Chiefs Take the Field for Day One Custom Panthers Jersey of Training Camp

Rookies, quarterbacks and select vets took the field Tuesday morning

When looking around the Mosaic Life Care fields Tuesday morning on the campus of Missouri Western State Custom Panthers Jersey University—home of Kansas City Chiefs training camp—the number staff members on and around the field Custom Panthers Jersey trumped the players by a ratio of more than two-to-one.

In fact, it’s going to be that way for the next three days before the rest of the veterans report Thursday afternoon.


Overall, there were just 28 players on the field as camp officially kicked off Tuesday, but a few of the veterans on the field were of note, including linebacker Derrick Johnson and tight end Travis Kelce.

Johnson missed the last few games of last season after a season-ending Achilles injury suffered at home against the Oakland Raiders, while Kelce had offseason shoulder surgery.

On Monday, Chiefs’ head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder shared the good news that neither of those guys will begin camp on the PUP list.

For the rest of the players, who sometimes went through reps Tuesday Personalize Panthers Jersey morning without a full 11 guys on one side of the ball because of the lack of numbers, the fact that they were back on the field was enough.

“It was good,” quarterback Alex Smith explained after practice of getting back out there. “It was needed. Obviously, having five to six weeks off, it feels good to get back out and work our way to real football. Guys can press again, get real defensive looks.

“The offseason isn’t fully realistic football, so it’s good to get back out here. It’s always a special time.”

After his presser Monday afternoon, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said he normally gets the itch to get back to work right Cleveland Indians Custom Jersey after the Fourth of July. And when asked, Smith said he was ready to get back as well.

“I think the older you get, the more it never really leaves you,” Smith explained. “Sometimes, when you are younger, you really need the breaks to mentally escape. The older you get, it is kind of a year-round thing. You know the phases better, but it never goes that far from you brain. It is always there, it’s always creeping around.

“I was excited and ready for this. I love going away for camp. I love being up here with the guys. It is something you look forward to more and more Personalized Chiefs Jersey as you get older.”


For the rookies and other young players participating over the next few days, the focus right now is making sure they’re ready to go when the rest of the team reports later in the week.

Much of what they’re doing now is the same thing they did during OTAs and minicamp.

“I thought it went really well,” rookie quarterback Mahomes said after Tuesday’s practice. “A lot of young guys were out here and they fought through it. There’s not a lot of guys and seeing them work hard every single rep and giving it their all is always awesome.”

Season Ticket Members Selected for Custom Panthers Jersey Exclusive Personalize Panthers Jersey Experience with Brett Veach, Clark Hunt

Season Ticket Members attend press conference Personalize Panthers Jersey and participate in Q&A session with Brett Veach and Clark Hunt

On Monday, Brett Veach was formally introduced as the seventh Kansas City Chiefs general manager in franchise history—and selected Season Ticket Custom Panthers Jersey Members got to experience it.

These STMs redeemed points through Chiefs Kingdom Rewards to enter the raffle for a chance to be selected for this exclusive experience.

“As important members of the Chiefs family, we wanted to have some Season Ticket Members join us for a special meet and greet with Clark Hunt and Brett Veach,” Director Custom Indians Jersey of Fan Experience Jayne Martin said.

“Season Ticket Members are a vital part of the organization, so incorporating them into this special day was only fitting.”

Not only were these selected STM in attendance for the press conference, they were also provided with lunch and participated in a Q&A session with not only Veach, but Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt too.

Alicia Smith, a STM of five years, said this was her first experience like this.

“I just think it’s a really neat thing that the Chiefs organization does for their season ticket members,” Smith said. “To take the opportunity to come out and meet the new general manager, I mean that’s just so exciting and fun.”

“You really feel like you’re a part of the family,” Smith added. “All my friends were laughing at me because I scheduled my whole day around coming to this.”

Edward Pacheco, who is entering his 36th year as a STM, was also very appreciative with the opportunities he’s been given by the Chiefs.

Cleveland Indians Custom Jersey

Two years ago, Pacheco got to carry the flag out onto the field.

“It was one of the biggest flags they put out on the field,” Pacheco said. “It was super awesome, so we were fortunate enough to be able to do something like that.”

Pacheco was most excited about the Q&A portion of Monday’s experience.

“It’s really cool that they care enough about us to sit here and just talk to everyday people,” Pacheco said.

During the Q&A, the STM got to ask questions ranging from future draft plans and Veach’s vision to taking on the New England Patriots to kick off the regular season.

The question that made Veach and Hunt shift the most in their seats though? Naming their Personalized Chiefs Jersey favorite player to watch.

