I thought it was an interesting process and quickly fell in love with it.”

Q: Since it’s late in the offseason here, what’s priority number one for you and how do you plan on putting your stamp on this team?

VEACH: “Obviously, my first priority when I got the job was to talk to our scouts and our personnel members and go over our plan. A lot didn’t change, but there are some moving pieces of our staff. My first priority was to reach out to them, go over our schedule and our plan of attack for August. Then obviously to get Patrick (Mahomes) signed,Custom Falcons Jersey so he was in on time. Look, we’re going to be there today. I’m going to leave and drive right to camp. I’m excited to see those guys, and we’ve worked together for four years. We know what’s expected from each other.”

Q: What do you think some of your strengths and weaknesses lie as you start this position? And Tamba Hali, as the new general manager how are you going to address that and how do you feel your strengths and weaknesses will be for the future?

VEACH: “I spend a lot of time on the college side, so I have a great deal of experience in regards to the college draft, the draft board, setting the board, moving up and down the board. The great thing was when I got here with John (Dorsey) and Chris (Ballard) they threw me right into the fire with the pro stuff. So I feel my foundation is the college and as we’ve gone on here I’ve gotten really good with the professional and transactional periods. But I think at any level you have to get better every year at each level. Another advantage of being here, I know these guys. I’ve seen them every day for four years. I love Tamba (Hali), obviously I’m excited to see Tamba (Hali). I’m not concerned about that. I think it will be an easy transition.”

Q: What will you do differently in the personnel department?

VEACH: “I feel like we’ve done a good job in regards to player acquisitions. I think one of the things is that we’ve been very active, not just in the draft but I think waiver wise. I remember sitting in the draft room with John (Dorsey), Chris (Ballard), Mike Borgonzi, Ryan Poles and we slept in the room and we acquired those seven players. I think we have a really good understanding of how each phase works and we’re excited. I think we have a good plan moving forward.”

Q: What ways do you feel like this team will have your stamp and your identity on it?

VEACH: “I don’t really think it is about me, it is about the team. And I think that collectively Mr. Hunt and Coach Reid have a vision for this team and it is my job to work with our staff to find players that fit that vision. We will always do things together and be a collaborative process. It was that way with (John Dorsey). That’s what we do, we make decisions that are in the best interest of the Chiefs.”

Q: How will you handle it if you and Andy disagree?

Veach: “Well, that’s the thing. Working with Coach, obviously we disagree a lot. It is not like we are working Custom Ravens Jersey together for four years and we agree on everything. A lot of times we disagree. The one thing about Coach and if you know Coach, he likes to surround himself with people who work hard and challenge him. I don’t think Coach would have had respect for me if I was saying ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ for 10 years. I think my ability to go in there and challenge him in different areas raised his game. And I think that he always understood that, when I came to him with an idea, with a solution to a problem, that it was well thought out and well researched. We have a great deal of trust and respect. Going forward, that won’t be an issue.”

Q: What is the most important thing you wanted to convey and message when you sat down with Clark?

Veach: “We understood where this team was heading. That we were excited about the future. That we have a bunch of great personnel people and staff members in here. Obviously, we have shown the ability to acquire talent, to develop talent, and moving forward, that I would just continue that proactive approach in other areas.”

Q: What did you learn about the way Brett interacts with the people he is going to be working with that gave you confidence he was the guy for the job?

HUNT: “I think Brett is a great people person. He has mentioned already the relationships he has with the folks in our personnel department and on the coaching staff. I think he has very strong organizational skills, and I think he will do a very good job of managing the department and helping those individuals to Women’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey grow and also contribute to the success to the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Q: Can you believe you are sitting here as the General Manager of the Kansas City Chiefs?

VEACH: “Obviously, it is an unbelievable opportunity. When I got the call from Mr. Hunt, we were very excited. When I got back to Kansas City a couple days later, you can’t get caught up in the emotions because there is so much work to do and so many things that need to take place before camp even starts. There was a wave of emotions but there wasn’t a lot of time to sit back and think about everything and take everything in because it happens so fast.”

Q: During the interview process, did Clark voice some of his concerns that John Dorsey was doing and did you share the same concerns?

VEACH: “When I went to Dallas to have the opportunity to meet with Mr. Hunt, it was all about my vision, my plan, where I saw this team going. Construct this team not for the short, but for the long term. So it was really about my vision and we didn’t get into the past.”

Q: Did you and John share a similar vision?

