What  Josh Donaldson Blue Jays Jersey We Learned From Wednesday’s Media Availability

Andy Reid, Alex Smith, Tyler Bray and Patrick Mahomes spoke to the media on Wednesday

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Statement: “Great to have the military out here today and celebrate all they do for us, so we can do what we do and keep us free from harm’s way. With that, we finished up here with training camp. Missouri Western State University was awesome. The people here were phenomenal taking care of us. Whether it was the fields, the food, the dorms, they do a great job. We’ve been very happy with that. As far as the play time goes for the game with the Bengals, the ones will take the first half, and you can kind of do this by quarterbacks and then [Patrick] Mahomes will have the third quarter and then Tyler [Bray] will have the fourth quarter. Not everybody will play this game, everybody will be ready to play, but not everybody will necessarily play this game like the last game. We’ll get good work in against a good football team and that’s the most important thing right now. With that, time’s yours.”

Q: What kind of growth have you seen in Ramik Wilson, specifically with where his diagnostic skills were last year?

REID: “Ramik Wilson I think has stepped it up a notch even from last year. He had good experience last year and I like what we’ve seen. You asked about the diagnosing of plays, and being able to do that as a linebacker becomes very important along with having good Kevin Pillar Jersey  instincts. He’s shown that he has both of those.”

Q: Eric Murray, second-year player this year, how has he developed over the course of camp?

REID: “Murray has continued to improve. He’s coming out of this camp really taking a big step from last year. We’re counting on him to give us snaps and it was important that he did that. We feel comfortable. Again, we still have the rest of the preseason to see, but up to this point he’s done a nice job.”

Q: Do you think Patrick Mahomes will see any reps with the ones at all against the Bengals?

REID: “I have no idea. I get in the game and then just kind of go from there. That’s how it worked last week with Tyler. We’ll see how the game goes. We’ll see how it rolls.”

Q: You said that the identity of the team changes every year. What have you learned about this particular group over the last couple of weeks?

REID: “Every team’s a little different, obviously just by the change you have in the National Football League. This crew here, not that the other crews didn’t, but they hit it where the weather wasn’t too bad so we were outside every day. Therefore you have an opportunity to get learning out there, the Custom Blue Jays Jersey y’re not battling the elements, the heat and the humidity and all of that where you get where you’re talking to yourself instead of concentrating on the play. We’ve been able to take it up a notch. They’ve taken that challenge to heart and this group never says anything, they just work. From a head coaching standpoint that’s a beautiful thing. You can get a whole lot done.”

Q: What was the conversation like with Mahomes when you told him about bumping him up to second string?

REID: “There wasn’t much of a conversation. It was just something that I think he’s deserved by his efforts to at least have a chance to play with that group and with that comes a little bit more responsibility. Tyler did a very nice job with it. He did a nice job when he had an opportunity to work with the ones. The idea is to come out here with three or four good quarterbacks that you feel comfortable playing with and so that’s how we roll. So far he’s done a nice job with it and we’ll see how he does in the game.”

Q: How do you keep Tyler Bray hungry knowing that you switched his position?

REID: “I think Tyler knows that he’s done well. He had the one touchdown called back, but he’s played well.”

Q: You brought in a few coaching interns, like every year, like Michael [Vick] and Derrick [Alexander]. What did you see from those guys over Josh Donaldson Jersey  the past three weeks?

REID: “We bring in a bunch of interns and it’s a great step for them if they choose to go into coaching, some of them are in coaching already, but if you’re looking to go that direction, like you mentioned Michael. This gives them an opportunity, like Derrick Alexander he’s already coaching, but it gives them an opportunity to see it at this level and kind of what goes on. I was impressed with this whole group of interns that we had. It was a good group. They want to work and they want to learn. They’re taking advantage of that opportunity.”

Q: Derrick Johnson said that he would like to coach. Any other players out there that you noticed that coaching would be in their future?

REID: “I know he’s going to do it. There’s a chance our fullback [Anthony Sherman] does it to, but I’m not going to hold him accountable for it, but he has talked about potentially doing that.”

Q: The organization has got a decision to make in the next couple of weeks about bringing training camp back here next year. Would your vote be in favor of staying in St. Joe?

REID: “I’m going to do whatever our owner wants to do. I’m being politically correct. I can tell  Toronto Blue Jays MLB Baseball Merchandise you though that the people here have been phenomenal. They’ve done a nice job for us and we appreciate that.”

Q: Your owner says he’s going to ask you, so?

REID: “Well that’s how this works. We’re just going to keep you in limbo.”

Q: What’s your lasting impression of what you got accomplished this training camp?

REID: “I thought we got a lot done this camp. I think schematically we probably got a little more done than in years past. We challenged them like crazy this year in all three phases of the game. With the weather cooperating the way it did you can get away with doing that. I thought the guys functioned at a high level, which is good. We still have a ways to go. We’re not clearly the finished product that we need to be. We’ll wait until we finish up camp.”