Both Veach and Hunt agreed that was the most difficult question they’d received all day.

After the Q&A, Veach and Hunt took the time to take photos and sign autographs for the STMs.

“I always address the players at training camp and tell them how important our fan base is, especially our season ticket holders,” Hunt said. “And that they shouldn’t take you for granted, because we certainly don’t take you for granted.”

The opportunity on Monday was just another way of showing that, providing a behind-the-scenes experience that can only be had through being a season ticket member.

What We Learned from Media Custom Panthers Jersey Availability on Tuesday

Alex Smith, Kareem Hunt and Patrick Mahomes spoke with the media on Tuesday



Q: On Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach and the GM change.

SMITH: “Yeah, I think you kind of said it. As far as general manager change goes, he’s been a part of our culture since we’ve all been here. He’s Custom Panthers Jersey obviously very comfortable with the building and how we do things, knows a lot of the guys in the locker room. So I don’t think guys will miss a beat from it. It’s always been something that all the stuff that goes on up there is not in our world.  We don’t live in that. Obviously some of the stuff does affect us. You put trust in Coach (Andy) Reid and Clark (Hunt), they were all in on this together and it does have to do with what’s best for the team. You move on, especially with football kicking off, you’re all in. I don’t think it will (affect us) because it is in-house and everyone’s really comfortable with (Brett) Veach and he knows what we’re about.”

Q: What did it feel like to get back out there?

SMITH: “It was good. It was needed. Obviously having five to six weeks off it feels good to get back out and work our way to real football. Guys can press again, get real defensive looks. The offseason isn’t fully realistic football, so it’s good to get back out here. Good to be back here at Missouri Western State University, get in the dorms and its fun – it’s always a special time.”

Q: With all the changes on offense, is it reasonable to expect that this offense can pick up where it left off?

SMITH: “It’s really rare that you have all 11 guys coming back. Generally you’ve got guys that aren’t here anymore. Yeah it’s going to be an adjustment, but I feel that every year that adjustment is somewhere. You got a lot of continuity, you’ve got a lot of room to grow. Got a lot of continuity in the tight ends and running backs groups with those guys coming back. I think that adjustment is going to come every year whenever guys don’t come Men’s Authentic Personalized Cleveland Indians Navy Blue Alternate 1 Jersey Sale back, you’ll have that.”

Q: Are you excited to see what Kareem Hunt will give you?

SMITH: “I’m excited. Running back is a hard spot. Those guys are doing a lot, they’re tackling. Those guys go about their reads and they go and do their stuff. The thing I’m really pumped about is I feel like (Hunt) has picked up the pass game and the protection and that’s normally what’s the hardest for young backs protecting the pass game. But as far as all that stuff, once the ball is in his hands he looks good in shorts. We’re all excited to see how he’s doing.”

Q: How long does it take for you to want to get back out to training camp?

SMITH: “I think the older you get, the more it never really leaves you, more and more. Sometimes, when you are younger, you really need the breaks to mentally escape and you really do. The older you get, it is kind of a year round thing. You know the phases better, but it never goes that far from you brain. It is always there, it’s always creeping around. I was excited and ready for this. To get back here, I always enjoy this. I love going away for camp. I love being up here with the guys. It is something you look forward to more and more as you get older.”

Q: Do you get a sense of how fired up Kareem Hunt is to be back?

SMITH: “For sure, it is contagious. I think that energy and that positivity towards just competing and the game is just a healthy environment. Like I said, the offseasons are great but they are just so limited Custom Panthers Jersey now. There are so many restrictions that it is nice to be like, ‘Here we go, get to get into some football.’ It just lets us go, we don’t have to worry about all that stuff.”Women’s Nike Personalized Carolina Panthers Elite Alternate Powder Blue NFL Jersey.

Q: What can you do to move on from the tweets from Tamba?

SMITH: “I didn’t read all of them. I did hear about it. To be honest, I don’t think it is a huge deal, I don’t want to turn it into anything big. I think Tamba is one of the most unique teammates I have ever had and I mean that in a good way. He is a guy that says what’s on his mind. He is honest. He is sincere. I think I appreciate that about him. Sometimes there are things that are said that just comes out. So, to be honest, I don’t think it is a big deal. I don’t think it’s anything anyone has to worry about. This locker room is as drama free as they come, so I don’t think it will be an issue.”

Q: Why aren’t you on twitter?

SMITH: “I kind of missed that wave. That wave passed me by. I remember coming into the league and MySpace was big. I didn’t get on that train and then the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all roads passed me. At this point it is kind of refreshing.”

Q: Is this just Tamba being Tamba?