VEACH: “Obviously, I spent four years with John, I think there are some fundamental values you always take. For example, Ron Wolf would be like Green Bay, John would be here, John Schneider in Seattle and Reggie McKenzie in Oakland. They all learned and they all take core, fundamental principles together, but they aren’t the same. There will be some things that I learned from John that will be key moving forward, but also have the ability to put my own spin on things. I’m sure Chris will do the same thing in Indianapolis.”

Q: Can you tell us a little bit of your philosophy in building a team?

VEACH: “Sure. We are always going to build through the draft. And we are going to put an emphasis on retaining our young players and keeping them in Kansas City a long time. We will be selective in free agency. But again, we have always Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Custom Made Elite Alternate All Black Football Jersey Shirt been big on this: attacking every transactional period. The waiver wire cut-down days, the street free agent signings, strengthening our practice squad throughout the year. I think there are ways to get a competitive advantage on teams. I think we have been very good at that. Again, the great thing is, the staff that is already here kind of knows the game plan and knows me and knows what I bring to the table. Going forward, it will be an aggressive approach to attack each one with the primary focus being on the draft.”

Q: There hasn’t been a lot of drama the last few years, but there has been some recently. What is your plan to return to normalcy?

VEACH: “We have a great coaching staff, we have a great locker room, and we have great players. I think it would be a little different if I were coming in from somewhere else. But when you are in this line of work and you are with these guys day in and day out, they are like family members. We understand each other, and they know me so well and what I bring to the table. Obviously, you guys haven’t seen me in the draft room but I can be very opinionated and very vocal. They kind of know where I am coming from.”

Q: What was your message to the support staff?

VEACH: “Well, I haven’t met with everyone yet due to the timing and it being the summer. But our message is always that this is a team process. You learn very quickly that football is, from the success your team has, there is going to be a lot of different areas, going from marketing and development upstairs to downstairs in the training room. If everyone is not on the same page, everything can get out of whack. So everyone has a big part in this. When we take the field on Sunday, I Men’s Nike Custom Made Indianapolis Colts Elite Team Color Royal Blue NFL Jersey think the organization knows that, that from top to bottom everyone has a hand in that.”

Q: Does it help you that you have helped construct this roster?

VEACH: “I think it is big. The fact that I know them and the fact that we have had success. So they don’t only know me, but they know our approach has been successful.”

Q: Is your strength in the salary cap?

VEACH: “Well, obviously my strength would be in the college draft and the player acquisition. I am a very inquisitive person by nature, so early on, when I knew I wanted to aspire to be a general manager, I knew the salary cap was an important factor in this. When I was in Philadelphia, I was able to pop in and talk to Joe Banner and Joe Banner gave me a good foundation. Coming here, I was able to work with Trip MacCracken, Brandt Tilis, and now Chris Shea and kind of expand on my level of knowledge. It is a very important aspect. But the cap itself is very specialized. I think my end and my standpoint is to articulate the plan so I know relative value and I know what players are worth. I know how the pieces fit together. Now, those guys are very good at what they do. But my job is to articulate the plan and vision for the next year, two years, three years. These are the guys we want, here is how they fit in the puzzle and it is their job to make it work. I think the issue sometimes you have is that the plan isn’t articulated. I think you see guys getting signed late or there not being a specific deadline. But I do understand the cap, I do understand player value, and I have a plan.”

Q: Will your age make it more difficult or easier at making business decisions?

VEACH: “I think it will be easier because they know who I am and know how approachable I am and they will know where the office is. It will make it easier from a sense of just familiarity.”

Q: Have you spoken to John Dorsey?

VEACH: “I have spoken to John twice. He called me before the interview and after the interview. So we spoke twice. It was a good conversation.”

Q: Are there a few big changes that you had in mind for where the organization is going?

VEACH: “Well, it will work in cycles. Right now my focus is on training camp. As for long term views, that is a vision I share with Mr. Hunt.”

Q: Were you in agreement with going up to draft Mahomes?

VEACH: “Anytime you make a move that bold, you move from 27 up to 10 and you give up a three and a one, everyone is on board. I thought he was the best quarterback in the draft. There was no doubt in my mind that was the right decision.

Q: Will you talk to Tamba? Or do you leave that to Andy Reid?

VEACH: “No, we will both talk to Tamba. I know coach loves Tamba. I think Tamba just did not realize what day camp started and he was just rearing to go. We will both talk to him. I mean everyone in our facility loves Tamba and there is a time and place for everything and voice certain opinions and things of that nature. We will get with Tamba at camp and it will not be an issue.”