Q: When you are doing the roster making process, how much do the young receivers kind of bonding or creating relationships with the backups play a role as you look to develop?

REID: “That happens. That is the benefit of getting away, and they are housed together. You are forced to get to know the guy next to you. It is not just come to practice and go home and you are there. You are here 24/7 and you get to know the personalities. I appreciate our older guys in the way they treat our younger guys. Even though they are in competition, they are not afraid to share things with them, and that is what a team is all about now.”

Q: How much do you take into account when making roster moves, how close a QB is with a receiver?

REID: “If you are close to the quarterback, that’s normally a pretty good thing. That’s who you want to be close to if you are a receiver. You take some of that into consideration. All those kind of things you weight out. It is all a part of the process.”


Q: I heard you say on the radio yesterday that this has been the most productive camp. How is that?

SMITH: “You know I do not always love comparing, but I think this camp has been great. I feel like every day we have taken a stab, we have gotten better. We have gotten something out of it. Guys have brought it. It is hard some days when you are back to back to back in the pads and the long days in heat. It is easy to slip into the mindset of just kind of trying to get through it. I feel like our guys have brought energy every day. We have had great competition, especially the O and D back and forth. It has been fun. It seems like it has flown by but I feel like it has been really productive.”

Q: How do you feel about the quarterback play?

SMITH: “I feel like it has been a big part of it. A lot of quality out of the quarterback room. You know good competition for all of us. Everybody kind of feeds off of each other, even in the quarterback room. Who is going to be the guy to go out there and makes the play and makes the throw. It has been fun.”

Q: Do you think that is because of better quality guys here this year?

SMITH: “I just think as a whole. I feel like all of the guys, you know Joel (Stave) does not get a ton of opportunities but certainly Tyler (Bray) and Patrick (Mahomes). I feel like everybody has had a good camp. There has been a lot of play making. Really I think the whole perimeter group as a whole is kind of involved in that.”

Q: How do you balance mentoring and competing with other quarterbacks?

SMITH: “It is no different. I have been doing it for 13 years. For me, it is just kind of being myself. I am going out there and playing and trying to take advantage of my reps and myself for the season as best I can. No different than any of the other young guys that have been here before. It is no different. I am going to be myself. Certainly I have been through a lot so if there is something I can help with or I see, I am not going to hesitate to vocalize.”

Q: Are you comfortable with where the wide receivers are?

SMITH: “I am excited about the group. I am really excited. One of the reasons I think we have had such a good camp is really those guys. They have brought so much energy every day. I think those guys have been infectious with their playmaking. I feel like they have been feeding off of each other. Each guy wants to step in and be the guy that sparks us. It has been fun every day. I feel like we have a lot of guys with a lot of strengths that have come in and been hungry and been making plays for us.”

Q: Have you seen somebody take a leadership role in that group since (Jeremy) Maclin has left?

SMITH: “You know we are a young group outside. I think all of those guys. Certainly the guys who have had the playing time naturally. You look at Chris (Conley) and Albert (Wilson) and Tyreek (Hill) and those guys that have been out there making plays. Young group as a whole but I Men’s Mitchell and Ness Vintage 1993 Joe Carter Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Throwback Jersey  think their energy is the strength.”

Q: Do you have any thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s situation since you used to play with him?

SMITH: “A lot changed in a few years obviously since I had been gone and came here. Everything that has gone on since is certainly not something I saw coming knowing Kaep. My relationship with Kaep is we always got along really well. He was always extremely respectful with me so he and I got along really well. I have not talked to Kaep in a long time though with all of the stuff going on. Hard for me to even talk about like I said when I was with him none of this was even there at all. Obviously a lot has changed since then, but it is hard to even comment on it. Like I said, don’t know. There is a lot going on in that landscape right now. Certainly when I was there he was playing at a really, really high level. He had a lot in front of him as a career goes playing really good football. It is crazy to think that he is not playing. That is a crazy thing because like I said as good as he was playing, young, strong, I felt like he had a long career ahead of him and it is crazy at this point he is out of a job.”

Q: Is he someone you would welcome back into a quarterback room?

SMITH: “Yeah, like I just said Kaep and I got along really well. He was always someone who was really, really respectful. He was a really good teammate. He cared, so yeah no question.”


Q: How did you handle being moved to the third spot on the depth chart?

BRAY: “It is a competition. The season hasn’t started yet. I don’t think it is a set depth chart, I just know he is going in there and getting some second team reps. In the preseason game, I will be going third. Coach’s decision.”

Q: What do you want to improve on from the first preseason game?

BRAY: “Accuracy of throws. The one pick, should have seen the DB outside. Spencer (Ware) was on the right page, I should have been on the same page as him. Just clean some footwork stuff up.”

Q: How much do you go back and look at some of that on your own time knowing you only get a limited amount of snaps? Do you go back and look at the ones you do get?