SMITH: “Like I said, I think everyone appreciates how genuine he is, how sincere he is, how on the heart he is and how passionate he is about football. If you have been around Tamba for any length of time, you know sometimes you have to expect the unexpected. It is sincere, it is real. I don’t talk to him. Like I said, I don’t think it will be a big issue. This team will be full-steam ahead come Thursday.”

Q: What are you focusing on with the new targets at wide receiver?

SMITH: “I don’t necessarily think like that. I try to get in work with all those guys. I think we got a bunch of young guys that are really, really talented. They all have different levels of ability and experience and are more proven then others. But every year, it is new. We got new stuff in and we have them moving around, playing different positions, too. And they realize that as a group. I don’t necessarily think of it as a receiver, we have a lot of playmakers in the tight end room and the running back room, so really we are in it together. I am excited to get the work in. I am excited to get out here and get one-on-ones in and get the pads on. Get all the reps we are going to get with these guys because we need to take advantage of them”



Q: So how is camp so far?

HUNT: “You know, it is hot. You know it is a grind and I am just excited to be here.”

Q: Do you think Personalized Chiefs Jersey you have had an opportunity to show your hands here?

HUNT: “I feel like I have been doing a great job taking it play-by-play and trying to catch every pass that comes my way. Honestly they use the running backs a lot out the back field. Probably the most balls thrown to me at a camp, so I am just enjoying it.”

Q: Are you familiar with the routes and concepts they want you to know?

HUNT: “Yeah, I have ran a lot of the routes they want me to do. There is a lot of new ones too that they are asking me to do. It goes hand in hand. I am just learning everything and trying to take it day by day.”

Q: How excited are you to play in an NFL game?

HUNT: “No more two-hand touch, so I am excited to get some guys and get hit. It is going to be a process, but I’ll enjoy it.”

Q: How comfortable are you now after working with Coach (Andy Reid) in OTAs?

HUNT: “I am a lot more comfortable because I know his expectations now and I know what he expects out of his running backs. Honestly, I am more comfortable because I know what to look forward to and what he wants out of us.”

Q: Do you think you get better when the pads come on?

HUNT: “I definitely do. I definitely feel like I have great balance and am able to stay up on my feet. On contact some backs fall off, but I feel like I am better when the pass comes up.”



Q: As a player who’s just starting out, what does it mean to have a GM that was already in house?

MAHOMES: “It’s awesome to keep someone that was in the organization already. Mr. Dorsey was an awesome guy and I really enjoyed my time with him. Now we have Brett Veach and I’ve gotten to know him well and he seems like a great guy.”

Q: What have your conversations with Brett been like since you first met him?

MAHOMES: “I met him in the process before the draft and I had talked to him, just with him being the player personnel guy at the time. When I went and signed the contract he was there and we got to talk a little bit about coming in, working hard and making sure you’re ready for every rep.”

Q: What was your first reaction when you met him?

MAHOMES: “He’s a super intelligent guy, but he has high energy and I love that. A guy that really loves football and loves the Chiefs.”

Q: How’d your time in between the end of OTA’s and now go?

MAHOMES: “It was really good. I spent a lot of time with family, but at the same time tried to stay in shape and tried to workout. Work on my quarterback stuff, my footwork especially and tried to make sure I was ready when camp came.”

Q: Do you feel like it paid off for you?

MAHOMES: “Yes, definitely with the footwork. We were just out there working a little extra and working with Coach Kafka and he could see the improvements that I had stayed with and didn’t lose anything. So trying to keep building on that, and keep building and building until the season comes.”

Q: You cut it a little bit close with the contract, were you getting concerned that it might not get done in time for you to be here?

MAHOMES: “No, not at all. My agent and Veach, once he got hired, and Mr. Hunt had all talked through it and I was really sure I was going to be at camp on time. I’m glad I am so we can just focus on football now and try to be the best teammate I can be every single day.”

Q: Were you getting a sense that the transition with the GM delayed your contract a little bit?

MAHOMES: “Not necessarily. I think with my agents and Mr. Hunt, they had good communication the whole way and I knew that the contract was going to get done. I wanted to be at camp on time. I didn’t want to miss any reps. I wanted to be here Custom Chiefs Jersey. I’m just glad it got done and we can just play football now.”

Q: How’d it go out there for you?

MAHOMES: “I thought it went really well. A lot of young guys were out here and they fought through it. There’s not a lot of guys and seeing them work hard every single rep and giving it their all is always awesome.”

Q: What have you seen in Kareem Hunt and what do you like about him?