Q: What was your reaction to those tweets?

VEACH: “You know I don’t even know if I reacted in a certain way. I looked at it and I was like ‘Eh, great timing on my end, right? That is awesome.’ This is not a Chiefs thing. This is social media. You see that all over the NFL. Guys will say stuff. That is just part of the business. It is summer time and guys are just – it is too easy and too dangerous sometimes. Again, we love Tamba and I am excited to see him.”

Q: Will you tweet as general manager?

VEACH: “No I won’t.”

Q: Are you planning on looking at players in college in person? Or are you going to use scouting reports and video?

VEACH: “That is one area that has to be organized in detail with your schedule. We Personalized Colts Jersey have some great local football here right. We got Missouri. We have Kansas and Kansas State and they all play competitive schedules so I will be able to break away and see those teams play different conference games. I will incorporate with some of our road trips heading out there Tuesday or Wednesday to get out there three or four days on college campuses and Custom Colts Jersey see players that I am interested in and our staff is interested in. That is something I kind of learned from John. That is how he worked it and I will follow a similar schedule.”

Q: What interested you about Brett the most and what was coach’s reaction to your decision?

HUNT: “I think Brett brings a lot of qualities to the table that will enable him to be a successful GM. I would say the thing that stood out to me in the interview process was really his vision for the construction of the roster. A general manager has a big impact on the roster in any given year. Brett’s vision is very much long term and building a championship roster over two or three years. I think he really brings that mindset to the job. Andy and I had a chance to talk about all of the candidates as I went through the interview process and there was a number of them that I think he would have worked well with, but obviously given his historical relationship with Brett, he was excited that the decision at the end of the day was to name Brett as the new general manager.”

Breaking Down Process Custom Colts Jersey That Led to Brett Veach Being Hired as GM

Here’s what led to the hiring of Veach

It didn’t take long for those in attendance to see what Kansas City Chiefs’Custom Colts Jersey  Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt had seen all throughout the interview process.

On Monday afternoon, Brett Veach, who had most-recently served as the Chiefs’ Co-Director of Player Personnel, was introduced as the seventh general manager in franchise history.

The methodical approach that has made Veach a standout NFL personnel guy over the past decade had shown itself by him confidently, carefully, and genuinely answering every question during his introductory press conference.


It was the same approach Veach had taken to his first interview for the position with Hunt, which took place a few weeks ago in Dallas, Texas.

“It was about a four-hour interview,” Veach explained. “It was long and there was only one break, but when I got back to Kansas City, I didn’t hear anything for like six days, so I was like, ‘Man, I probably screwed that up.’

“A week later, [Hunt] called me and had some follow up questions.”

Following that call, which lasted about an hour, Veach said he and his wife, Allison, perked up every time the phone rang.Women’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey.

“It was funny because [Hunt] called a couple of other times before the actual call in which he offered the job,” Veach explained. “When she knew he was Custom Ravens Jersey calling, she was like, ‘Is that the one?’

“I was like, ‘No, not yet. Not yet.”


For Hunt, who had known of Veach before this process as “somebody who loved football and loved watching tape, and somebody who’d had a big impact on our drafts the last couple of years,” the process of ultimately landing on his in-house candidate wasn’t without doing his due-diligence.

“We evaluated more than a dozen candidates and interviewed some outstanding personnel executives,” Hunt explained. “After going through the process, it was clear that Veach was the right person for the job. I am confident that he will do an outstanding job of leading our personnel department. He has a sharp football mind, a tremendous work ethic, and a keen eye for finding talent.”Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Custom Made Elite Alternate All Black Football Jersey Shirt.

Veach, who was going through the interview process for a general manager position for the first time in his career, also did his due-diligence in making sure he was prepared for whenever that time did come. He said he got some advice from an old co-worker and a guy who also recently went through a similar process.

“Actually, Chris Ballard,” Veach explained of who helped him prepare for his interview. “He reached out and we talked a while. He’s great. He sent me a bunch of information. It was funny because last summer, going into the 2016 season, I was in the office and Chris would always tell me, ‘Just work on your portfolio, Brett. You’re gonna get a shot, and you never know when it’s going to happen.’

“So, when this all went down, Chris called me and said, ‘Hey listen, I know you already worked on that portfolio, but here’s some more stuff, and when you get that opportunity, this will help when you meet in front of Mr. Hunt.’

