Season Ticket Members Selected for Custom Panthers Jersey Exclusive Personalize Panthers Jersey Experience with Brett Veach, Clark Hunt

Season Ticket Members attend press conference Personalize Panthers Jersey and participate in Q&A session with Brett Veach and Clark Hunt

On Monday, Brett Veach was formally introduced as the seventh Kansas City Chiefs general manager in franchise history—and selected Season Ticket Custom Panthers Jersey Members got to experience it.

These STMs redeemed points through Chiefs Kingdom Rewards to enter the raffle for a chance to be selected for this exclusive experience.

“As important members of the Chiefs family, we wanted to have some Season Ticket Members join us for a special meet and greet with Clark Hunt and Brett Veach,” Director Custom Indians Jersey of Fan Experience Jayne Martin said.

“Season Ticket Members are a vital part of the organization, so incorporating them into this special day was only fitting.”

Not only were these selected STM in attendance for the press conference, they were also provided with lunch and participated in a Q&A session with not only Veach, but Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt too.

Alicia Smith, a STM of five years, said this was her first experience like this.

“I just think it’s a really neat thing that the Chiefs organization does for their season ticket members,” Smith said. “To take the opportunity to come out and meet the new general manager, I mean that’s just so exciting and fun.”

“You really feel like you’re a part of the family,” Smith added. “All my friends were laughing at me because I scheduled my whole day around coming to this.”

Edward Pacheco, who is entering his 36th year as a STM, was also very appreciative with the opportunities he’s been given by the Chiefs.

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Two years ago, Pacheco got to carry the flag out onto the field.

“It was one of the biggest flags they put out on the field,” Pacheco said. “It was super awesome, so we were fortunate enough to be able to do something like that.”

Pacheco was most excited about the Q&A portion of Monday’s experience.

“It’s really cool that they care enough about us to sit here and just talk to everyday people,” Pacheco said.

During the Q&A, the STM got to ask questions ranging from future draft plans and Veach’s vision to taking on the New England Patriots to kick off the regular season.

The question that made Veach and Hunt shift the most in their seats though? Naming their Personalized Chiefs Jersey favorite player to watch.

Both Veach and Hunt agreed that was the most difficult question they’d received all day.

After the Q&A, Veach and Hunt took the time to take photos and sign autographs for the STMs.

“I always address the players at training camp and tell them how important our fan base is, especially our season ticket holders,” Hunt said. “And that they shouldn’t take you for granted, because we certainly don’t take you for granted.”

The opportunity on Monday was just another way of showing that, providing a behind-the-scenes experience that can only be had through being a season ticket member.

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