BRAY: “Yeah, I think you go back and look at your mechanics and make sure you’re doing the right things. You don’t want to go out there and put sloppy mechanics on the film. You go back and you view that, and just try and improve from there.”

Q: What does it mean to you guys spending the last day of camp with the veterans?

BRAY: “It is great. They sacrifice a lot so that we can play this game. So anything we can do, we could spend all day with them. This is great.”



Q: After the game you were asked if you regretted any of the throws you made. After going thr Toronto Blue Jays ough the film, did you change your mind on that?

MAHOMES: “There’s always things you can learn from and try to get better from. I don’t know if I regretted any of the throws. If it is a mistake, if it is a bad throw, you can just learn from those and try to get better after watching video and having more and more days of practice.”

Q: How do you describe your competitive relationship with Alex (Smith)? He feels like he is competing, do you feel like you are competing?

MAHOMES: “Being the quarterback of any football team, you are going to compete and you are going to go out there and work hard to make each other better and, at the same time, make the team better. Really, it is a great relationship. I learn a ton from Alex. Just having him in front of me, you can’t even explain how much he teaches me on the sidelines. He is always helping me out. And at the same time, we are always pushing each other to be better every single day.”

Q: On the throw to Gehrig Dieter in the first game, the corner jumped out on the route. At what point did you see the corner and when were you able to pull the ball back?

MAHOMES: “We had kind of saw throughout the game, with Bray and Alex running the plays, that there would be a chance that that was open. Their corner and their nickel safety kind of both went to it. I pulled it down. I should have dotted Dieter right there, but I scrambled a little bit too soon, just have to complete that pass.”

Q: Are you always looking down field to throw first bef Joe Carter Jersey ore you rush?

MAHOMES: “Throughout my whole football career, I have always known I wasn’t the fastest guy. I’m a little quick, I can  Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey run a little bit, but I know I can’t make a lot happen. So my thinking always was, ‘why don’t you put it in the fast guys hands and let them make plays.’ So, when I scramble and do those things, I try to look down field, look for the play makers, put it in their hands and let them make all the big plays happen.”

Q: Who is a better runner, you or Alex?

MAHOMES: “Alex, for sure. It is not even close.”

Clark Hunt on Future of Chiefs Camp in St. J personalized NFL football merchandise oe: “I hope we’ll be able to come back”

The Chiefs have two one-year options left on contract to keep camp in St. Joseph

The Kansas City Chiefs will be making a decision some t Custom Womens Eagles Jersey ime over the next few weeks on whether or not they’ll pick up the first of two one-year options to have training camp back in St. Jo Custom Womens Patriots Jersey seph, Missouri, next year. 

“I’m going to do whatever our owner wants to do,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Wednesday after practice. “I’m being politically correct, but I can tell you though that the people here have been phenomenal. They’ve done a nice job for us and we appreciate that.”

The Chiefs have had camp at M custom vikings jersey issouri Western State University for the past eight years.

“I personally think we’ve had a great experience here in St. Joe, not only this year, but for the last seven or eight years,” Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt said this week. “I know [Reid] feels very positive about having training camp here, (general manager) Brett [Veach] feels very positive about having training camp here.

“I think it’s a good experience for our fans who are able to drive up from Kansas City. It is something that we’ll sit down and talk about as an organization, but pers Custom Womens Steelers Jersey onally, I hope we’ll be able to come back.”

When speaking with the media this week, Hunt was asked about the recent trend of bringing camp back to a team’s facility, which is happening quite a bit around the league.

“I  custom womens vikings jersey know the trend,” Hunt explained. “But philosophically, I personally like going away. Maybe it’s because I grew up going up to William Jewell and watching the Chiefs train there. I think when you have that quality of a facility, that’s an hour away from Kansas City, so it’s away but it’s easy to get back when the players and coaches have a day off—I think you just have the best of all worlds.”

Chiefs Celebrate  personalized NFL football merchandise Military Appreciation Day at Camp

Over 150 servicemen and women joined the Chiefs at training camp on Wednesday

The Chiefs celebrated the fourth annual Military Appreciation Day on Wednesday as training camp came to a close. Over 150 uniformed servicemen and women from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard were in attendance.

“It’s a great opportunity for us,” said Gen. Sgt. Jason H. Scott. “We’re always on the clock – we’re Marines 24/7. This is a great opportunity for us to come out and just experience the atmosphere, to get in touch with some of the other Chiefs fans and then also for a lot us, all the Marines out here who are actually from the Kansas City area, to have that common bond as Chiefs fans and share this experience. It’s pretty great.”

The troops watched the Chiefs final practice in St. Joseph from the VIP tent before rain forced the team indoors. The military personnel were then invited inside to watch the remainder of practice from the sidelines.

As practice concluded, Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid brought everyone in to the huddle and presented seven game balls – five for the branches of the military in attendance and one each for veterans and foreign officers. 