“Chris was awesome.”

Veach said he was at his house in Lee’s Summit when Hunt called with the official offer.

After talking and sharing the news with his family, which includes his daughter, Ella, and twin sons, Elijah and Wylan, Veach’s next call was to his high school coach at Mount Carmel (PA)—Dave Williams, and then to the other co-director of player personnel with the Chiefs and one of his closest friends, Mike Borgonzi.

Within three hours of being announced as the Chiefs’ new general manager, Veach said he had heard from every scout in the Chiefs’ personnel department.

“They were excited,” Veach explained. “Again, we’ve worked together for four years and keeping this thing going was big for all of us. They were genuinely excited, and I’m equally as excited to continue to work with them.”Youth Nike Indianapolis Colts Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.


Veach first entered the NFL as a training camp intern with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2004, and would later serve as Andy Reid’s assistant from 2007-09, before moving permanently to the personnel side of things in 2010 as a Pro and College Scout. He was promoted to Southeast Regional Scout (2011-12) before joining the Chiefs as a Pro and College Analyst (2013-14).

“10 years ago, Andy Reid took a gamble on hiring a former intern as his assistant,” Veach explained. “Although we didn’t talk much the first few months working together, we quickly developed a strong relationship. I obviously learned a lot of football from him over the years, but as many of his current and former players will tell you, [Reid] teaches you more about life than the game of football.

“Much of the work he gave me back then (with the Eagles) was centered to the personnel side, so I grew a very deep passion for player evaluation and roster composition. And then obviously coming (to Kansas City) and my last four years here—really falling in love with the city, falling in love with the players here—this opportunity means everything to me.”

Despite the obvious connection and indebted past with Reid for Veach, there’s no hesitancy for Veach, who often spoke Monday of having strong opinions, in telling Reid if he disagrees with an assessment.

“If you know [Reid], he likes to surround himself with people who work hard and challenge him,” Veach explained. “I don’t think he’d have had respect for me if I was saying, ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ for 10 years. I think my ability to go in there and challenge him in different areas raised his game. And I think that he always understood that, when I came to him with an idea, with a solution to a problem, that it was well-thought out and well-researched. We have a great Custom Ravens Jersey deal of trust and respect.”

“You get the best out of you when somebody is pushing you and challenging you,” Reid added. “I am going to tell you, I am not always right. That is not how I go into this at all. I listen and I try to surround myself with good people on the coaching side.

“Tell me what you think and let’s go. That is the only way we are going to get better.”


For a team that’s had four-straight winning seasons, three playoff appearances in four years and is defending an AFC West title in 2017—there’s every reason for Veach to feel like he’s in a position to succeed right now.

We have a Personalized Ravens Jersey great coaching staff, a great locker room, and great players,” Veach explained. “When you are in this line of work and you are with these guys day in and day out, they are like family members. We understand Personalized Colts Jersey each other, and they know me and what I bring to the table. I’m all about trust and respect. Nobody has all the answers to everything. There’s a lot of good information out there, and at the end of the day, you’re only as good as the people around you.

“There’s going to be challenges, and I’m going to make mistakes, but I’m going to learn along the way. One thing about me that you’ll get to know very quickly is that I’m not afraid to work, and I’ll do whatever we need to do to keep this thing headed in the right direction.

“I’m just extremely honored and humbled to represent the Chiefs.”

Chiefs Injury Update: The Latest on Personalized Ravens Jersey Derrick Johnson, Travis Kelce and More

An update on the first day of training camp

On Monday, the Kansas City Chiefs’ rookies and quarterbacks reported to Personalized Ravens Jersey training camp on the campus of Missouri Western State University.

Before head coach Andy Reid’s annual first day address with the media, head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder gave an injury Custom Falcons Jersey update Custom Ravens Jersey on a few players we knew had things they were Custom Colts Jersey dealing with heading into camp, as well as one player who is new to the list.

“So the first one you guys don’t know about, Chris Jones, had his knee scoped back on July the 12th. He got injured working out on his own and he’s been scoped. He’ll be up here doing rehab and he’ll start training camp on PUP, and then we’ll just see how it goes over the next week or two. We’ll


Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Custom Made Elite Alternate All Black Football Jersey Shirt Youth Nike Indianapolis Colts Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.

give you an update on him as we get updates.

“Parker Ehinger, who you know was hurt last season, he’ll start this camp on PUP and do rehab with us, but he’s doing fine. He’s right on schedule.

