Chiefs Injury Report: Kar Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey 2018 eem Hunt Doesn’t Practice on Thursday

The Chiefs are in their second week of OTAs

Last week during media availability, Kansas City Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid shared the n Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey ews that center Mitch Morse, receiver De’Anthony Thomas, and running back Spencer Ware, who were all coming off injuries suffe Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey red last year, weren’t yet participating during OTAs.

And then on Thursday, Reid mentioned that there were a couple of more names added to that list of guys not practicing r Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey ight now, including the NFL’s reigning rushing leader Kareem Hunt.

Reid said Hunt is dealing with a hamstring strain but added that he doesn’t believe it’s anything serious. He also mentioned that undrafted free agent receiver Byron Pringle out of Kansas State isn’t practicing due to a calf Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 strain.

Reid concluded by saying that linebacker Dee Ford, who missed most of last year with a back injury, is coming along in his rehab and is now working in individual periods, but not the team portions of practice.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey 2018 on Finishing Med School: “It’s been a great journey”

The doctor spoke with the media Thursday

Chiefs Guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

Q: What is it like to have the title that you have worked for? Can you even put it into words?

DUVERNAY-TARDIF: “Two days ago I was a little bit emotional. It was such a great feeling to be back home with family and friends and get that M.D. that I was waiting for for the past four years. When I got drafted in 2014 it was a promise that I made to myself that I was going to keep grinding and keep pushing to combine my two passions at the highest level and show people it Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey was possible. With the help of Coach Reid and the Faculty of Medicine from McGill, it was possible to do it. Combing both, leaving after the season and going straight back to Montreal and medicine, doing clinical rounds and seeing patients and then coming back for OTAs. It’s been a great journey for the past four years and I’m glad it’s over.”

Q: What kind of doctor are you?

DUVERNAY-TARDIF: “Right now I’m a doctor. Eventually I’ll try to be an emergency physician. That’s the field I want to do. That’s another five years of training though so we’ll see how that goes.”

Q: Will you have M.D. on your jersey?

DUVERNAY-TARDIF: “We’re working on it. I made a request to league and we’ll see what they’re going to say. The rules are the rules and I’m okay with that. So we’ll see how that’s going to evolve.”

Q: How are you going  Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 to spend your offseasons now since you were studying for the last four years?

DUVERNAY-TARDIF: “To be honest I don’t know. I think it’s going to be really nice to take a deep breath and be like alright, now I can enjoy the offseason and focus on training and focus on family, friends and just enjoying it a little bit.”

Q: Mitch Morse told a story about you studying all 11 hours on the plane. How much is that indicative of what you’ve had to do these last couple of years?

DUVERNAY-TARDIF: “For the most part I’ve tried to focus only on football during the football season for the past four years. But in 2015 when we played in London I actually put an orthopedic exam during the bye week, which was right after the London game. So on the way back even though we won, everyone was pretty pumped, but I had to study a little bit because the exam was on Wednesday. So that was kind of the quickest transition I had to do over the past four years and I totally regret it. I think it was a big struggle.”

Q: But you aced the test anyway right?

DUVERNAY-TARDIF: “Yeah, I did great and I think none of that would have been possible if I wasn’t good at picking up med school stuff. So it went well.”

Q: What will you remember most and cherish about your experience on Tuesday?

DUVERNAY-TARDIF: “I think for me on Tuesday it was kind of a resume or a summary of the past eight years. I started medical school in 2011 and then I got drafted in 2014 and at that point it was kind of a question of ‘should I continue medical school now that I have football?’ When I signed my extension last year I asked myself the same question, and at the end of the day I love medicine and I love football, so why not do both? Even though it was kind of hard, it was always that picture of me graduating and getting my M.D. that I had in mind. That’s helped me push through the tough part going to train at 9 p.m. because you just finished a shift in the emergency department and stuff like that. All of those sacrifices paid off and it was always that vision of me walking on the stage and getting that M.D. that helped me through that.”

Q: Is your gut feeling that you’ll wait until you’re done with football completely before you continue to pursue medicine?

DUVERNAY-TARDIF: “We’ll see. I’m giving myself a year to weigh all of the options because it’s not common for people to do part-time residencies. The same way it’s not common to do part-time medical school. So we’ll see how it’s going to play out. I already started reaching out to different faculties and we’ll see. Honestly I don’t know the answer right now.”

Q: Why emergency medicine?

DUVERNAY-TARDIF: “I think there are a lot of similarities between football and emergency medicine. You never really know in the emergency (room) what’s going to step through the door. You have to be able to make rational Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey decisions in a really stressful environment and take your emotion out of it. There’s a lot of similarity between that and trying to block a different pressure on a third down and you have to do it to convert. So that’s why I like it. I think that adrenaline rush, there’s a lot of similarities between emergency and football.”

Q: For future players who might try this what advice would you give them?

DUVERNAY-TARDIF: “You have to love both if you want to succeed because it was kind of hard and also you have to pick a good team. I remember back in 2014 I was doing all of my pre-draft visits and for a lot of coaches, medicine was a question mark. Like ‘how do we know if you really want to play football if you have medicine?’ And I think for Coach Reid it was the total opposite. It was like ‘if you’re here and you still have medicine as a plan B it’s because you really love to play football and I’m going to help  Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey you to the best of my ability.’ That’s what he’s been doing for the past four years. Every season at the end of the season during our exit meeting he’s been asking me ‘what’s next for you doc?’ and we’ve been talking about different clinical rotations and stuff. And his mother actually went to McGill University and was one of the first women to graduate in medicine, so there was a little bit of a connection and I really think that he helped me through the process. I don’t think it would have been possible if it was not for him. So thanks Coach Reid for that.”

What We Learned From the Chie Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey 2018 fs’ Assistant Coaches on Thursday

Dave Toub, Eric Bieniemy, Bob Sutton, Al Harris and Mike Kafka all spoke with the media Thursday afternoon


Q: How is the new kick off rule going to changes things for you?

TOUB: “It is going to change things up a bit. I think, at the end of the day, there are going to be more returns because the returner is going to feel a lot more space back there. When he catches the ball, the coverage won’t be on him immediately. Guys are going to want to take their option as returning them.”

Q: Does the new rule change what you are looking for in a return guy?

TOUB: “A little bit. I think it is going to be a more like a punt returner style because there is going to be more single blocks. You aren’t going to have the point of attack where you are hitting it and you have a running back style, like an iso play. It is going to be more of a big field type, more like a punt return.”

Q: So is Tyreek Hill back in that business?

TOUB: “Tyreek is the punt returner right now. Kick return is up for grabs. We have a lot of guys in there that are working hard.”

Q: Has anyone jumped out?

TOUB: “Not right now. It is too early. Right now it is about, like Coach (Reid) talked about, getting fundamentals down, knowing what to do. Learning our base special teams and what we do with the kick return game. It is too hard to tell right now till we start having contact.”



Q: Are you proud of Duvernay-Tardif getting his medical degree?

BIENIEMEY: “It says a lot about the person and the character. For a professional football player to not only play at a high level, but also to take the time to go back and finish the things that he started. To have a doctor starting on your offensive line says a lot.”

Q: Was there any particular growth you wanted to see from Mahomes from last week to this week?

BIENIEMEY: “Each and every week is a different approach. We always want each and every guy to go out there and compet Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey e and work on the l Men’s Majestic 6 Marcus Stroman Toronto Blue Jays Authentic Scarlet Canada Day Red Jersey ittle things that they need to improve upon. Now, obviously, throughout the course of these two weeks, we’ve had some highs and we’ve had some lows. I will say this, though, to every man’s credit, they’ve done a great job of attacking the challenge and getting better at the little things. That is the important thing. At this point in time, we just want to build chemistry. We want our guys to come together and understand and learn to play with each other. That is important. Our guys are doing a very good job of accepting the challenge.”

Q: How have you tried to implement Sammy Watkins so far?

BIENIEMEY: “You have to understand, the head man we work with, everyone is inclusive. If you are the starter or you are the bottom guy on the roster, we are going to coach our guys as if they are all starting. They are all being given an opportunity to show what they can do. That is the beauty of being in this particular situation. We also have a very good staff of coaches that do an outstanding job of communicating. We just want all our guys to come out here and feel a part of it.”

Q: How fun is it to watch Sammy Watkins out there with the new guys?

BIENIEMEY: “So far so good. Right now it has been baby steps because guys are learning to play with each other. That is important. We have a very good group of players that have had success in the past. We just want these guys to learn to play with each other. So far, they are doing an outstanding job of making sure they detail everything and also holding each other accountable.”



Q: What are you seeing from all the new guys in the secondary?

SUTTON: “Well, I think (David Amerson) and Kendall Fuller have played a lot. We’ve seen them on the field just watching the other team. Both of those guys have had good OTA periods here. Steve Nelson has had a really good period here as well. I think we’ve got some good football players there. They’ve all done a really good job here and I just think we will build on it. I think we are c Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey apable there. I think we are going to be fine.”

Q: The defense as a whole has a lot of new faces as well.

SUTTON: “We have a lot of new dudes. I think I counted one time, it was 19 or 20 in the group, something in that number. They are all different. They are from young rookies to guys that came here as free agents. It is a really good group of guys. It is early in the process, but they seemed to have meshed really good. They are very attentive, working hard at it. Overall, really happy with the guys. I think they have done a great job. This is hard on anybody, but it is really hard on defensive players in this time frame. You can’t do a lot of things you want to do, but the guys have really embraced it and gotten as much out of it as we possibly can.”

Q: Does it feel a little bit like starting over with the defense?

SUTTON: “Any time you have that large of a number. You all know, in the NFL, I don’t know what they used to say, one third of your roster changes every year anyways. This is just a bigger change, a bigger chunk. It is new, but it gives you a chance to kind of go back to basics and say, ‘Hey, this is where it started.’ You try to re-explain to guys. Guys that have been here can help them, obviously. There is an energy from that, yeah.”



Q: There has been a lot of turnover in the secondary, is it refreshing to have so many new guys?

HARRIS: “As a coach, you just teach. Whoever is in the room, you teach. That is how I look at it. At the end of the day, their performance falls on me. I take that approach. Whoever is in the building, that is who is in the building.”

Q: What are your early plans for Fuller, Amerson and Nelson?

HARRIS: “Those guys right now are doing a very good job. Fuller is a pro, football IQ is high. Steve has always done a great job. He is a competitor, doesn’t miss reps and wants to compete all the time. I know what I am going to get from him. Dave has done a great job coming from a different scheme and adapting to what we do, our culture and how we handle things here.”

Q: Is it an emphasis to rotate all those guys at different spots to see where they mesh?

HARRIS: “No, right now, as our package sits, you put the guys on the outside who are outside guys and inside guys on the inside. That is how we handle it as a defensive staff. Right now, Dave and Steve are my outside pieces and Fuller will go inside.”

Q: Some people have Kendall Fuller as the best slot corner in the NFL.

HARRIS: “I can see why they say that. It is a smart guy. He does exactly what you ask him to do. Very coachable, which I can definitely see people saying that.”



Q: What have you seen so far in these first two sessions of OTAs?

SMITH: “We have the majority of our stuff in so does the offense. You see some guys swimming especially the young guys. We have a lot of stuff in but they’re picking it up especially our young guys. I’m sure you guys are going to talk about Breeland (Speaks). He’s a football guy. He’s smart, he’s got instincts, things come natural to him. The thing with him like a 4-3 end they’re not used to dropping and so for him to pick it up this quick and at least get a feel for it is pretty good. I feel good about the guys. Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey The other guys in the room are older guys who are used to this system and they know what’s going on.”

Q: Specifically with Breeland what makes you think that the transition is going to be possible?

SMITH: “I think it goes all the way back to the whole draft deal. We had him here on the visit, get him on the board, teach him about two or three defenses and then just have him spit it back to me. The thing I like about him is he can do it, especially the drop stuff. Then just the way he carried himself. He almost carries himself like a vet. He walked in the room, and it’s like he’s done it before. Then you get him here after the draft and just watch him move in his space, so that kind of confirmed everything. Rookie camp he was a little bit awkward at first but he picks it up quick. You make one or two things and he sees it and he has it. He’ll be fine doing all of that stuff I have no worries about that.”

Q: In your opinion what is the single most important trait that an elite edge rusher has to possess?

SMITH: “Relentless. Period. A lot of your sacks come off of second and third effort especially at this level. These tackles are big and good. Obviously you have to have good technique but be relentless. I think one of the great things about Tamba (Hali) that’s what he was. Tamba’s relentless, obviously his technique is good but you just can’t stop.”

Q: This is the first year we’ve seen the two linebackers coaches. Can you explain the work process between Mark (DeLeone), Bob (Sutton) and yourself?

SMITH: “Like I said with this system when you have both of them in the same room and you’re talking about inside linebackers what are the outside guys doing. Now you’re talking about pass rushes, so in a 3-4 you have to separate them. It’s been a smooth process. That’s how we did it in New York. That’s how me and Sutton met each other, he was inside and I was outside. You just get to focus on those guys and you really get to dive in deep especially when you have a lot of stuff that we do, you get to dive into it. But it’s been a good process. I’ve known Mark before so everything’s been good.”



Q: Where have you seen the biggest growth in Patrick Mahomes?

KAFKA: “One big point of emphasis for Patrick (Mahomes) was his feet and his footwork. He put in a ton of work all last year and coming up to the offseason right here, so I think that’s, right now, where I’m the most happy where Pat’s at with his footwork.”

Q: What have been your impressions of him being able to take snaps under center?

KAFKA: “He’s made constant improvement every single day and that’s what we’re looking for.”

Q: As far as weaknesses with Patrick Mahomes – where were you saying (to Patrick) this is the part of the game where you need to work on?

KAFKA: “So in our quarterback room we’re going to strive to perform at a really high level. So we’re coaching them hard, he’s put in a ton of work. It’d be doing him a disservice if I told him if there was only one thing he needed to work on. So we’re working to fine-tune every single aspect of playing the quarterback position.”

Q: He’s pretty accepting of wanting to know?

KAFKA: “Yeah that’s the best part. He’s been a pleasure to work with, a pleasure to coach and like I said, he’s put in a ton of hours. He’s going Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey behind the scenes, working with guys individually. I’m really proud of where he’s at right now.”

Q: Despite the fact he’s 22, could you see him being a leader in the locker room as far as dealing with these veteran guys?

KAFKA: “Absolutely. I think, very early on, even in his rookie year he was taking that role on in conjunction within his role as a backup, he was being a leader. Those young gu Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 ys that were coming in his class and on the practice field and the scout team, working with those guys – very detailed person, so absolutely.”

Chiefs CB Steve Nelson Primed for Big Season, Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey 2018 Ready to Earn His Respect

The fourth-year cornerback finds himself in a new role this season

The word “respect” gets thrown around a lot.

It’s used by people in every facet of life and can almost be seen as a common cliché at this point.

But for Kansas City Chiefs’ fourth-year cornerback Steve Nelson—the word serves as a companion to the chip that’s resided on his shoulder dating back to his days growing up in the hotbed area of SEC football, Warner Robins, Georgia.

All players’ stories are different, but Nelson’s includes no silver spoons.

After not qualifying academically for a handful of Division I teams that showed interest in him out of high school, Nelson had to go the junior college route—attending the College of the Sequoias for two years before heading to the other side of the country to attend Oregon State, where he was handed nothing and had to work his way into a role.

Nelson ultimately earned a role at Oregon State and just two years later became the Chiefs’ third-round pick (No. 98 overall) in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Over the last two years, Nelson has worked his way from a special teams’ standout to starting 22 games for the defense at cornerback, which includes him missing most of  Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey last season with a “core muscle injury.”

Nelson actually played through that injury for most of training camp before it sidelined him for the first eight games of the 2017 season.

And then over this past offseason, the Chiefs made considerable changes to their cornerback room.

In fact, Nelson is the only player returning for the Chiefs who finished in the Top 5 of snaps played at Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018  the position last year. Marcus Peters was traded to the Los Angeles Rams, Terrance Mitchell signed with the Cleveland Browns, Kenneth Acker signed with the Indianapolis Colts, Phillip Gaines signed with the Buffalo Bills, and veteran Darrelle Revis, who was brought in midway through the season, was released.

“It fueled me because they believed in me,” Nelson explained of the offseason moves and his mindset. “I plan on having one of the biggest years of my career—not only competing with myself but other guys around the league. It’s a big year for me. I’ve just always been doubted and slept on. I haven’t been giving anything, so every year I have something to prove. I have to work hard no matter what, that’s just my nature.”

The fact that Nelson, who is just 25 years old, is now the veteran and leader in that room with the most experience in this defense is one that he embraces, and one that his teammates understand.

“Intensity and accountability,” veteran All-Pro safety Eric Berry, who added Nelson ‘never does’ get the credit he deserves, explained of the only cornerback currently on the Chiefs’ roster who was drafted by the team and has played in an NFL game. “What he brings to the practice field and workouts, it’s crazy. He gets feisty. I call him, ‘Little Scrappy.’ He’s a scrappy little dude. He can get intense.

“He demands the best out of himself and the best out of his teammates. I think that’s cool.”

That edge that Nelson brings to the field is one that’s defined his game going back to his days at Oregon State.

“I’m highly competitive. I’m an emotional player,” Nelson explained. “Off the field I’m not like that, but on the field, it comes out and I think it takes my game to another level. It’s just that inner-fire coming out—the passion for the game when I’m out there between the lines. It’s just me against my opponent.

“I feel like they’re trying to disrespect me, that’s the way I take it so I’ve always got that chip on my shoulder.”

“He gets the job done,” Berry added. “He finds a way to get it done and that’s all you can ask for.”

Nelson earned a positive overall grade last year from Pro Football Focus, and had the best game of his season against the Tennessee Titans in the Wild Card round of the AFC playoffs.

In that game, Nelson allowed just two receptions for 11 yards on five total targets, which led to a quarterback rating when targeted of just 47.9.

Nelson’s affinity for getting after it in run defense also stands out. It has been a staple of his game going back to college. He graded as the Chiefs’ top cornerback against the run last year, and he was one of just 15 cornerbacks in the NFL who played at least 185 run snaps and didn’t miss a single tackle.

“It’s me just being highly competitive,” Nelson explained of his run defense. “It’s just being a football player and wanting to be physical on every play—not backing down from challenges. I think that’s the extra edge I bring to the game, being able to come up and make secure tackles.”

Much of the talk this offseason about the cornerback position has surrounded the departure of Peters and the additions of Kendall Fuller and David Amerson, but while Nelson is often left out of many of those external conversations, the guys in that locker room understand what he brings every day.

(AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

“I think it’s a big year for him but he’s been showing it the last couple of years with his attitude and his effort,” veteran edge rusher Justin Houston explained. “He doesn’t complain. He just shows up to work. A lot of guys do a lot of talking and that’s easy to do. It’s harder to just get out here and show it. The young guys watching him are going to see the way he practices and the way he flies around and the way he gets after it.

“When you have a guy who can lead by his actions and not by his mouth, that says a lot, and those are the guys you need to win—guys who are just willing to put it all out there. If you watch his effort during practice—I mean if you get everybody to practice like him and with that effort—that’d be a world of difference.”

Nelson said this time of the year is always important for team-building and getting used to your teammates, but perhaps it’s even more important for the Chiefs’ defensive backs this year considering all the new faces.

“Everybody is good, man,” Nelson explained of the cornerbacks’ room. “Top to bottom. We got a good group. Everybody spends time off the field together. It’s different. It’s like a brotherhood.”

Nelson knows that’s it’s a big season for him, and not just because it’s a contract year but because he’s earned a leadership role in that room.

“Definitely the hardest I’ve worked,” Nelson explained of his mindset coming into the season. “I just feel like I’ve been given an opportunity and it’s time for me to step up.”

(AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

For a kid who spent two years watching several of his former high school teammates play at the Division I level—knowing he should be doing the same but had to go the junior college route instead, and all the doubters he’s encountered along the way, the chip on Nelson’s shoulder has always been there.

It fuels him.

And while he sees the moves the Chiefs made this offseason as a “reason they believe in him,” and was given assurance from the team that it is in fact the case, the 2018 season represents a lot to him.

“I didn’t go to any of these fou Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey r-star, five-star camps,” Nelson added. “I came from a small area and went to a junior college. I’ve always been doubted and had to work my way up. This year I plan on doing big things just to get my respect. These young guys look up to me and the coaches and organization believe in me, so I’m excited. The game has slowed down for me tremendously.

“I’m finally healthy and I’m going to bring it. People can say whatever Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey they want to say, but I’m going to bring it for this organization, and we’re going to win.”

Social Recap: Memorial Day, Dr. LDT Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 and Reactions to the NBA Playoffs

A roundup of what the Chiefs have been up to on social media

It was another busy week for the Kansas City Chiefs on social media, from honoring our nation’s veterans on Memorial Day to enjoying the NBA playof Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey fs.

Here’s a look at what the Chiefs were up to on social media over the last Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey few days.

Several players took to social media in order to honor our veterans on Memorial Day

Offensive linemen Mitchell Schwartz and Mitch Morse celebrated the holiday by participating in a charity run

Speaking of offensive linemen, guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif graduated from medical school

And while they may be professional athletes themselves, the Chiefs are just fans when it comes to watching the NBA playoffs

Chiefs’ Offensive Guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 Graduates from Medical School

The multi-talented offensive lineman completed an eight-year journey on Tuesday

It has been a long journey for Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, who has spent the past eight years – four of which while Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey playing in the NFL – as a medical student at McGill University in his native Montreal.

As of May 29, he’s Doctor Duvernay-Tardif.

The former sixth-round pick, who has started 38 games for Kansas City over the last four seasons, discussed the accomplishment with

“It’s been eight years that I’ve b Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey een working for that moment,” Duvernay-Tardif said. “Since the day I got drafted, I promised myself I was going to finish my studies and get that M.D. while I was still playing. It’s one of those life projects that you promise yourself you’re going to accomplish, and I’m on the verge of doing it, so I’m pretty excited.”

Though after graduation, it’s back to football for the foreseeable future.

“Right now, football is my main priority,” Duvernay-Tardif told ESPN. “I want to focus and see how good I can be. I’m putting medicine on hold in order to really maximize my opportunity in the NFL. I love playing football.”

He’s made the most of that opportunity so far, allowing just two sacks over the past two seasons according to Pro Football Focu Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey s.

If that wasn’t enough, Duvernay-Tardif even tried his hand at reporting this offseason as a correspondent for the Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation in PyeongChang, South Korea, covering the Winter Olympic Games.

And now after eight years of rigorous study, Doctor Duvernay-Tardif can add yet another accomplishment to his ever-growing resume.

Kareem Hunt Talk Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 s Versatility as Organized Team Activities Get Underway

A rushing title already in the books, Hunt is eyeing even bigger things in 2018

The laundry list of accomplishments tallied by Kansas City Chiefs’ tailback Kareem Hunt over the course of his rookie campaign is long and well-documented.

The 22-year-old amassed more yards from scrimmage in his professional debut than any player in NFL history, landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated a few weeks later and finished the season as just the sixth rookie in league history to earn the rushing title.

It was a remarkable season for any player – let alone a rookie – and now a year later, Hunt can put aside the worries associated with a young player trying to break into the league and focus on improving his craft.

“You don’t have to stress about what team you’re going to and deal with interviews like 12 times a day (this time around),” said Hunt, recalling the process leading up to the draft last offseason. “Now, you just have to go out there and play footba Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey ll and try to make yourself better than you were last year.”

There’s a certain challenge associated with improving on such a strong initial season in the league, though it’s not unch Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey arted territory. In fact, three of the five previous players to lead the NFL in rushing as rookies – Edgerrin James, Eric Dickerson and Earl Campbell – went on to defend their rushing crown the following year.

But Hunt’s attention wasn’t just on running the ball as Organized Team Activities (OTAs) began last week.

“I’m just working on my game all around,” said Hunt following OTAs on Thursday. “(One thing I’m doing is) I’m catching the ball more and running a lot more routes.”

Hunt is no stranger to catching the ball, hauling in 53 receptions for 455 yards last season, though it has been a point of emphasis as he looks to become a better comprehensive offensive player heading into his sophomore season.

“I like it. It gives me the opportunity to get the ball in open space and Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey  make people miss,” Hunt said. “The toughest part is just making the play – being able to lock in on the ball – and to make something happen after.”

The individual getting Hunt the ball, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is another point of excitement for the young tailback. The two players were members of the same draft class and are separated by just over a month in age.

“Patrick and I have a great bond,” Hunt said. “I feel like he is going to do great. He definitely already has that leader role and he’s able to go out there and make big plays. I’m excited to see him get out there.”

And as the season inches closer by the day, the two players share a common goal.

“Definitely just getting a ring,” Hunt said. “We came up short in the Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey playoffs again and I’m just trying to go out there and do whatever I can to get better and to help the team get past that.”

Chiefs Continue Tweaking and Building Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 Offense Around Patrick Mahomes

It’s a crucial time for development for the young signal-caller

At first glance, the fact that a couple of times over the course of just five plays at a recent Kansas City Chiefs’ OTA practice resulted in a defensive player jumping offsides could go unnoticed to many.

It might go unnoticed, but it shouldn’t.

Now, this isn’t necessarily the time of year that people should be applauding and fawning over some small minutiae of the game. It’s more the time of year that fans should get excited about something like watching Sammy Watkins catching passes one-handed all over the field, although that’s been an occurrence on multiple occasions as well.

The reason people should care is that it shows Patrick Mahomes is developing within this offense.

He has a firm grasp of playing the position, and not that it’s been without it’s learning moments—those are there too, but the fact that he’s mentally processing a need to change-up his cadence, in May, to achieve those offsides penalties, means he’s thinking less about the obvious things and more on the small details of the game.

It’s a change from last year when he was simply trying to spit out the play call.

“You can focus on more things now that you’re comfortable calling the play,” Mahomes explained of his comfortability here in his second year. “Now that I’m comfortable calling the play, I can focus on the snap count, the man-zone IDs, and focus on what makes this offense so good.

“So, for me being in year two, I feel a lot more comfortable with that.”

A wise coach once said there’s no such thing as a small detail and maybe it’s overblowing is at this juncture, but it shows just how far Mahomes has come over the past year.

“He’s phenomenal. He’s got great leadership. He loves playing. He’s absorbing everything, and now he’s just got to do it,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid recently explained of his uber-talented second-year quarterback. “He’s got to just go practice and work through it and massage each play and see how it works against these different coverages.”

Part of the development process for Mahomes at OTAs this year is for him to Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey get out there and test his limits—test his ability to make certain throws against certain coverages.

It’s the best time for him to learn what he can and can’t get away with at the NFL level, and perhaps more importantly in regards to that development and the learning process, he now has a chance to get most of the reps as he’s entrenched as the starter. He has the reps and opportunities to test all of those things.

“I want him to be exposed to things,” Reid explained. “Then you work with Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey  it and put your personality on it—try to find the things that he’s best at. We worked the offense around Alex [Smith] and built it around him, and now it’s this kid’s turn and you have to kind of feel that part out. He’s going to keep firing and that’s all we want.

“It’s a great time for learning. That’s what this is all about right here.”

“If you want to make mistakes you make them now,” Mahomes added. “You don’t want to make those mistakes in the game, so we throw a lot now so when we get to the game it’s a lot easier.”

The process of developing this offense around Mahomes’ strengths is one that Reid has been working on all offseason. He even has a little notebook full of notes on what Mahomes did best in college at Texas Tech, where he threw for more than 9,700 yards with 77 touchdowns to just 25 interceptions in his last two years.

“We didn’t necessarily work on that together but I can definitely see with some of the plays coming in that they have a lot of similar concepts to the plays I did really well with (at Texas Tech),” Mahomes smiled.

“I think it started last year. I think he got a feel, particularly with that (Week 17) game against Denver, for the plays I felt good about. That’s carried over to this year when we got to start meeting during OTAs. We’re still adding as we go here and I think we’ve already seen some success there. It’s been really good.”

The fluidity of the Chiefs’ offensive playbook isn’t new to this year. It’s been a staple of Reid’s genius over the course of his illustrious career—being known and praised as a coach who always finds ways to highlight his guys’ strengths, while also consistently scheming up mismatches into their favor.

“If you go in coach Reid’s offense, there’s like a thousand plays drawn up everywhere,” Mahomes laughed. “There are sticky notes and whiteboards everywhere. He has plays everywhere and he’s always trying to add more. I’ll try and bring stuff to him too—things I see from other teams and things that I like.

“We have open conversation. If there’s something that one of us is disagreeing on we try to get out here and we see about it, and if it works we’ll keep it in, and if not, we’ll throw it away and hold off on it.”

The trial and error aspect of offseason workouts and how they’re approaching these practices in regards to Mahomes is necessary for a young quarterback, particularly one with the arm talent he possesses.

It’s undeniable.

And it’s also not possible for anyone to reach their full potential in anything if they’re not constantly pushing beyond what they believe they’re capable of doing.

It’s necessary for growth—something Mahomes has consistently shown since he first stepped on the field at rookie minicamp last year.

“As a rookie, you come in and work hard and try to keep your head down,” he noted. “You try and prove to the team that you’re trying to do what’s best for them, and as you gain some of that respect as you go further into your career, you start talking more and people can really respect what you’re saying because it’s in the best interest of the team.”

And wha Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey t has been in the best interest of the Chiefs so far this offseason is letting their young quarterback test the limits of what’s possible, while also developing a playbook full of proven plays that have put these talented skill position players surrounding Mahomes in the best position for success.

Chiefs’ Line Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 backer Justin Houston: “We Have a Bigger Goal in Mind”

Houston is healthy and ready to attack the 2018 season

There’s little debate that when Kansas City Chiefs’ outside linebacker Justin Houston is healthy, he’s one of the very best at getting after the passer in the National Football League.

That was certainly on display at times last season, as the seven-year veteran tallied 9.5 sacks, 20 quarterback hurries and 16 tackles-for-loss in 15 games of action. His five sacks in the fourth quarter were tied for the fourth-most in the NFL.

And now, a full year removed from rehabbing a knee injury that shortened his 2016 campaign to just five games, Houston is ready attack the upcoming Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey season.

“I’m in great health,” said Houston following Organized Team Activities (OTAs) on Thursday. “I finished the season with no injuries last year and I was able to just focus on myself and not an injury, so that was a plus.”

Indeed, Houston is in the midst of a standard offseason in which he can focus on his craft. That includes working with Outside Linebackers’ Coach Mike Smith, who was promoted to the newly created position this offseason.

“I think it is great just to have an outside linebackers’ coach,” Houston said. “There’s so much we get to do now just focusing on ourselves and the little things we need to work on. I think last year, we had a lot going on. You have to coach a lot of guys inside and out.”

In the past, one linebackers’ coach handled the entire group. This season, Smith will work with the outside linebackers while Mark DeLeone coaches the inside.

“It’s hard to (coach the whole group) in the little bit of time you have,” Houston said. “Now you have a separate coach, we can just focus on one thing, and th Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey at’s us.”

Houston is also looking forward to playing with safety Eric Berry next season as the All-Pro defensive back returns from an Achilles injury suffered in the 2017 season-opener. The two veterans haven’t played alongside one another for over half of Kansas City’s games in a season since 2015.

“I just pray we both stay healthy. It has been awhile since we both had a Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey healthy, complete season,” Houston said. “That’s what I would like to see from both of us, for us to be healthy all year.”

It’s certainly compelling to see both players once again sharing the field, as the Chiefs are 22-12 when the duo suits up together s Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey ince 2013, though Houston had his sights set on something else as the first round of OTAs wrapped up on Thursday.

“We have a bigger goal in mind, so we don’t get too excited about this right here,” Houston said. “This is part of the phase. It is something we have to go through to help build to where we want to go.”

Chiefs Week i Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 n Review: May 21-26

A look at our content on over the past week


The son of a Major League pitcher and a former college baseball player Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey himself, Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes returned to the mound last week to throw out the first pitch at a Royals’ game.

Social Recap: Patrick Mahomes Returns to the Baseball Diamond for a Night


The season continues to inch closer by the day as the first round of Organized Team Activities (OTAs) got underway on Tuesday. In anticipation of the three-day practice period, we continued to preview the competition at a handful of position groups.

Quarterback: Chiefs Offseason Workouts Preview: Checking Out the Quarterbacks

Defensive Line: Chiefs Offseason Workouts Preview: Checking Out the Defensive Line

Tight End: Chiefs Offseason Workouts Preview: Checking Out the Tight Ends

Specialists: Chiefs Offseason Workouts Preview: Checking Out the Specialists


The league meetings took place in Atlanta last week, where NFL owners adopted two new rules for the 2018 season. One of those rules is going to be obvious Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey to everyone from the very first kick of the game, as there will be a major change to how kickoffs look in the NFL next season.

NFL Adopts New Rules for 2018, Including Changes to Kickoff


Chiefs’ Hea Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey d Coach Andy Reid and a handful of players spoke to the media on Thursday following OTAs. Before answering questions, Reid pr Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey ovided an update on the three players held back from the practices due to injuries.

Chiefs Injury Update: Three Players Held Back from Organized Team Activities

For a full transcript from Reid’s presser, click here. And for see what safety Eric Berry, linebacker Justin Houston, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tailback Kareem Hunt had to say following practice, click here.

There was plenty to be excited about throughout the first round of practices, including the flashes of talent from Chiefs’ second-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Chiefs’ News and Notes: Five Observations from Thursday’s Practice

Last year, Patrick Mahomes, who was fresh off becoming the Chiefs’ first quarterback selected in the first round of the NFL Draft in more than 30 years, spent his time at OTAs learning from Alex Smith and trying to understand the verbiage of the play calls.

It started with learning the protections and how to adjust, then reading the defense and how the routes changed with what the defense was showing, and many of the other “big picture” things that go along with playing quarterback in this offense.

And on Thursday afternoon, which featured both sides of Mahomes—the arm talent, and also the development that’ll come, there were a handful of small things that showed his comfortability in the offense.

“He’s way ahead of what he was last year at this time,” Reid said. “He worked hard last year and was in a great room.”

For more observations from OTAs, click here.


Another source of excitement from the practice period was the presence of safety Eric Berry, who missed almost all of last season with a ruptured Achilles tendon.

Eric Berry Returns, Shares Interesting Comparison on Chiefs’ Defensive Attitude

As one would expect from a guy like Berry, he doesn’t have a waiting period to dispense the info he’s attained throughout his career to the younger guys

“I’m dedicated to this team and if you’re a part of this team, I’m dedicated to you,” Berry added. “That’s just how I roll…I know my teammates are dependent on me and I’m dependent on them. It’s more of an accountability thing just to handle my business and make sure I’m ready to go just to make sure we can all do what we came here to do.”

Check out the rest of the story here.

Off the field, 10-year-old cancer survivor Alex Goodwin toured Arrowhead Stadium earlier this week. The University of Kansas Health System was the only place in the world that told Alex, a native of the United Kingdom, that they could help him beat a Ewing’s sarcoma diagnosis two years ago.

A Family Who Credits Kansas City with Saving Their Son’s Life Visits Arrowhead

You see, Alex, a native of the United Kingdom, was told he was going to die. There was nothing the doctors could do after a six-month misdiagnosis revealed itself as Ewing’s sarcoma.

“He had just turned nine,” Jeff explained. “And they told us that he wouldn’t make it to 10.”

An incredibly rare condition, Ewing’s sarcoma affects less than 300 children in the United States – and less than 30 in Britain – each year. Its scarcity means that treatment is underfunded and, such as it is in the U.K., very difficult to find. 

That lack of services compounded with Alex’s late diagnosis meant the odds of survival were virtually nonexistent.

It was a reality that Jeff, a police officer, was simply not going to accept. And as fate would have it, a tragedy a world away was going to lead his family to the only place capable of pulling off the seemingly impossible.

Read the rest of Alex’s improbable journey here.