“These men and women allow us to do what we do,” Reid said. “They protect our country like no other. I had a chance to go to Afghanistan one time and see it from the other side. If every 16-year-old man and woman could go over and see the efforts they put forward to protect our country and what the flag means to them, it’s an amazing deal to be a part of it.”

 Custom Womens Patriots Jersey One of the game ball recipients was Billy McGinnis, a World War II veteran who fought at Iwo Jima.

After Reid handed out the game balls, the players and troops met and talked on the field. Players took pictures, signed autographs and a few even tossed around a football with a handful of soldiers. 

“It’s one of those experiences that I’ll treasure for a while,” said Cap. Robert Lovelady, who played catch with long snapper James Winchester. “They’re pretty down to earth-type guy custom vikings jersey s. It’s kind of refreshing to go up to them and they’re just like you and I. It’s been a really neat experience.”

The event brought together servicemen and women from a variety of different backgrounds and even nationalities. Soldiers from Brazil, Germany,  Custom Womens Steelers Jersey Japan and the United Kingdom, who are representing their countries at local bases, were also in attendance.

“I watched the Chiefs on television last year and tried to learn the rules of the game,” said Col. Danilo Alencar of Brazil. “I don’t know everything yet, but I can watch and understand eno Custom Womens Eagles Jersey ugh and have a good time at the games. I think it’s similar to military duties. You need to work together, like a team, and you need to  custom womens vikings jersey plan the next play.”

While the event was an opportunity for the troops to meet some of their favorite players, it’s also a powerful lesson in perspective.

“We get to do what we do because of these people and the sacrifices they’ve made,” said Chiefs President Mark Donovan. “For us to take a second out of our day to say thank you, to give them access that nobody else gets and to create a really special experience – I mean you can see it on their faces. There are people here who have been through stuff we don’t ever want to be through, and they’ve done it for our freedom.”

“To see how excited they are to be here, it’s special.”

DSM arm’s novel tech boosts Custom Steelers Jersey e-vehicles

The automobile body materials subsidiary of Royal DSM, the Dutch life and material sciences company, has found novel ways to enhance mileage and quality Custom Steelers Jersey of battery-powered vehicles in China.

By working closely with Chinese manufacturers and related electric vehicle Pittsburgh Steelers industry associations, DSM Engineering Plastics or DEP has figured that if e-vehicles are built using lightweight yet sturdy materials, they can travel a longer distance.

Lighter e-cars also improve the endurance of the battery, said Zhang Zhenyu, Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey commercial director of DEP for Great China region.

Agreed Zhao Ying, a researcher at the Beijing-based Institute of Industrial Economics, which is part of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. “Lightweight vehicles are a significant trend in new energy vehicles. They can reduce the use of battery. Advanced materials and technology are key to lightweight vehicles and lower cost of production.”

That is where DEP assumes significance. It specializes in the manufacture of plastics for electronics, automotive and specialized industries.

“We are working on lightweight materials with manufacturers in China and abroad, and trying to understand what they need now and what they might need in the future,” DEP’s Zhang said.

In this direction, the company has made progress. It has been able to make lighter engines, chassis and power assist systems, as well as decrease the friction between the chains. This has helped increase efficiency and reduce Cheap Custom NFL Jersey carbon emissions.Men’s Nike Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Away White NFL Jersey for Sale.

DEP has gained another insight in China. “For traditional vehicles, we consider most the heat resistance of materials. But now, we concentrate more on the flame retardancy and insulation performance for the batteries and new requirements for emerging applications,” Zhang said.

Production capacity of parent DSM’s engineering plastics production line in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province, has surpassed 10 million metric tons, he said.

Encouraged by the success so far and to secure more resources, DEP is on the lookout for possible targets for mergers and acquisitions in the field, Zhang
Women’s Nike Custom Made Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap said.

More so because the field of traditional engines has always been DEP’s stronghold. The shrinking volume of traditional vehicles will force DEP to seek new growth points in the new energy vehicle industry, he said.

In engineering plastics, DEP already has a joint venture with Zhejiang NHU Special Materials Co. The venture was established last year.

Underling that China is the world’s biggest market for new energy vehicles, Zhang said the country’s renewable automotive sector is growing fast.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said the country is aiming to achieve an annual production capacity of 2 million new energy vehicles by 2020.

A quarter of vehicles sold in China by 2025 will be powered by alternative energy.

“We have seen a dramatic leap in China, which has a very ambitious goal in new energy cars. It’ll post a new challenge for the materials required,” Zhang said.

“From charging point to charging gun, and now to high-voltage connector, the change in the circuit system has posted new requirements for the materials used,” he added.

So, DEP will hire more professionals toward research and development of intelligent lightweight materials over the next five years, Zhang said.

DEP’s global network of R&D centers spans India, China, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States.

“If our China department proposes a project but lacks related talents, we can support them from the Netherlands or other labs in the world,” Zhang said.