“Dadi Nicolas, who got hurt in the last regular season game and was operated on the fifth of January, he’s also in the middle of the rehab process, or late rehab process. He’ll start on PUP and do work with us here.

“With those three guys, we’ll keep you updated as we have updates. It won’t be an everyday thing, but we’ll give you updates as we need to.

“Two players that were hurt—Derrick Johnson, who had the Achilles surgery, he will not start on PUP, he will be in this camp. We’ll work him out and bring him along. He’s able to do a good bit and we’ll just rely on Coach Reid and the other coaches to monitor reps, and he’ll continue to do rehab with us, but he will be in this camp.

“And then Travis Kelce had his left shoulder operated on in February, and Personalized Colts Jersey he will also be in this camp, not a PUP person. He’s the same as Derrick, we’re just going to rehab him and have him monitor his reps. So those are the guys that’ll be in this camp and then if we have anybody in the next camp, or when the vets get here, we’ll update you.”

Pre-Camp Reads: What’s Next for Chiefs Personalized Ravens Jersey Safety Eric Berry?

A closer look at the eighth-year safety

By now, most people know how Eric Berry’s story could mirror a movie plot.

Picture it: Great safety, diagnosed with cancer, beats cancer and comes back Personalized Ravens Jersey an even better safety. Less than a year later– how can you not be infatuated with his story?Women’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey.

The Kansas City Chiefs selected Berry with the fifth overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

It was a good selection, as Berry was named to the Pro Bowl for the fifth time in his career after the 2016 season.

Berry had a career-high 3.5 sacks (-26.5 yards) in 2013, a number that tied for first among all defensive backs in the league.

After making the Pro Bowl in three of his first four seasons, Berry was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma late in the 2014 season.

This means the only two times Berry wasn’t at the Pro Bowl was when he had a torn ACL in 2011, and then when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Within 251 days of his diagnosis, however, Berry had not only beaten the disease, but also returned to the field — a remarkable rally that stunned even his doctor.

Berry was named the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year following the 2015 season.

Berry has recorded 429 tackles (361 solo), 5.5 sacks (-37.5), 14 interceptions, 53 passes defended, three Personalized Colts Jersey forced Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Custom Made Elite Alternate All Black Football Jersey Shirt fumbles and two fumble recoveries in his career.

This past February, Berry signed a contract extension, a move everyone was hoping would happen.


On radio row in Houston before the Super Bowl, Kansas City Chiefs chairman and CEO Clark Hunt illustrated Berry’s leadership.

“Eric Berry is somebody that, as a player and as a person, I have tremendous respect for, and it really Custom Ravens Jersey goes back to even before he had cancer. He’s somebody that’s been a team leader the entire time he’s been here. He’s shown maturity well beyond his years, and if you look in the last couple of years, with his cancer diagnosis and the battle he had to get back on the field as quickly as he did in 2015 and then the tremendous year that he had this year, and really the Custom Falcons Jersey leadership he showed in helping the team get to a AFC West division title, you just can’t say enough about the type of player and the type of person Eric Berry is.”

2016 Review:

In Berry’s 2016 campaign, he made 62 solo tackles (77 total) and returned two of his four interceptions for touchdowns.

Berry is responsible for the first ever pick-two in NFL history, which he recorded against the eventual NFC champion Atlanta Falcons last season to lead the Chiefs to a 29-28 victory.Men’s Nike Custom Made Indianapolis Colts Elite Team Color Royal Blue NFL Jersey.

Berry was also the unanimous choice as the Derrick Thomas Award winner this past year—given to the team’s Most Valuable Player.

But regardless of what Berry does on the gridiron — and make no mistake, he does plenty — it’s his impact on the rest of the roster that Reid calls the most valuable aspect of all.

“It’s great for your locker room,” Reid said. “I’m stating the obvious because he’s one of our team leaders and, really, the heartbeat of that defense. And we’ve got some great leaders on our team. But Eric’s a special guy that way.”

Berry got caught on camera this past June by some fans as he was bringing food for three homeless individuals on the streets of Knoxville.

He said that he had been in Knoxville for another event when he saw the homeless individuals. He asked if they wanted something to eat, then brought them what they asked for.

One of the people asked Berry to pray with him, so he did.