MAHOMES: “Kareem’s a great runner. A guy who can really pound the ball inside and bounce it outside, but at the same time he can catch the ball. So he’s a guy who can do a lot of things from the backfield. I think he’ll be a big asset for the team.”

Clark Hunt on Andy Reid Extension:Custom Chiefs Jersey “The Easiest Negotiation I’ve Had”

The process behind the contract extension for head coach Andy Reid

One of the winningest coaches in NFL history recently made a commitment to Custom Chiefs Jersey continue his career with the Kansas City Chiefs.

That’s simply a fact.

Throughout his 18 years as an NFL head coach, Andy Reid has stood on the sidelines after a game victorious on 184 separate occasions, which ranks 10th all-time in NFL history.

And over the past four years, Reid has not only led the Chiefs to the greatest single-season turnaround in franchise history in his first season—going from two wins in 2012, to 11 in 2013, but he’s also put together four-straight winning seasons, and three playoff trips during that time as well.

On Monday, Chiefs’ Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt spoke about the process behind recently extending Reid’s contract.

“Head coaches are a whole lot easier to evaluate than general managers because every year they’re adding to their resume,” Hunt explained in an Personalized Chiefs Jersey exclusive interview. “If you look at the four years Andy has had with us, one of the best, if not the best, four-year records we’ve had, and winning the division last year—those were all very tangible reasons to extend him.

“But beyond that, I just also admire the way that Andy manages the team. There’s always something new or a curve ball that’s coming as the head coach of an NFL team, and Andy is unflappable. He just manages through that and does a great job keeping the locker room focused.

“So, I had a pretty good idea coming out of the season that I wanted to extend him, but I intentionally Personalize Panthers Jersey waited until the end of the offseason, the end of OTAs, to get into those discussions. I just felt that was the right time to do it.”

Hunt went on to explain the simplicity behind the process of negotiating with Reid.

“You know, both times we signed Andy, originally four-plus years ago, and then this year, it’s been the easiest negotiations I’ve had,” Hunt added. “That’s not to say Andy hasn’t asked for a lot because he has. Organizationally, we always work with the individual, we don’t work with the representative, so those conversations Custom Indians Jersey were between us.

“The great thing is he wanted to be here, and we wanted him here, so that makes the negotiation easy.”


After his press conference to open training camp on the campus of Missouri Western State University, Reid also took the time to explain Cleveland Indians Custom Jersey why he wanted to stay in Kansas City.

“I think [Hunt] is a top owner in the National Football League,” Reid Personalized Chiefs Jersey explained. “I have been very honored and privileged to have worked for him, and continue to work for him and his family. You have an opportunity to win football games here, and a championship. You’ve got a great fan base to support you. All of that is what’s important—just give us an opportunity to strike.

“Listen, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. I mean, I’m one out of 32 people in the whole world who has an opportunity to do this.

“It’s an honor, and I love every minute of it.”


“[Reid] and I are on the same page,” Hunt added. “He’s been doing this for a very long time, and to some degree, I know he wants to keep doing it because he wants to win the Super Bowl as a head coach. That’s where we come from as an organization as well.

“That’s our number one goal.”

The process of building towards that goal begins this week at training camp.

“The drive up here (to training camp)—man, I was fired up,” Reid laughed. “I felt like I could run up here. I still have that energy.”

Chiefs Make Changes to Personnel Staff, Custom Panthers Jersey,Custom Indians Jersey,Custom Chiefs Jersey Including Two New Hires

An update from training camp

The Kansas City Chiefs made three changes to their personnel staff Tuesday afternoon, including the promotion of Mike Borgonzi to Director of Player Personnel.

Borgonzi, who is set to begin his ninth season with the Chiefs, was promoted to Co-Director of Player Personnel prior to the 2015 season after serving two seasons as the club’s Assistant Director of Pro Scouting (2013-14). He also worked for two years as a Pro Personnel scout (2011-12), and one year as the team’s Manager of Football Operations (2010).

Borgonzi joined the Chiefs in 2009 as the team’s college scouting administrator. He was a four-year starter as a fullback at Brown University, earning All-Ivy League honors three times.

The Chiefs also hired Michael Davis as a personnel executive.

Davis brings a wealth of experience with almost two decades in the league as a personnel guy, spending time recently with the Philadelphia Eagles, and before that a long time with the New York Jets. During Custom Chiefs Jersey his career, Davis has worked as an area scout, assistant director Cleveland Indians Custom Jersey of college scouting, and assisted in pro personnel operations as well.

Davis played collegiately Personalize Panthers Jersey at Virginia State University, where he’s a member of the school’s Hall of Fame after a standout career at wide receiver.

The Chiefs also hired David Hinson as an Area Scout.