He saw fresh challenges arising on the technology front as well.

“Digitalization is starting to take control of many parts of cars and we have seen many clients growing interest in the digital control,” he said.

Andy Reid Explains QB Playing Time for G personalized NFL football merchandise ame on Saturday vs. Bengals

The Chiefs travel to take on the Bengals Saturday night at 6:00 p.m. CT

According to Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, veteran quarterback Alex Smith will play the entire first half of Saturday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The game is set to kick off in Cincinnati at 6:00 pm. CT, and can be seen locally on KCTV5.

Following Smith will be rookie first-round pick Patrick Mahomes, who will step in with the second-team offense to play the third quarter, and then Tyler Bray will take the fourth.

After Wednesday’s final training camp practice of the year, Smith spoke about what he’s seen from the quarterbacks at camp this year.

“I feel like everybody has had a good camp,” Smith explained. “Everybody kind of feeds off of each other. Who is going to be the guy to go out there and makes the play, and makes the throw? It has been fun.”

It’s also been considered by many inside the locker room as Smith’s best camp in his five years with the Chiefs, and it carried over  Custom Womens Steelers Jersey to the first preseason game last Friday night against the 49ers.

In his one drive with the first-team offense, Smith led them down the field for a touchdown—converting two big third downs on the drive and hooking up with second-year standout Tyreek Hill for a 32-yard gain on the first play of  custom vikings jersey the game.

For those who have been at camp at all this year, Smith’s performance in that game was just more of the same of what we’ve seen at practice. Smith finished 4 of 6 for 48 yards, and had a key 10-yard scramble that converted a big third down.

Outside of Smith’s excellent camp performance and consistent connection with Hill, there has been a lot of talk and Custom Womens Eagles Jersey  a lot of eyes on Mahomes, who was moved up to the No. 2 quarterback spot this week. Mahomes went 7 of 9 for 49 yards and a touchdown last week against the 49ers in his first NFL action. 

“Being the quarterback of any football team, you’re going to compete and you’re going to go out there and work hard to make each other better. At the same time, make the team better,” Mahomes sa custom womens vikings jersey id of the competition.

As was discussed plenty when he was first drafted, the opportunity for Mahomes to learn from a veteran like Smith every day was something that was really going to help him develop as a player, and that’s proven to be the case.

“I learn a ton from Alex,” Mahomes explained. “Just having him in front of me, you can’t even explain how much he teaches me on the sidelines. He’s always helping me out. And at the same time, we are always pushing each other to be better every single day.”

For Bray, who took the second-team reps last week against the 49ers, the opportunity Saturday night is a big one. He went 5 of 8 for 63 yards with an interception against the 49ers.

“It’s a competition,” Bray explained Wednesday after practice. “The season hasn’t started yet. I don’t think it’s a set depth chart, I just know [Mahomes] is going in there and getting some second-team reps.”

Overall, Reid said the plan for this week’s game will be a little different than the one against the 49ers.

“Not everybody will play this game,” Reid explained. “Everybody will be ready to play, but not everybody will necessarily play this game like the last game. We’ll get good work in against a good football team, and that’s the most important thing right now.”

The Chiefs are preparing to face the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots in the NFL’s opening game of the 2017 s Custom Womens Patriots Jersey eason on Thursday, September 7, which is just three weeks away.

Andy Reid Says Chiefs personalized NFL football merchandise  “Took it Up a Notch” at Training Camp This Year

The time in St. Joseph has come to an end

For the Kansas City Chiefs’ players, coaches and staff, the comradery built and work put in over the past three weeks at training camp will now carry them towards a season that’s full of hope and optimism.

This was the fifth year that head coach Andy Reid brought his group to Missouri Western State University for camp, and after practice Wednesday, Reid spoke about what he saw from the guys this year.

“We’ve been able to take it up a notch,” Reid said. “These guys have taken that challenge to heart. This group never says anything, they just work. From a head coaching standpoint, that’s a beautiful thing. You can get a whole lot done.”

The Chiefs had 19 practices in total since the  Custom Womens Patriots Jersey rookies and quarterbacks first reported July 24, and up until Wednesday, they never had to go indoors because of weather.

And then about halfway through Wednesday’s practice, the rain started falling and storms came in that caused the final half of practice to move inside.

It allowed for a pretty cool scene after practice the with military service men and women in attendance for Military Appreciation Day.

Aside from Wednesday, the weather at camp this year was fantastic, which allowed Reid and his group to get a lot of work done.

“I thought we got a lot done this camp,” Reid added. “I think schematically we probably got a little more done than in years past. We challenged them like crazy this year in all three phases of the game. With the weather cooperating the way it did, you can get away with doing that.

“I thought the guys functioned at a high level.”

Quarterback Alex Smith agreed.

“I think this camp has been great,” Smith said. “I feel like every day we have taken a stab, we have gotten better. We have gotten something out of it. Guys have brought it. It is hard some days when you are back to back to b Custom Womens Steelers Jersey ack in the pads and the long days in heat. It is easy to slip into the mindset of jus Custom Womens Eagles Jersey t kind of trying to get through it.

“I feel like our guys have brought energy every day.

For a Chiefs’ team that’s gone 43-21 with three playoff appearances over the past four years, the idea that this was their most productive camp and they “took it up a custom womens vikings jersey  notch” just adds to the optimism surrounding this group.  

The Chiefs are set for their second preseason game of the year, which takes place Saturday night at 6:00 p.m. CT against the Cincinnati Bengals on the road. The game can be seen locally on KCTV5.

Chiefs vs. Bengals: Five Things t Toronto Blue Jays MLB Jersey o Watch

The Chiefs and Bengals kick off Saturday night at 6:00 p.m. CT

The Kansas City Chiefs are multitasking right now.

In fact, it’s not only the Chiefs that are doing this; it’s everyone around the league.

The Chiefs are simultaneously preparing for their season opener against the New England Patriots (September 7, Thursday Night Football), which happens to be less than three weeks away. But Toronto Blue Jays MLB Baseball Merchandise  they’re also in the process of evaluating a deep and talented roster full of many players who will be playing for other teams in a few weeks.

It’s a good problem to have and one that NFL teams seek to put themselves into—having too few of spots for too many good players.

And for the Chiefs, there are still roster spots up for grabs and these last three preseason games will go a long way in determining who gets those final few spots. The 53-man roster has to be set by Saturday, September 2 at 3:00 p.m. CT.

At that date and around that time, more than 1,200 players from across the league will become free agents at the same time. It’s going to be crazy.

The Chiefs will also have to identify and sign the 10 players to their practice squad, and so a lot is riding on these three games for guys hoping to continue their dreams of playing professional football.

So, as the Chiefs get set to take on Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey  the Bengals in their second preseason game, which can be seen locally on KCTV5 (CBS), coach Andy Reid mentioned that playtime for this game would be split up differently than last week.

“Not everybody will play this game,” Reid noted. “Everybody will be ready to play, but not everybody will necessarily play this game like the last game. We’ll get good work in against a good football team, and that’s the most important thing right now.”

Here are five things to watch during the ga Joe Carter Jersey me:

1. Will the quarterbacks fire it deep early once again?

In the Chiefs’ first preseason game against the 49ers, the first offensive play for Alex Smith, Tyler Bray, and Patrick Mahomes were deep shots down the field.

Reid let each of them air it out.

Smith’s was caught by Tyreek Hill for a gain of 32 yards, and then Bray and Mahomes both had their long completions called back because of penalties. Bray’s 83-yard touchdown to Chris Conley was called back because of offensive pass interference, and Ma Josh Donaldson Jersey homes’ 41-yard strike to Demarcus Robinson was called back because of holding.

Final lines for each of those three quarterbacks against the 49ers:

Smith – 4 of 6 for 48 yards.

Bray – 5 of 8 for 63 yards and an interception

Mahomes – 7 of 9 for 49 yards and a touchdown

It’ll be interesting to see how much of the passing game is opened up Saturday considering much of the talk all week during practice was about the running game. The Chiefs ran the ball 14 times fo Kevin Pillar Jersey r just 31 yards (2.2 yards per carry) against the 49ers.

As far as playing time, Reid said Smith will play the first half of Saturday’s game, with Mahomes, who was promoted just this week to the No. 2 spot, taking the third quarter, and Bray holding down the fourth.

2. Will we see the return of a couple of key veterans?

After being a full participant in practice recently, there’s a good chance we see the return of All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce, who missed some practice time and the game last week with a swollen knee.

Over the past few days, Kelce has looked like the guy who led the team with 85 receptions and more than 1,100 yards last year, and he could make his return to the field just four miles away from where he played in college at the University of Cincinnati. Expect him to be excited if he’s out there.

On a somewhat related note, the NFL is allowing more celebrations this year. Just saying.

Another guy who could potentially return is veteran defensive lineman Bennie Logan, who also missed time recently with a sore knee but was back on the field practicing this week.

Second-year defensive lineman Chris Jones, who also returned to practice recently as he was brought off the PUP (physically unable to perform) list, wasn’t a participant during the team or 9-on-7 periods of practice. But Logan was, which is why there’s a better chance we’d see Logan if we see either of them.

If he’s out there, Logan is a guy to watch. He’s been virtually unblockable during 1-on-1 drills. & Toronto Blue Jays nbsp; 

3. Size off the edge

Rookie Tanoh Kpassagnon is a guy to watch for the Chiefs’ defense.

Last week against the 49ers, Kpassagnon (No. 92) lined up at nose tackle, defensive end, and outside linebacker.

At 6-feet-7 and 289 pounds, the physical ability he has is ridiculous.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that before,” Chiefs defensive line coach Britt Reid said of Kpassagnon earlier this week, just hours after he covered a wheel-route 20 yards down the field during an 11-on-11 drill. “He’s unique. That’s unbelievable some of the stuff he can do.”

While he’s far from a finished product, the ability Kpassagnon possesses will be pressed and developed by Reid and this defensive coaching staff, and he’s a guy to watch for Saturday. There is no player comparison for what he can do with his size and athleticism.

“I think he’s done an amazing job, and credit to him Custom Blue Jays Jersey  he’s one of the more coachable guys I’ve ever been around,” Reid added. “He’s able to pick up something really fast and do it in individual, but then also transfer it to the field.

“I was really impressed with the way he held up inside on double teams and playing the run in that first preseason game.”

4. Will the running game get going?

The Chiefs didn’t light up the stat sheet running the ball in their first preseason game against the 49ers—rushing it 13 times for just 41 yards.

“We’ve got to do a better job,” Reid told the media during a conference call the day after the game. “We need to get bodies on bodies is what we have to do. Just identify the direction in which we’re going. You always hear people talk about identifying who the Mike is and then kind of work to that person, so we’ve got to do a better job with that. Some of these plays we wouldn’t even run against this team if you had time to game plan for them. We’re just kind of throwing our base stuff out there, and so sometimes we ran into an overload, which we normally don’t do.

“When it really comes down to it you still have to get a body on body, secure that level one so there’s not penetration, and give the back at least a chance.”

\Earlier this week, assistant head coach Brad Childress also spoke about the rushing performance against the 49ers.

“Would have liked to see it more effective, but I think it was [Reid’s] idea that when it’s warm like this, we want to make sure we sync up the passing game,” Childress explained. “I think you’ll probably see more emphasis on run as we go here, but we’ll never step away from that pass. Got to be able to do it here if you’re going to do it in climate conditions as the season goes on.”

It makes sense considering the Chiefs finished the game against the 49ers with twice as many passing attempts (30) as rushing attempts (14).

It’ll be interesting to see if the running game gets going Saturday.

5. Young guys to watch

Outside of Mahomes and Kpassagnon, who are obvious young players to watch, there are a couple of other young guys who might mix in later in the game who have drawn praise for their performances thus far.

The first is rookie cornerback Ashton Lampkin (No. 6).

Lampkin was specifically mentioned by name by cornerbacks coach Al Harris, who was asked about any young players who have impressed him to this point.

“From the time he first got here until now, it is night and day,” Harris said of Lampkin. “The confidence is there; the movement is there. He’s still young and growing, but the ceiling is high, and he does everything you ask him to do.”

Offensively, the young player to watch is running back Kareem Hunt. He’s not a surprise pick here, and his steady climb to grabbing more first-team touches shouldn’t go unnoticed.

“He is a physical back that can do a lot of things, so hopefully this coming week, he gets a few more touches,” offensive coordinator Matt Nagy said of Hunt earlier this week.

Hunt finished his college career as Toledo’s all-time leading rusher with 4,945 yards and 44 touchdowns, and he has been a popular pick by many national media types as a potential rookie breakout performer this year.

The Chiefs moved up to select Hunt with the No. 86 overall pick in the third round of this year’s draft. 

Chiefs vs. Bengals: How to Wa Toronto Blue Jays MLB Jersey tch and Listen

Don’t miss the Chiefs game! Find out how to catch this week’s game

Game Date/Time

Saturday, August 19, 2017 at 6 p.m. CT on CBS (KCTV5 Local)


Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH  


High: 86°

Low: 64°

Series History

 Toronto Blue Jays • The Chiefs and Bengals have played each ot Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey her 28 times, but only four times in the last 10 seasons. The series between the two franchises is very close, with Cincinnati holding a 15-13 lead.

• In their entire history, the Chiefs and Bengals have only ever competed during the day, never in a night game.

Alex Smith has played Cincinnati twice in his career, throwing for 587 Kevin Pillar Jersey  yards and zero interceptions.

• The only tie on Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid’s record came when he was with the Philadelphia Eagles. In Week 11 of the 2008 season, the Eagles and Bengals ended the overtime period in a 13-13 tie.

TV Coverage

CBS (KCTV5 Local)

Play-by-Play: Carter Blackburn

Color Analyst: Trent Green

Sideline: B.J. Kissel


Chiefs Spanish Radio – KCZZ 1480 (Tico Sports)

Play-by-Play: Enrique Morales

Color: Oscar Monterroso

Sideline: Leo Prieto

Chiefs FOX Football Radio Network – KCFX (101.1 FM)

Play-by-Play: Mitch Holthus

Color Analyst: Kendall Gammon

Sideline: Dani Welniak

Chiefs Radio Postgame Show

KCFX (101.1 FM)

KCFX Hosts: Art Hains, Len Dawson, Dan Israel, Kendall Gammon


Receive score updates with the f Toronto Blue Jays MLB Baseball Merchandise ree Chiefs App, and play along with the game with the Chiefs Football Bingo.

To play Football Bingo open the Chiefs App anytime within 3 hours Josh Donaldson Jersey  before kickoff. Click on the Football Bingo card, and fill out your card. You will have the chance to win some great prizes!


Stream Chiefs games online with NFL Game Pass

Get live access to games and full replays of every NFL game, including pre-season and regular season matchups, the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl on NFL.com Game Pass. Game Pass is available across devices including desktop, smartphones, tablets, and select connected TV devices, so you can rewatch games wherever you are.

To learn more about Game Pass or start a free trial, visit NFL.com/GamePass

You can also watch the game on-demand after its conclusion using the NFL’s Game Rewind package.

Social Media

Be su Custom Blue Jays Jersey re to follow the Chiefs on Twitter for live game day updates, videos and behind-the-scenes photos:

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Chiefs vs. Bengals: Ina Montreal Canadiens 100 Classic ctive Players

The inactive players for the Chiefs matc Men’s Adidas Montreal Canadiens 92 Jonathan Drouin Authentic Home Red NHL Hockey Jersey Cheap hup against the Bengals


K – C. Santos

CB – J. G NHL 100 Classic Celebration le NHL All Star nn

S – E. Berry

CB – J. Nelson

CB  Brendan Gallagher Jersey Womens – T. Mitchell

OL – P. Ehinger

 Jonathan Drouin Jersey  Brendan Gallagher Jersey 

DL – C. Jone Montreal Canadiens Ice Hockey Jersey s

DL – R. Mille Max Pacioretty Jersey r

Chiefs vs. Bengals: Gam Montreal Canadiens 100 Classic e Preview

The Chiefs continue the preseason on Saturday night

GAMETIME: 6:00 p.m. CT on Saturday, August 19

LOCATION: Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio 


HOW TO LISTEN: 101.1 The Fox Brendan Gallagher Jersey 

The Kansas City Chiefs take another step towards the regular season on Saturday night in the second week of preseason action.

The Chiefs broke training camp in St. Joseph on Wednesday after three weeks of grueling practices, but their work is far from over as they continue to prepare for the regular season in Saturday’s contest.

Offensively, quarterback Alex Smith and the rest of the starters will play the first half, Head Coach Andy Reid said on Wednesday. Rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes will play with the second team in the third quarter and Tyle Brendan Gallagher Jersey Womens r Bray will take over with the third team in the fourth quarter. 

Smith played just one series in Kansas City’ Men’s Adidas Montreal Canadiens 92 Jonathan Drouin Authentic Home Red NHL Hockey Jersey Cheap s preseason opener against San Francisco on Aug. 11 but took advantage of it, leading an eight-play touchdown drive. Smith completed four of six passes for 48 yards and chipped in 10 yards rushing in his limited work.

The f Jonathan Drouin Jersey irst team will look to build on that success on Saturday as they get an extended opportunity to be on the field. The Chiefs rushing attack, which combined for just 13 carries in the preseason opener, will likely be a point of emphasis.

After the starters turn in their helmets and retire to the sideline, Mahomes will make his case to be Kansas City’s second quarterback on the depth chart.

Mahomes was the Chiefs third quarterback in the preseason opener and played well, completing seven of nine passes for 49 yards and a touchdown. He began working with the second te Montreal Canadiens Ice Hockey Jersey am in practice this week and will get a chance to face some stiffer competition in the third quarter on Saturday. 

On the other side of the ball, the Bengals present a solid test for the Chiefs defense. Cincinnati has depth at quarterback with three-time Pro Bowler Andy Dalton and A.J. McCarron under center, and playmakers in wide receiver A.J. Green and tight end Tyler Eifert. Dalton, like Smith, played just one series in Cincinnati’s preseason opener against Tampa Bay and will likely see more action on Saturday along with the rest of the Bengals regulars.

The Chiefs last faced the Bengals on October 4,  NHL All Star 2015 in Cincinnati and lost, 36-21, despite kicker Cairo Santos’ franchise-record seven field goals. The loss was part of a slow start to the 2015 season, but since that game, Kansas City is 22-6 in the regular season and 10-3 on the road. The Chiefs 22 wins in that span are the second-most in the NFL behind New England’s 23.  

The trip to southern Ohio will be a homecoming for tight end Travis Kelce, who played collegiately at the University of Cincinnati from 2009-12. Rookie running back Kareem Hunt also has Ohio Max Pacioretty Jersey  roots, playing just up the road at the University of Toledo, where he’s the school’s all-time leading rusher. Hunt played at Paul Brown Stadium once while with the Rockets, rushing for 101 yards and a touchdown on 12 carries on Sept. 12, 2014 vs NHL 100 Classic Celebration . UC. 

Catch Kelce, Hunt and the rest of the Chiefs in action on Saturday night at 6 p.m. on KCTV5 as Kansas City continues to prepare for the regular season.