“I don’t do it for the attention,” he said. “I don’t do none of this for the attention. I do it to better myself and give back. That’s what you should do it for. If somebody looks at it and is like, ‘Hey, maybe I should help feed a homeless person today,’ or something like that, it’s cool, but I ain’t doing it for the attention.

“I just do it because I feel like that’s what you’re supposed to do when you have the chance.”

2017 Outlook:

In June, Berry was named to the “NFL Top 100 Players of 2017” list.

He came in at the league’s 13th best player, up 42 spots from last season (No.55).

As Berry brings his best every year, his play and leadership will continue to move the team forward.

“I’m going to keep focusing on giving everything I have to this craft, everything I have to this sport—keep embracing the moments and put everything I have into those moments,” Berry explained.Personalized Falcons Jersey “I’m just very thankful to be a part of this organization.”

Custom NFL Jersey Australian teacher finds unexpected online fame in China

When David Gulasi decided to leave Sydney for a teaching position in China
Custom NFL Jersey more than five years ago, he never imagined that he would become an online celebrity.

More than 730,000 followers track his Weibo account and his videos have accrued thousands upon thousands of likes.

Gulasi, 33, accepted a teaching role in Hohhot in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region in 2010, and hasn’t looked back since. “I was supposed to be
Custom Ravens Jersey here for only three months,” Gulasi said.

He is now the managing director of the New World Language School in the
Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Customized Elite Alternate Black Football Jersey region, and while he is popular with his own students, his viral videos on social media platform Weibo, have attracted attention from across the nation.

“I’ve always tried to do something to make people laugh. It’s built in my DNA,”
Customized Ravens Women’s Jersey Gulasi said.

He used to do stand up comedy in Australia at the Sydney Comedy Club.Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey.

“You know those dodgy Tuesday night open mic places, the ones where you try to be famous and if you can’t you just give up,” Gulasi joked.

“I use a lot of comedy, and humor to teach my students because in China education is way too serious.”Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Customized Elite Alternate Black Football Jersey.

Gulasi was tipped off about Weibo by a friend in China.

“I wanted to teach students about the word ‘play,’ because in China two adults look at each other and say ‘I want to play with you,’ but it sounds really weird, and sexual in a way,” Gulasi said about his first viral video.

The first video of Gulasi that attracted immense Chinese attention was posted in January.Women’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey.

Gulasi said that after he had uploaded the video in the evening, he had about 50 followers. By the next morning, he had 120,000.

Gulasi said he made a few other videos and everyone loved them.

“It happened so suddenly. People said they liked my facial expressions.”

Gulasi joked that his fame has brought with it some unexpected consequences.

“All over China, people now take my photo.”Youth Nike Custom Baltimore Ravens Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.

In a recent video Gulasi uploaded to Weibo, he professed his love for China and
Personalized Baltimore Ravens Jersey denounced foreigners who did not share his passion for the country.

Gulasi will join other well-known Weibo celebrities in a concert in Shanghai next week.Men’s Nike Custom Baltimore Ravens Elite Two Tone Purple White Team Road Jersey.

Personalized Baltimore Ravens Jersey The Penalty for Poverty Should Not Be Death

The Brookings Institution recently issued a report showing that poor Americans die at a much earlier age than rich Americans, and that this life Personalized Baltimore Ravens Jersey expectancy gap between rich and poor is growing rapidly. A professor of public health at Yale University told the New York Times, “It’s embarrassing.”

Yes, it is.

It’s also a tragedy. Forty-six million Americans live in poverty, including more than one child in five. These adults and children are experiencing a difficult life.Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey.They’re also more likely to face a premature death.

Despite advances in the health sciences, the situation is getting worse. According to the Brookings study, men in the bottom 10 percent of income born in 1920 were expected to live six years less than men in the top 10 percent.Custom NFL Jersey But for men born thirty years later, in 1950, that difference had risen to 14 years.   The poorest group of women born in 1950 can expect to live 13 years less than their wealthy counterparts, up from 4.7 years for those born 30 years earlier.

In other words: Over three decades, the life expectancy gap between the
Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Customized Elite Alternate Black Football Jersey richest and poorest among us has more than doubled for both men and women.

Every year that is taken from these Americans is a loss, not just for them, but for the people who care about them. It is one more year of grief and emptiness – for husbands and wives, children and grandchildren, neighborhoods and communities.

In a related finding, the Social Security Administration found that the life expectancy gap between 60-year-old men in the top and bottom halves of the income ladder grew from 1.2 years in the early 1970s to 5.8 years by 2001.