Hinson also brings a ton of experience to the Chiefs having served recently as an area scout for the Philadelphia Eagles, and before that, the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints and Buffalo Custom Panthers Jersey Bills.

Hinson played collegiately at the University of Buffalo.

Alex Smith on Training Camp:Custom Chiefs Jersey “If I Were a Coach, I’d Do the Same Thing”

Alex Smith shares his thoughts about training camp held in St. Joseph

Most teams hold training camp in their own facilities, but the Kansas City Custom Chiefs Jersey Chiefs drive an hour north to the campus of Missouri Western State University.Men’s Authentic Personalized Cleveland Indians Navy Blue Alternate 1 Jersey Sale.

And for Alex Smith, he wouldn’t want it any other way.Women’s Nike Personalized Carolina Panthers Elite Alternate Powder Blue NFL Jersey.

“I think there are special times that aren’t here on the practice field. I think obviously on the field the competition, the camaraderie, the smack talking—that stuff is a ton of fun,” Smith said.

“But come the afternoons there’s some great times, like I think all the guys in the big ol’ ice bath is hilarious, it’s a fun hang.Youth Nike Personalize Kansas City Chiefs Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt.

“In the afternoon we do those walkthroughs, but like the QB competitions, everyone Custom Panthers Jersey hanging there doing the soft tissue work in the training room—just all that stuff I think is invaluable time with each other.

“And to me, I think that’s the unique part of camp because we don’t always have that time back in KC, I mean we’re too busy or with our families and stuff, but up here you got time.

“I think all of that stuff is the unique side to camp, just hanging with each other and going Custom Indians Jersey out to eat, whether it be at the Personalized Chiefs Jersey cafeteria or sometimes they’ll have us going other places.

“I love this, I love that we come here. If I were a coach I’d do the same thing, I think this Cleveland Indians Custom Jersey is an awesome setup. We’re away, but we’re not that far away. I love it.”

Travis Kelce Coming Off Shoulder Surgery:Custom Raiders Jersey “Nothing is Holding Me Back”

Injury update on Travis Kelce


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is excited to no longer Custom Eagles Jersey just be talking the talk.

After a shoulder surgery in February that caused Kelce to miss all of offseason OTAs and mini camps, the tight end was back on the field the past two days of Personalized Raiders Jersey training camp walking the walk.

“I’m just happy to be out there with the guys. It gets old being in the locker room and the meeting rooms with everybody,” Kelce said.

“Just to get out there and be a leader on the field for everybody and showing them more so how to do it, rather than to speak it when I’m on the sideline and can’t necessarily play, so it’s just good to be out there. And to get in the motions and catch a few balls from Alex, and go to work.”

Coach Reid enjoyed seeing the Alex Smith and Kelce duo back on the field.

“He looks like Kelce, he doesn’t look any different,” Coach Reid said. “He’s moving around and he’s having fun doing it.”

The fifth-year tight end is helping lead the rookies with Smith and Derrick Johnson to bring them along when the veterans arrive Thursday—with no shoulder sorrows.

“We’re rolling, man. It feels great Custom Raiders Jersey. I haven’t had any problems with it first two days of camp,” Kelce said. “I had a few dropped balls that I got to clean up, but other than that we’re working like I said.”

Kelce joked around with the media when asked if he’s been able to work out his upper body like normal in the weight room.

“Are you saying my arms look small right now? I’m in the weight room,” he laughed. “I’m doing everything I can to get ready for the season, including the weight room. There’s nothing holding me back in Personalize Eagles Jersey terms of movement or weight, just Custom Dodgers Jersey going ahead and getting better.”

Andy Reid on Michael Vick Helping at Camp: Custom Eagles Jersey “He Brings That Respect”

Andy Reid, Alex Smith andCustom Dodgers Jersey Patrick Mahomes share their thoughts on former Pro Bowl quarterback Michael Vick helping out at Chiefs camp

Andy Reid has brought a familiar face to help out during training camp.

Over the next three weeks, four-time Pro Bowl quarterback and the No. 1 Custom Eagles Jersey overall pick in the 2001 NFL Draft, Michael Vick, will be a coaching intern for the Chiefs.Men’s Nike Custom Made Philadelphia Eagles Elite Black Alternate NFL Jersey for Sale.

While every team across the league will bring in guys in to help during this time of the year, there aren’t many who have the resume of Vick, who was a transcendent player at the quarterback position for most of his 13 years in the league.

“Experience, and another set of eyes from someone who knows the offense,” Reid said of why he decided to bring Custom Raiders Jersey in Vick. “And obviously, he brings that respect from being Los Angeles Dodgers Custom Jersey a great player.”

“He’s one of those guys that whatever he wanted to do, he could do,” Reid added. “He could go into TV, radio, coaching, whatever, I mean he he’s a good people person, you know he’s quiet, but he’s a good people person and he speaks well, and just has a good way about him.

Vick, who spent four years with Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles (2009-12), is with the Chiefs as part of the Bill Walsh Minority Coaching Fellowship, which is designed as a vocational tool to increase the number of full-time minority coaches in the NFL.

Last year, there were a record-high 187 minority coaches across the league who took part in the program, per Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star.Youth Nike Custom Made Oakland Raiders Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.

Vick, who has never been shy about his feelings and the respect he has for Reid, spoke earlier this offseason about his desire to get into coaching at either the collegiate or NFL level.

“I think my heart is really into teaching Personalized Raiders Jersey, you know, the game of football,” Vick told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on June 2. “At some point, I’d definitely love to help work with young quarterbacks and develop them and still compete, you know, with the team and with the coaches.”

At least for this summer, Vick found a home with Reid and the Chiefs. It’s a good spot, too.

Both offensive coordinator Matt Nagy and the new general manager of the Chiefs, Brett Veach, who each know Vick from their time together with the Eagles, began their NFL careers as summer coaching interns.

(Vick catching up with new GM Brett Veach on Tuesday)

Vick will help the Chiefs’ quarterbacks over the next three weeks, and so he will attend all of their meetings and basically be a sounding board for them to ask questions.

When he first had the idea of bringing Vick to camp to help out, Reid shared the idea with veteran starter Alex Smith, who has known Vick for more than a decade and was the first face Smith saw when he walked into the cafeteria at camp on Monday.

“There aren’t that many people in the world who have that kind of experience at the position,” Smith explained of Vick. “Mike’s obviously a guy that, certainly a lot of us in my generation, early on we’re in awe of, and then to watch him as I was in high school and college and then to play against him in the pros for a lot of years, that’s always been crazy and exciting and always try to aspire to be like.”

“It’s fun to have him here in the room,” Smith added. “Like I said, it’s just another perspective. This guy has played a ton of snaps, he’s got a unique look on the game, played in a lot of different offenses, so yeah, it’s exciting to have him here and to have that kind of knowledge and sounding board for all of us.”Women’s Custom Stitched Any Name Any Number Los Angeles Dodgers Home White Jersey.

As Vick’s desire was to work with young quarterbacks, he’ll obviously have that opportunity this summer with the Chiefs’ first-round pick, Patrick Mahomes, who much like Vick during his playing days, put up video-game like numbers in college.

Mahomes is absorbing everything Vick tells him like a sponge.

“He’s giving us tips that he learned when he was with Reid and the Eagles, talking about the drops and how you want to time them up,” Mahomes explained of what Vick has gone over after just one day of camp. “I mean, he had one of the best seasons in NFL history in this offense, so you just listen to everything he says.”


After practice, Vick, Nagy and Mike Kafka, who was a teammate of Vick’s with the Eagles and is now an assistant coach with the Chiefs, stayed to get some extra work with Mahomes and Joel Stave, another young quarterback.

It’s similar to what they had done at OTAs and minicamp, in regards to staying after practice, but this time there was a guy who threw for more than 22,000 yards and had more than 150 touchdowns in his NFL career helping them out as well.

As they were leaving the field Tuesday and walking up the hill towards the locker room after practice, Vick was all smiles.

“I love it man, I love that he’s enjoying it,” Reid said. “He’s really having a good time and he’s into it, and so I love that part.”

And what was Reid’s message to Vick at he starts this chapter of his career?

“Just to take it all in and not be afraid to share your opinion, and again, get to know the guys and enjoy that part, too.”

The Chiefs will be back on the field Wednesday morning for their second training camp practice. Find out all the information you need to know about camp, which opens to the public Friday, July 28, by going to

What We Learned from Personalize Eagles Jersey Andy Reid and Tyler Bray on Wednesday

Andy Reid and Tyler Bray spoke with the media following practice at Training Personalize Eagles Jersey Camp on Wednesday



Opening Statement: “Great to be back out on the field. Guys have had a couple good days of work. We got it in today even with the rain. They are working hard. They are learning. It looks like they have retained a lot from the OTAs, so it has been a positive couple of days here. Don’t have any injuries for you, which is also a positive thing.”

Q: What went into the Custom Dodgers Jersey decision to bring Michael Vick into the fold? Did you have a chance to help him get his internship?

REID: “I do have a chance. I invited him here. He had been coaching at the high school level. He really enjoyed that. Like a lot of players when they get done playing, they are searching for different things to do with the rest of their professional life. He has a bunch of routes he can go, but he had an interest in coaching, so I invited him up here and I said ‘Hey, give it a try and see what you think. See if you like it.’ He has been great for the players to bounce things off of. He has been in this offense before so he understands it.”

Q: What kind of coach do you think he will make?

REID: “Michael is a great communicator. Not only does he speak well, but he sees things and can articulate that, and in coaching, you have to be able to do that. Guys are attracted to him. They like his presence and the way he carries himself, so they are not afraid to talk to him and likewise, he is not afraid to talk to them.”

Q: How is Derrick Johnson moving?

REID: “You know, he did some good things today. I think he was testing it a little bit yesterday and then today he was able to get out here and make some plays and that is good to see. If you talk to him, he is only here for these two days and then he is off tomorrow as a couple of the other vets are too, (Travis) Kelce and Alex (Smith). For those guys to get out here and knock some of the rust off is good.”

Q: How important is it for him to be here for the young guys?

REID: “Certain guys handle it certain ways. The three guys that are out here, and you are asking about DJ, but his attitude says everything. He comes out like he is 20. That is the way he practices anyways, and that is the way he is coming out here and done this. His attitude has been great.”

Q: There has been a new study that has come out about CTE. What are your thoughts and how has the NFL progressed?

REID: “I think the league has done a great job of looking in and researching all of that. I know the study and what has been put out there. I cannot tell you how valid that study is, but I would tell you that from the league’s standpoint, they have attacked the issue. They surely have not walked away from it or shied away from it. I think that is an important thing.”

Q: Travis Kelce already plays a lot, but do you feel like you are just scratching the surface with him?

REID: “I think every year you will see him probably get a little bit more here and there. Different things, like you said, he plays a lot, so it will not be play time necessarily, but just variations of the passing game. He can basically do everything a wide receiver can do. He gives you some flexibility there.”

Q: What do you have to do to get more out of him in the red zone specifically?

REID: “Well, he is pretty good in there. We can use him even a little bit more and just keep staying creative with it.”



Q: How is it going the last Los Angeles Dodgers Custom Jersey couple days?

BRAY: “It’s been good. Weather has been good. Personalized Raiders Jersey Getting out there with the rookies, they are getting a lot of reps, we are getting a lot of reps. It is getting us some good practice before the vets get here.”

Q: How important are these first few days?

BRAY: “It is good to get your feet back under you. Of course, in the offseason, you are training and throwing. To get your feet back under you from what you are doing here and, also from the mental aspect, it is good to get back a couple days early.”

Q: What is it like working with Michael Vick?

BRAY: “It is great. I used to play as him in Madden all the time. He was unstoppable. Growing up, you look up to a guy like that, you want to be like him when you grow up and to finally meeting him the first day he walked in I was kind of star struck—I didn’t know what to say to him.”

Q: When did you meet him?

BRAY: “First day of camp.”

Q: What are some of the words of advice he is given you or some of the things Custom Raiders Jersey you will be able to take away?

BRAY: “He has given me some advice about footwork. I know we are a little different style of player, but he has been in the game a long time, he knows what he is talking about. Just footwork and being on time, making the right reads.”

Q: Where has your biggest area of growth been?

BRAY: “The mental aspect of football. Last year, I was there, but I wasn’t where I am now. I am able to get guys lined up, run the offense. I don’t even need to think about what I need to do as far as calling the play and just getting out of the huddle. It just comes natural.”

Q: How difficult was it to get to that point and how?

BRAY: “It takes a lot of time in this offense. So you are sitting there, you get back at 9:00, you still have to study and grind. Trying to get to sleep is a little tough, you Custom Eagles Jersey are still thinking about the plays and what you did that day. Getting out of the huddle, getting up to the line of scrimmage with enough time to see the defense and get a look at what they are doing, maybe a hard count, it helps a lot.”

Derrick Johnson Makes Plays Tuesday,Custom Eagles Jersey Says Coaching is in His Future

Johnson spoke with the media following Tuesday’s training camp practice


At 34 years old, the Kansas City Chiefs’ all-time leading tackler, Derrick Johnson, Custom Eagles Jersey doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

Johnson, who is heading into his 13th year with the Chiefs, is already going down as one of the best defensive players in franchise history.

And it doesn’t take long from watching him at practice—even one in shorts with predominantly rookies, which was the case over the last two days at Chiefs’ training camp—to see that passion he still has for the game Personalize Eagles Jersey.

Johnson, who is working his way back from a torn Achilles tendon that cut short his 2016 season, can be heard from well over 100 yards away encouraging those around him and communicating what he sees to his teammates in the middle of the play.

Because he’s coming off an injury—the same one that cost him most of the 2014 season—Johnson was able to practice for these first two days of camp.

“It’s good to get out here with the rookies and knock off the cobwebs and get my feet wet a little before everybody else comes in,” Johnson told the media after practice on Tuesday. “Mentally, I’m almost there, but physically, I’ll get a little faster during camp.”

Johnson spoke of his rehab process often over the past few months, and it’s one he’s familiar with having gone through it before, and his goal was always to be Men’s Nike Custom Made Philadelphia Eagles Elite Black Alternate NFL Jersey for Sale ready for camp.

The fact that Johnson didn’t start camp on the PUP list is a great sign for a defense that’s looking to improve in 2017, particularly against the run, and it’s also another reason why no one should ever doubt what Johnson is capable of doing.

After all, it was only seven Custom Raiders Jersey months and 18 days ago that Johnson ruptured his Achilles, and now, at 34 years old, he’s back on the field running around and making plays.

“He comes out like he’s 20 years old,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said of Johnson on Tuesday. “That’s the way he practices. His attitude says everything.”

Johnson had a nice pass breakup intended for Travis Kelce near the red zone during 7-on-7 work Tuesday morning.

“He did some good things today,” Reid added. “I think he was testing it a little bit [Monday], and then today he was able to get out there and make some plays, and that’s good to see.”

According to Pro Football Focus, Johnson ranks No. 2 in the NFL over the past four years (2012-16) among off-ball linebackers in yards allowed per coverage snap.

It’s a fancy way of saying he’s good in coverage, and perhaps Tuesday was a small step towards him being closer to the player we’ve seen make four Pro Bowls over the past six years (2011-13, 2015).Youth Nike Custom Made Oakland Raiders Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.


Johnson’s presence during this part of camp is also a good thing for the rookies on defense, who otherwise wouldn’t have gotten the 13-year veteran and future Ring of Honor member in their room for these first couple of days.

“Young guys will ask me questions,” Johnson explained. “They’re picking my brain—seeing if I know my stuff, so I’m always on point with that. I enjoy it. Later in life, I’d like to become some kind of a coach, and this is a perfect opportunity out here with the young guys asking me all kinds of questions.”

“They’re trying to do this, and so we’re going to do this,” Johnson added of what he likes about the mental part of the game. “Just being a step ahead of the game. Being an older guy, I appreciate the mental part. I’m not a slow guy, but I’m not as fast as I used to be, so mentally, I’ve got to keep reacting quicker.”


Johnson said he hasn’t yet spoken with Reid yet about his desire to coach one day.

“He’s an offensive-minded guy, but I’ve talked to (defensive coordinator) Bob Sutton and (linebackers coach) Gary Gibbs, mostly,” Johnson explained. “It’s a cool deal. Some people, even the great football players, have no interest in coaching. I’ve had a lot of success, but I enjoy the scheme and process of it all.Women’s Custom Stitched Any Name Any Number Los Angeles Dodgers Home White Jersey.

“The coaches go back and forth with me on some schemes at times, saying, ‘Hey do you think this looks right? Or how do you feel about this?’

“It’s a pretty cool atmosphere.”

What level would Johnson want to coach?

“I thought about all of it,” Johnson explained. “In high school, you’re teaching the fundamentals, trying to get them off to college. It’s also teaching them a little bit about life.

“In college, there’s the recruiting part of it, so it’s a year-around thing. In the NFL, it’s even more of a business—as far as getting hired and fired. I’ll definitely get into the coaching later on, not right when I get out, but I’ll set it up in the right way.”

Johnson said he could see himself as a coaching intern on the sidelines during a Chiefs’ camp one day.

“Of course,” Johnson laughed. “I would. This is a good atmosphere—a good platform.”

It’d be a similar path that Chiefs’ offensive coordinator Matt Nagy and new general manager Brett Veach have gone through. Both started as summer coaching interns with Reid back with the Eagles, and it’s the same thing former NFL quarterback Michael Vick is doing for the Chiefs right now.

But before he puts too Los Angeles Dodgers Custom Jersey much thought to all of that, Johnson is ready to get back to football, which for him, means when the pads are back on Sunday morning.

Johnson said he’s been cleared for contact, and that’s when this all goes to another level.

“I’m a linebacker, you have to embrace those moments,” Johnson explained of Sunday’s padded practice. “I’ll get back to talking noise to the running backs and talking noise to the offense.

“We can get our competitive juices going. I can’t wait.”