Some people point to smoking as a possible cause for this growing gap, since wealthier people are more likely to give up the habit, but the numbers show that this only accounts for a fifth to a third of the difference. Nor is it explained by obesity, since obesity rates aren’t that much different for wealthier and poorer
Custom Ravens Jersey Americans (31 percent of the poor and 27 percent of the wealthy were obese in 2010).

African-Americans have always fared worse than whites when it comes to longevity. And now an epidemic of so-called “deaths of despair” – including deaths from alcoholism, overdose and suicide – is shortening the life spans of economically struggling middle-aged white Americans with a high school education or less.

Overall life expectancy in the United States compares poorly to that of other wealthy countries, despite wealthy Americans’ long lifespans, because poor Americans fare so much worse than the average residents of other developed nations.Women’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Canada is doing an excellent job of improving longevity in the very poorest urban neighborhoods, where a study showed that men experienced the biggest declines in deaths from heart disease between 1971 and 1996.  And low-income residents of Toronto are more likely to survive cancer than low-income residents of Detroit.

The growing gap in life expectancy between rich and poor in the United States can be reversed, by doing what Canada and every other developed nation on earth has already done: providing healthcare to everyone as a basic human right.
Customized Ravens Women’s Jersey  Among other things, that means addressing the political corruption that allows pharmaceutical companies to get away with charging $1000 per pill for life-saving medication. Drug prices in the United States are higher than any other country on earth, which makes it difficult for many lower-income people to take needed medications.

Social Security benefits, which are low in comparison to other advanced nations, should also be increased. Older and disabled Americans should not be forced to choose between an adequate diet, decent housing, or needed health care.

More broadly, a comprehensive economic program is needed to end the pervasive sense of hopelessness and dread that strikes individuals, families,
Men’s Nike Custom Baltimore Ravens Elite Two Tone Purple White Team Road Jersey,and communities when there are no jobs to be had at livable wages.

Until these steps are taken, it’s likely that this nation’s growing inequalities in wealth and income will continue to give rise to the most unjust inequality of all: an inequality in life itself.

Customized Cardinals Jersey Can Chicago police reform? It’s up to Mayor Emanuel now

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired his police chief and announced a task force Tuesday. Those moves could have a powerful effect – or be window dressing.Cheap Customized Women’s Nike Arizona Cardinals Black and White Two Tone Jersey.

The mounting fallout from the police killing of a black teenager a year ago rocked the Chicago Police Department to its core Tuesday.

Now, the promise of reforming the CPD Customized Cardinals Jersey to rebuild community trust could largely depend on whether the political will exists to do it.

On Tuesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired Police Supt. Garry McCarthy and announced the creation of an accountability task force to probe whether the department protects rogue cops at all costs.

The moves came amid a growing furor over how the city and the department have handled the case of Laquan McDonald, the teenager who last year was Custom Ravens Jersey fatally shot by a police officer 16 times – with many shots fired after he had already fallen. On Tuesday, Mr. Emanuel spoke of “systematic challenges that will require sustained reforms.”

The steps he announced Tuesday could have a profound effect on Chicago police culture and behavior, experts say, but only if Emanuel himself demands it. Task forces from Maryland to Washington State have led to significant reform,Youth Nike Personalized Arizona Cardinals Elite Red Team Color Jersey Cheap, for example. But they can also easily become empty vessels that do little.

The difference is one of desire, says Charles Katz, a criminologist at Arizona State University in Tempe and co-author of “The Police in America: An Introduction.”

“The question isn’t so much that there are problems in the police force, but the lack of willingness to address those issues in a transparent manner, which allows the public to maintain faith that the police and the city are doing what they’re supposed to be doing,” he says.


That willingness has made task forces successful in the past. A community police commission in Seattle recently became the first citizen task force ever to help Customized Football Jersey formally write a police department use-of-force policy, which included a strong de-escalation component, writes Samuel Walker, an emeritus criminologist at the University of Nebraska in Omaha, in Criminal Justice Policy Review.

Task forces can also force police leaders to acknowledge an outside view of a culture that can be difficult for civilians to understand. Last year, 10 years after a task force in Maryland’s Prince George’s County, the state’s attorney there, Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey,Angela Alsobrooks, said: “When you have the authority to take life and to take a person’s liberty, that relationship and the trust between our community and public safety is an absolutely sacred relationship.”

A 10-year-old police accountability project in Albany, N.Y., mainly improved trustworthiness, because it forced the city to respond to allegations of police misconduct, even if unsubstantiated, according to a 2010 report by the John F. Finn Institute for Public Safety.

“People feel that procedures are fairer when they trust the motives [of police]. Authorities can encourage people to view them as trustworthy by explaining their decisions and accounting for their conduct in ways that make clear their concern about giving attention to people’s needs. These expectations have powerful effects on clients,” the report states.

Chicago has often fought efforts to shine light on the police department. Only after winning a federal court case against the city in 2014 did the Citizens’ Police Data Project, in part sponsored by the University of Chicago Law School, begin publishing more than 56,000 complaints lodged against some 8,500 CPD officers. Data published by the project this year show that no discipline was given to officers in 99 percent of complaint cases, compared with a national average of 90 percent.

Now, Chicago is at a moment that “requires more than just words” to restore trust, Emanuel said Tuesday.


The shooting of Laquan took place only months after the killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson,Customized Falcons Jersey Mo., and Eric Garner in New York City, which led to nationwide protests against police use of force. But instead of releasing a video of the incident, as other departments had done with similar footage, Emanuel – who was facing reelection just a few months later – said it was part of an ongoing investigation.

The video was released last week, but only because of a judge’s order after a freelance journalist filed a lawsuit. On the same day the video was released, Officer Jason Van Dyke, who fired the shots, became the first Chicago officer to be arrested on murder charges related to on-duty activity.

The video not only contradicted the City Hall version of events – including that Laquan had “lunged” at officers – but also destroyed City Hall’s “one-bad-apple” narrative, write Bill Ruthhart and Hal Dardick in The Chicago Tribune. Instead, it fits “an all-too-familiar set of circumstances: City Hall initially casts the incident as an act of police self-defense only for the facts to bear out a different story later.”

Chicago’s past includes some of the worst cases of police abuse in United States history. The city and Cook County has had to pay out nearly $100 million legal Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Uniform fees and settlements for the actions of Det. Jon Burge, who tortured mostly black suspects with cattle prods, flashlight beatings, mock Russian roulette, and near-suffocation using plastic bags in the 1970s and ’80s.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Tuesday it has an “active” investigation into the shooting of Laquan.

“Chicago is at a tough impasse,” adds Professor Katz. “There has been over the past few decades repeated violations of individuals’ civil rights in the worst ways. The CPD has not been transparent in addressing those issues, even when they know they’ve occurred.”

The five-member task force is expected to offer a report by March.

Personalized NFL Football Jersey A Man With Cerebral Palsy Was Left To Crawl Off A United Plane

A Virginia man with cerebral palsy had to crawl off his flight after United Airlines reportedly failed to offer him assistance after landing.Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey.

Passenger D’Arcee Neal waited for flight crews to bring him an aisle-sized chair to help him Personalized NFL Football Jersey disembark after landing at Reagan National Airport Tuesday night. After waiting and then urgently needing to use the bathroom, Neal was reduced to crawling half the length of the plane, down the aisle and to the doorway where his regular wheelchair awaited, he told NBC Washington.Women’s Nike Custom Baltimore Ravens Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.

“I was like, ‘Customized Falcons Jersey I don’t have time for this,'” Neal told the NBC affiliate. “I decided to get out and crawl down the plane to my chair.”

Neal called the experience “humiliating” and said, “No one should have to do what I did.” Youth Nike Baltimore Ravens Customized Elite Alternate Black Football Jersey.

Ironically, Neal, a disability rights activist, was returning from San Francisco where he had given a speech on accessible transit.

Neal and United Airlines could not be reached for comment. United told NBC Washington that it “regrets the delay in providing an aisle chair to assist Neal.”

According to The Air Carrier Access Act, airlines are required to assist passengers with disabilities in moving to and from their seats and during boarding and deplaning.

The American Custom Ravens Jersey Association of People With Disabilities on Friday called Neal’s experience an unfortunately common occurrence and noted that last year, more than 27,500 disability-related complaints were filed with the Department of Transportation.Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Uniform.

“The ACAA has been a law on the books for nearly 30 years,” AAPD President Helena Berger said in a statement. “Yet people with disabilities are still treated like second class citizens when traveling by plane. Women’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey. Airlines can and must to do better.”

The AAPD noted that many aspects of flying, from in-flight entertainment to safety demonstrations, are not equally accessible to all passengers, which can diminish passenger comfort and — at worst — jeopardize safety.Youth Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey.