Bradshaw brings Pittsburgh Steelers Personalized Jersey laughter to Blount’s event

It’s was an evening filled with laughter, and that is totally expected when you have Terry Bradshaw as your master of ceremonies.

But beneath the jokes, the personalized nfl football jersey friendly fire aimed at former teammates Jon Kolb and Gerry ‘Moon’ Mullins who were this year’s honorees, there was something much deeper.

There was a passion for helping others.

The Mel Blount Youth Home 18th Annual All-Star Celebrity Roast was about giving back, raising funds for what Steelers Hall of Famer Mel Blount and his wife TiAnda have Custom Steelers Jersey committed their lives to.

Blount operates the Mel Blount Youth Home in Claysville, Pa., a place where young males who are victims of abuse or neglect can go to grow into men through programs that stress education, hard work, discipline and dedication, all while providing the nurturing hand that “Mr. Mel” brings to their growth and development. It’s something he has done because he has a love and passion for helping others, especially the youth in the community that don’t have anyone there for them.

Mullins, who played guard for the Steelers from 1971-79 and was a member of the four Super Bowl championship teams in the 1970s, owns Industrial Metals & Minerals in Saxonburg, Pa. Mullins has remained involved in the Pittsburgh community, supporting the Men’s Nike Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Away White NFL Jersey for Sale charitable efforts of the Steelers and his former teammates. He has been a regular at Blount’s event through the years, and is inspired by the work he does, but is also humbled being an honoree this year.

“He is doing a great benefit to these young men,” said Mullins. “I have participated in almost all of these dinners, and it’s amazing to see these young people that have come back and done great things with their lives. All they needed was a little direction. Mel and TiAnda are doing God’s work out there. Anything we can do to support them.

“Being honored, I am not accustomed to being in the limelight. I have always had the behind the scenes acknowledgment that I played for the Steelers. I was around for all four of the Super Bowls, I think I made a contribution in my own small way. I never had personalized steelers jersey to get up there and speak about it. I just got all of my glory out of others gaining notoriety and rewards. A lot of my teammates on the offensive line were the same way. There weren’t a lot of egos involved. We were satisfied to win, that was our goal.”

Another offensive lineman who was part of that winning was Kolb, who played for the Steelers from 1969-81 and was a member of the four Super Bowl teams along with Mullins. Kolb has recently opened Adventure Training with a Purpose (ATP), a mission to help those with physical struggles develop so they can have a healthy lifestyle. It’s his commitment to others that had Blount honoring him.

“Mel is a man that I respect so deeply,” said Kolb. “He is a man that was the best at his game. That wasn’t the end of Mel Blount. He had bigger things, more he wanted to accomplish. He has been willing to climb the mountain. He has done it. To be involved in that makes it a huge honor to be part of a team that goes beyond just a bunch of guys running around on a football field.”

The Men’s Nike Custom Made Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap event, which simply started as a 50th birthday party for Blount, is one of the main fundraising efforts for the Mel Blount Youth Home, helping them continue the programs they have in place.

“This is a huge part of our budget,” said Blount. “We need these funds to continue to provide services for the kids we work with and take care of the responsibilities of running the program. We are in customized Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey it every day and my name is on the door, so we want to make sure we provide the best we can.”

Big Union Leaders Betray Sanders and Workers

Around a conference table inside the large Washington headquarters of the AFL-CIO, a furious exchange occurred between labor union presidents. It was late February and up for decision by the Executive Council was whether the country’s
Custom Cincinnati Reds Jersey principal labor federation was going to make a primary season endorsement of Hillary Clinton as favored by the leaders of the largest unions.

According to insiders, tempers flared when smaller unions challenged the Hillary-endorsing big unions such as AFSCME (public employees), the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association, the Service
Men’s Authentic Custom Stitched Cincinnati Reds Alternate Red Jersey Cheap Employees (SEIU) and the Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). These large unions came out for Clinton in late 2015 and early 2016 before they sensed the growing rank and file workers’ preference for the lifetime advocate for workers and union backer, Bernie Sanders.

Listening to the nurses union head speak out for Sanders’ strong pro-labor history, Lee Saunders, president of AFSCME, interrupted her, exclaiming: “I will not allow you to do a commercial for Sanders.” She retorted, “You mean for the only candidate who has a 100% labor record?”

A union leader of postal workers charged the unions backing Hillary as being “completely out of touch with their workers.” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka
Cincinnati Reds Personalized Jersey then cut off their microphones.

All over the country, the observation by the postal workers’ leader rings true. Even as Lee Saunders read the names of the Democratic presidential contenders at a large Washington state AFSCME membership meeting last October, “only Sanders’ name brought loud, sustained applause,” according to Bloomberg News.
Men’s Cincinnati Reds Authentic Personalized Name and Number Home White Baseball Jersey.

Few union leaders allow a worker referendum to make the endorsement decisions. The 700,000-member Communications Workers of America (CWA) does, and the result was a “decisive endorsement of Sanders,” reported Rafael Navar, the union’s political director. Whether it is the level of enthusiasm, campaigning to get out the vote or talking up their candidate’s record on such issues as minimum wage increases, abolition of public university and college tuition, full Medicare for all (single-payer system) and credibility in standing up to Wall Street, Hillary’s votes and statements do not come close to respecting the working families of America compared to Bernie’s consistent 30-year record.

Based entirely on her lawless record as a pro-war Senator (Iraq), as a war-making Secretary of State (Libya), and her $5,000-a-minute speeches before closed-door, big-business gatherings (in addition to millions in big-money
Women’s Personalized Any Name Any Number Cincinnati Reds Home White Baseball Jersey campaign contributions), Clinton will continue to be the sponsor of War and Wall Street.

The volunteer Labor for Bernie grassroots drive is not just growing rapidly but cutting across all union categories and gaining support with non-union workers.
Cheap Custom MLB Jersey There is a potentially massive pool of American workers supporting Senator Sanders as he wins primary after primary, leading up to the April 19th contest in New York – the adopted state base for the Clintons, who are backed by all their monied interests.

This unaffiliated labor awakening bears watching, especially by the long-entrenched, affluent big union leaders. First, Labor for Bernie is fomenting defections by local unions defying their Hillary-endorsing national organizations. So far, over 80 of these union locals have endorsed Bernie Sanders.

Typical of this exodus is Northern California Food and Commercial Workers Local 5, whose executive board voted 30 to 2 for Sanders, reflecting the views of most of its 28,000 members. Local 5’s Mike Henneberry said “For us it was not a very difficult decision. Compare an individual who’s been supporting workers since he was mayor of Burlington [Vermont] with someone who’s been on the Board of Walmart.”

The Service Employees Local 1984 (SEIU), New Hampshire’s largest public sector union, disagreed with its national union and came out for Sanders in November.
Youth Authentic Customized Cincinnati Reds Alternate Los Rojos MLB Jersey Red.

The big union leaders don’t smell revolt yet, but they must be worried. If the Clintons continue to play dirty tricks, with the big unions, as was suspected in Iowa and Nevada against the Sanders campaign, the seeds of challenges within the ranks of these unions will be planted. Should Hillary become president and come out for anti-worker trade treaties, return to her former coolness on a living wage and other labor issues and cater to Wall Street, the insurrection could congeal against the big unions who will have taken credit, of course, for her victory, without having delivered a mandate for a labor agenda.

It is the AFL-CIO’s practice of endorsing Democrats without demanding before and insisting after the election that candidates champion ‘card check’, revision of trade treaties, repeal of anti-union labor laws and stronger job safety regulation. The Democratic Party treats the mostly shrinking labor unions as having nowhere else to go. And most union leaders meekly oblige by their chronic submissiveness.

The man to watch is strategist and former labor union insider Larry Cohen. He was for many years the president of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) that has endorsed Sanders. He’s going all over the country helping the Sanders campaign, urging major labor unions, still undecided, like the Steel, Auto, Firefighters and Electrical Workers (IBEW) to come out for Bernie.

But Mr. Cohen is looking beyond the elections to take the energy from the Sanders campaign and politically mobilize tens of millions of non-unionized workers behind a new Congress furthering a new economy as if workers mattered.

Time is of the essence. When will workers again have such a scandal-free, consistent labor champion as Bernie Sanders seriously going for the Presidency inside the Democratic Party? Had Sanders had two more months without this big union opposition, his current momentum could have allowed him to overtake Clinton by now.

Facing a possible four or eight years of the corporatist and militarist Clinton,
Men’s Cincinnati Reds Authentic Personalized Stitched Any Name Any Number Red BP Baseball Jersey,coupled with U.S. multinational corporations exporting whole industries, not to mention accelerating labor-replacing automation, the hurdles for Americans believing in democracy, justice and peace becomes far, far greater.

So the time for preventive civic and worker engagement with all electoral contests is now!

Chicago White Sox Personalized Jersey Weightless tests push boundary of knowledge

With the launch of China’s first microgravity satellite, SJ-10, early on Wednesday,
Chicago White Sox Personalized Jersey scientists look forward to the results of experiments that could shed new light on a range of questions, from biology to the physical properties of substances, in a weightless environment.

The recoverable satellite blasted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu province at 1:38 am, carried by a Long March 2-D rocket. It will stay in orbit for several days before its return capsule heads back to Earth. The orbital module will continue to conduct experiments for a few more days.Men’s Authentic Custom Chicago White Sox Home White Baseball Jersey Cheap.

“Microgravity – the environment created during weightlessness – is an extreme condition that changes every physical phenomenon we are familiar with, which is why microgravity research has been a science hot spot internationally,” said Hu Wenrui, the chief scientist on the SJ-10 project, who is a prominent physicist and a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.Men’s Authentic Customized Stitched Name and Number Chicago White Sox Alternate Home Black Jersey.

For example, liquids cannot be contained without the use of containers on Earth.
Cheap Custom MLB Jersey But in a microgravity environment, liquids can float without a container, which makes it possible to determine the material’s characteristics, to understand its chemical reactions and to develop new materials with new functions.

Microgravity experiments are normally carried out in various space facilities, such as space stations, shuttles, research rockets or orbiting satellites. The SJ-10 is designed to return to Earth.

“The recoverable satellite is a useful and efficient tool for microgravity experiments, compared with space stations and research rockets,” Hu said.

A research rocket, the cheapest option for such experiments, can create, at most, a 10-minute period of weightlessness for microgravity experiments. A typical satellite can stay a couple weeks in gravity-free space.

Space shuttles and orbiting space stations are much more costly, yet less flexible than satellites.

“For example, we are going to send some stem cells and early mouse embryos
Youth Authentic Custom Chicago White Sox Home White Baseball Jersey Cheap into space to study their development under microgravity conditions,” said Kang Qi, a researcher at the Institute of Mechanics under the science academy and the chief designer of the experiment systems aboard SJ-10.

“To minimize the influence of gravity on them, we will assemble the samples only eight hours ahead of the launch, which would not be possible if we were using a manned spacecraft.”

Designed in the shape of a bullet, SJ-10 will carry out 28 scientific inquiries.
Custom White Sox Jersey Eleven of the experiments will be recovered on Earth, while the others will remain in orbit.

The experiments include fundamental research in fluid physics, research to enhance fire safety for manned spaceflight, some biological experiments to improve human health and experiments related to coal combustion and
Men’s Authentic Personalized Chicago White Sox Alternate Home White Throwback Jersey materials processing.

“We are not repeating any experiments that have been carried out by other countries. Every single experiment is new,” Hu, the chief scientist, said.

China’s space science authority, known as the Commission on Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense before its functions were merged into the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other ministries, has solicited experimental projects for the SJ-10 since 2005.

The 28 experiments selected were chosen from 218 candidates collected from research institutes and universities, both in and out of China.

The project was temporarily laid aside as a result of institutional adjustments in China’s space science bodies. The science academy restarted it in 2011 as part of the larger Strategic Priority Program on Space Science, which plans to launch
Men’s Authentic Personalized Chicago White Sox Road Gray Baseball Jersey Cheap four satellites by the end of 2016.

The first in the program – focused on dark matter in the universe – was launched in December and has begun to collect data.

Percy Harvin Custom Panthers Jersey“definitely” playing, and teams are interested

As big-name remaining free agents go, receiver Percy Harvin is one of the few remaining free Custom Panthers Jersey agents with at least what once was a big name. And at some point he’ll be signing a contract with a new team.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Harvin “definitely” will play in 2016.Men’s Nike Carolina Panthers Custom Elite Team Color Black Super Bowl 50 Bound Jersey.

The Bills, who signed Harvin a year ago, have a pending offer. Other teams have made offers as well.

Harvin has yet to decide what he’ll do. According to the source, Harvin knows this is his last opportunity to have a major impact in the NFL. As a result, he’s
Women’s Nike Carolina Panthers Custom Elite Team Color Black Super Bowl 50 Bound Jersey looking for the right situation.

That could be code for Harvin wanting to play with the best possible quarterback that he can, in a situation where he’d be at or close to the top of the depth chart.
Cheap Customized Carolina Panthers Jersey In Buffalo, Harvin would be No. 2 at the very best, catching passes from a quarterback who, while good, isn’t a franchise-level passer.

Harvin has never had a 1,000-yard receiving season. However, he has managed to be a high-impact player from time to time. He was the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year in 2009 with Minnesota, and he was an early-season league MVP candidate in 2012. A surprise hip injury in early 2013 derailed his first season with the Seahawks, but he returned just in time to nearly win the Super Bowl MVP award.

Since then, Harvin has played in five games for the Seahawks, eight for the Jets,
Personalized NFL Football Jersey and five for the Bills. Last year, the Bills (or
Men’s Nike Carolina Panthers Custom Made Elite Team Color Black Football Jersey Cheap someone) were telling reporters that Harvin was considering retirement. He later was placed on IR.

Regardless of what he said or did in 2016, Harvin will be playing in 2016.Women’s Nike Personalized Carolina Panthers Elite Alternate Powder Blue NFL Jersey. The only questions are for whom, and when he’ll sign a deal.

Custom Red Sox Jersey ‘Key to Prague’ symbolizes partnership

President Xi Jinping received a token of the highest honor from Prague on
Men’s Authentic Custom Boston Red Sox Home White Baseball Jersey Sale Tuesday, after the capital of the Czech Republic became Beijing’s 53rd sister city.

Prague Mayor Adriana Krnacova presented the “Key to Prague” – representing deepening friendship and partnership with China – to Xi soon after Krnacova
Custom Red Sox Jersey signed an agreement with Beijing Mayor Wang Anshun on the new sister city status.

Beijing, a growing center for international exchanges, now has sister cities in 48 countries.

The agreement, which came during Xi’s state visit to the Central European country, will boost the cooperation of both capitals on culture, healthcare, education, tourism and sports.

President Xi said the key, representing the deep friendship between the Czech and Chinese people, will remind him of Prague as a world cultural heritage site with beautiful landscapes and deep-rooted cultural traditions.Cheap Men’s Authentic Custom Stitched Boston Red Sox Alternate Baseball Jersey Red.

The president said exchanges between Chinese and Czech cities are key to the development of the two countries’ bilateral relationship, adding that he hoped
Boston Red Sox Personalized Jersey both capitals will bring about new breakthroughs in relations and local cooperation. Krnacova echoed his views and said she was excited to see Xi at the signing ceremony for the sister-city agreement.

As part of the agreement, the Beijing Commission of Tourism Development will help Prague review Chinese-language promotional materials for the city and make logos in Mandarin for tourism sites in Prague, according to the Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing.

The two capitals began official exchanges in 1956 and have achieved progress in bilateral trade and cooperation in healthcare, cultural exchanges and tourism promotion since 2014, when Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek visited China.Women’s Personalized Boston Red Sox Authentic Home White Baseball Jersey Sale.

Over the past two years, Beijing sent two high-ranking delegations of officials and entrepreneurs to the China Investment Forum in Prague. In December, Beijing Tong Ren Tang Group Co opened a traditional Chinese medicine clinic in Prague.

In October 2014, Karel Pech, chairman and founder of the Czech-Chinese Friendship Association, visited a pharmacy owned by Tong Ren Tang Group in downtown Beijing and saw firsthand how TCM doctors treated patients.
Youth Authentic Personalized Boston Red Sox Road Gray Baseball MLB Jersey.

Dr. MAX – one of the largest pharmacy chains in Central Europe, with more than
Cheap Custom MLB Jersey 500 pharmacies serving 130,000 customers daily – signed a cooperation agreement with Tong Ren Tang in December 2014,
Men’s Boston Red Sox Authentic Customized Navy Blue BP Baseball Jersey Cheap,according to the Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. One year later, the clinic was established.

Partners in Death: Baltimore Orioles Personalized Jersey The GOP and the NRA

The tragic toll of war stupefies and stuns. In the 240 years since the Revolutionary War, we have sacrificed nearly 1.4 million Americans to war. In itself, this number is hard to grasp.

But harder yet is to reckon the human cost — of husbands, wives, fathers,
Baltimore Orioles Personalized Jersey mothers, sons, daughters; of perished potential; of achievements and kindnesses which will never be; of families forever shattered. However justified some wars may be, war sobers us, diminishes us, cheats us. We struggle to find some national purpose to console us, some nobility of spirit to uplift us. We mourn the tragedies of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, the wars of our last half-century.

In less than that same half-century, from the murders of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy until now, guns have claimed over 1.5 million Americans — 100,000 more deaths than in all the wars of our history.Men’s Authentic Custom Baltimore Orioles Alternate Baseball Jersey Orange.

Here there is no nobility, no consolation, no parades or speeches or monuments or national days of remembrance. Nothing but the indelible stain of mindless butchery and private sorrow.

Every year, year after year, we lose over 30,000 more of us to homicides, suicides and preventable accidents. Every day, we average more than one mass shooting — four or more people dead or wounded. Perhaps a name attaches to that day: Charleston, San Bernardino, Sandy Hook; perhaps we see a memorial service on our screen. Beneath such days are buried the death of 88 more people that day, and every other.

And the carnage moves inexorably forward. In the first two months of 2016, we have had 28 mass shootings. In two weeks time, we have added the names of Kalamazoo and Hesston, Kansas to this litany of shame. And yet nothing changes.

Why? It is not that America has more crime — our crime rates are comparable to other advanced countries. Instead we are stalked by something uniquely
Men’s Baltimore Orioles Authentic Personalized Orange Color BP Baseball Jersey American: death by gunshot — four times more per million than the next highest country, Switzerland; 20 more times than Australia. America is the first worlds’ slaughterhouse.

Most Americans deplore that. A solid majority believes the the epidemic of deaths by gunshot is a serious problem; that mass shootings are something that
Custom MLB Jersey can be stopped; and that our gun laws should be aimed at stemming these tragedies. Indeed, over 90 percent of Americans support background checks for all gun purchases. So why hasn’t Congress taken steps to protect our safety.

Because Republicans refuse.

Amidst the comprehensive moral and intellectual collapse of the GOP, nothing captures its utter bankruptcy more than the issue of gun violence. Lest this seem too stark, we must consider its stunning record of rhetorical and legislative obedience to the NRA.

Start with the party’s most recent presidential candidates. At the height of the campaign season, the massacres in Kalamazoo and Kansas provoked no comment. To a person, they oppose any legislation or government measures whatsoever to prevent gun violence. Instead, their answer is more guns in the hands of more Americans, no matter how dangerous an individual may be. As for gun safety legislation, they consistently — and falsely — characterize it as an effort to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens.

Three of the principal contenders suffice to capture this cowardice and cynicism will:”You don’t stop the bad guys by taking away our guns,” Ted Cruz says. “You stop the bad guys by using our guns, and a free and armed American citizenry is
Youth Authentic Custom Baltimore Orioles Black Orange Alternate Jersey Sale how we keep ourselves safe.” The recently-departed “mainstream” choice, Marco Rubio, asserts that “gun laws fail everywhere they’re tried.”

Attempting to outdo his rivals, the probable nominee Donald Trump claims that “we already have tremendous regulations. Now, if you look at my opponents,
Custom Orioles Jersey they’re very weak on the Second Amendment. I’m very very strong.” Again and again, Trump suggests that the only solution to gun violence is for Americans to carry weapons wherever they go.

And they mean it. For example, as senators both Cruz and Rubio voted against expanded background checks to keep dangerous people from acquiring guns . Both opposed banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets. And on and on, for there is not a single measure to reduce the toll of death that they support.

This opposition is not grounded in reason. Instead, the GOP hides behind a shopworn litany of excuses which do not withstand scrutiny.

First, there are the myths perpetuated by the gun lobby about self-defense. No question that law-abiding citizens have the perfect right to buy a gun for self-defense or any other lawful purpose. Advocates for gun safety laws don’t debate this. To the contrary, they believe that, to the extent possible, the law should protect all of us — whether we choose to own guns or not — by keeping dangerous people from acquiring weapons

There is certainly a need for such protections. Gun ownership alone won’t keep us safe — to the contrary, the assertion that guns used for self-defense keep us safer is counterfactual. A 2012 study by the Violence Policy Center showed that for every justifiable homicide there were 32 criminal gun deaths. The study
Men’s Customized Authentic Baltimore Orioles Home White MLB Baseball Jersey concluded that: “The reality of self-defense gun use bears no resemblance to the exaggerated claims of the gun lobby and gun industry.” With respect to women and domestic violence, a study by researchers at Boston University confirms a grim reality — in states where gun ownership is higher, more women are killed by people they know.

As for the claim that gun safety legislation will do no good, it is bogus, a logical fallacy. The goal of such legislation is not the impossible — to stop every possible death — but to make it more difficult for dangerous people to kill with a gun. And it works. Incremental measures to stop deaths from smoking and drunk driving have drastically reduced both. Obviously, they did so without banning driving or even smoking. So, too, the effort to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and others with a propensity for violence — as the shooter in Hesston, Kansas, freshly served with a domestic violence restraining order, so tragically exemplifies.

Which brings us to the greatest falsehood of all — that gun safety legislation means denying law-abiding Americans the right to own a weapon, whether for self-defense or any other lawful purpose. Not only would such legislation be unconstitutional, but nothing the Republicans so adamantly oppose remotely resembles the straw man of confiscation they so conveniently invoke.

Yet again and again, the NRA and GOP deploy a preposterous perversion of the “slippery slope” argument — that any legislation to prevent criminals or terrorists from buying guns is a step toward barring gun ownership by all Americans. Bereft of rational arguments and terrified of fact, they traffic in demagoguery and paranoia. The NRA’s propaganda marks the absolute bottom of American political discourse — rooted in fear, fomented by hysteria, dependent on lies and, in some cases, fueled by fantasies of blowing away “the other.”

As for the assertion that the 5 – 4 Supreme Court decision finding a constitutional right to bear arms means that guns cannot be regulated to protect law-abiding citizens, it is nonsense. No constitutional right — including free speech — is absolute. As to guns, the Supreme Court made clear that nothing in its opinion barred reasonable regulation to protect the public safety, such as background checks to screen out gun purchases by criminals, spousal abusers, and the adjudicated mentally ill. The Second Amendment protects the rights of law-abiding Americans to buy a gun, not the rights of violent felons to endanger the law-abiding.

When all else fails, the NRA and its Republican handmaidens traffic in a particularly distasteful brand of diversion. A lot of homicides are gang-related,
Women’s Personalized Stitched Any Name Any Number Baltimore Orioles Home White Jersey,they argue, so why should we care? Besides, they say, many gun deaths are suicides, not homicides — ignoring that the prevalence of guns means that a person in despair has a quick and easy way of placing themselves beyond second thoughts, or the help of others. Particularly odious is the suggestion that a mass murderer like the demented young man in Sandy Hook would simply have found another weapon to wipe out so many kids and teachers so quickly. With what — a knife, or slingshot?

And, finally, this: given the NRA’s success in promoting gun ownership and opposing gun safety legislation, why aren’t we dramatically safer? Why so many mass murders? Why so many more killings than in any other first world country? Is the only answer that more Americans should carry weapons? Do the Republicans in Congress really believe — for one tragic example — the only protection for the black churchgoers murdered in Charleston would be bringing guns to their place of worship? Do they ever ask themselves whether our society is truly that helpless?

In truth, it doesn’t matter what Republican officeholders know or believe in their hearts. They are the NRA’s legislative arm — without them, the NRA could not have succeeded in making America the first world’s most dangerous place. Because, quite simply, they are the craven servants of the gun lobby — their services bought and paid for at whatever cost in human lives.

They don’t come cheap. Since 2010, the NRA and its allies have spent more than$46 million in soft money alone to influence federal elections. In the last election cycle , the NRA spent $18.6 million on candidates. Throw in lobbying, and the NRA spent $32.5 million in 2015 . Virtually every dollar spent on candidates went to Republicans. Along with that comes a small cadre of voters obsessed with guns, who respond to whatever scare tactic the NRA comes up with.

What have the Republicans given the NRA in return? Anything it wants.

Take background checks. The current law exists to prevent felons, fugitives, domestic abusers and the adjudicated mentally ill from purchasing weapons. This is no small matter: in 2013, for example, 61 percent of women killed with guns were killed by intimate partners; in 57 percent of mass shootings, one of the victims was the shooter’s partner or family member. Since taking effect in 1994, the law has blocked more than 2.4 million gun sales to dangerous people.

Patently, this has nothing to do with taking guns from law-abiding citizens — it exists to protect them. But the law needs to be strengthened. Due to a gaping loophole which exempts gun shows and the Internet, roughly 40 percent of gun sales occur without a background check. That’s millions of guns every year — imagine what Republicans would say if TSA failed to check 40 percent of airline passengers. And even the existing system is hampered by a process of record-keeping which is badly underfunded.

But Republicans have blocked absolutely all legislative efforts to strengthen the system, extend background checks, and close loopholes. Conspicuously, that includes Senators Rubio and Cruz. Just who are they protecting? No one but dangerous people who can’t pass a background check. Their rationale — that they are protecting gun rights from an oppressive government — is shamefully dishonest, the fig leaf of a political lapdog.

And shamefully typical. Days after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino killed 14 people, the House and Senate considered a bill to ban the sale of guns and explosives to people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list. After the NRA opposed the measure, the legislation was voted down by all 241 Republicans in the House, and 53 of 54 Republican senators — including Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

At the time, President Obama asked, “what could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semi automatic weapon?” Rubio’s answer? He was worried about “people that basically just have the same name as everybody else, who don’t belong on the no-fly list.” Incredibly, Rubio claims to be more concerned about bureaucratic error than allowing terrorists to buy weapons of mass murder.

The GOP’s duplicity and hypocrisy is exposed by another favorite excuse — that the problem is not guns, but mentally ill people with guns. “ The country,” Rubio says, “should examine mental illness.”

By this logic, the GOP would want to extend background checks on the mentally ill by closing the gun show loophole — which, of course, it opposes. But there is more. As part of a relatively modest gun safety measure, in 2013 Obama proposed to increase funding for mental health programs designed to identify and help people who are potentially dangerous. At the behest of the NRA, Republicans in the Senate killed it . Note here an ironic coda — two weeks ago, an Idaho pastor who appeared with Ted Cruz was gravely wounded by shooter with a history of mental illness. But there is no incident, however personal, which causes Republican politicians to reflect on their obedience to the gun lobby.

Indeed, another important part of the Republican cover up is to help the NRA suppress research into the cost and causes of gun violence. This is critical to deceiving the American public — to the gun lobby, facts are more deadly than bullets.

Thus for 20 years. Republicans in Congress have banned the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention from conducting basic research into gun violence and its impact on public health. No other research topic is subject to a ban — which Republicans in Congress extended yet again in December 2015. The reason is simple: the NRA fears the research will refute its propaganda against gun safety laws, and expose its bogus claims that measures like concealed carry laws save lives.

Little wonder — a recent research project showed that, since 2007, 763 people were killed by shooters with concealed carry licenses, including 29 mass killings which took 139 lives; the murder of 17 police officers; and, ironically, 223 suicides. Only after he left Congress did the NRA’s point man, Republican Congressman Jay Dickey, admit that “I wish we had started the proper research and kept it going all this time.” “I have regrets,” adds Dickey. “If we had somehow gotten the research going, we could have somehow found a solution to the gun violence…” If the Republicans still in Congress feel any regret, they keep it to themselves.

Indeed, at the instance of the NRA, the GOP has enacted more, and more deadly, suppressions of potentially life-saving information regarding guns. A 2003 Republican sponsored measure prohibits the ATF from releasing information to cities and states which would allow them to trace crime guns. This effectively prevents law enforcement agencies from examining patterns of gun trafficking to criminals or identifying crooked gun dealers linked to large numbers of gun crimes.

Another GOP-backed provision frees dealers from submitting inventories to the ATF, allowing crooked dealers to supply guns to criminals and they claim they were “stolen.” Yet another provision requires the FBI to destroy within 24 hours all records of approved purchasers gained from background checks. This makes it very hard to retrieve guns issued to dangerous people by mistake — like Dylan Root, the Charleston shooter — or from purchasers later shown to be criminals, mentally ill, or spousal abusers.

A major cause of gun death is assault weapons. In 2004, Republicans in Congress voted to allow the federal assault weapons ban to expire. As the New York Times comments, “as a result, gun manufacturers have been allowed to sell all manner of war weaponry to civilians. Including the super destructive .50-caliber sniper rifle… Why any civilian would need this weapon, designed to pierce concrete bunkers and armored personnel carriers, is a question that should be put to the gun makers who profit from them in the politicians who shamelessly do their bidding.”

The Republicans only coherent answer is to cite the difficulty in defining an “assault weapon” — without, of course, entering into any effort to address the problem. Beyond that, they are reduced to insisting that Americans have the right to purchase any gun they want, up to and including military style weapons designed for mass killing. But such guns are hardly necessary or even suitable for self-defense; as for hunting, their use on a deer would yield not a trophy, but ground venison.

Custom Orioles Jersey University training anti-terror specialists

Deadly terror attacks at home and abroad have spurred China’s efforts to develop counterterrorism personnel to confront extremist threats.Women’s Personalized Stitched Any Name Any Number Baltimore Orioles Home White Jersey.

Since 2014, the People’s Public Security University of China has recruited
Custom Orioles Jersey two classes of 80 students each to major in counterterrorism and receive additional military training in weapons and intelligence gathering.

“We urgently need to train counterterrorism specialists to improve our preventive and terror-fighting capabilities to cope with serious terrorist incidents,” said Mei Jianming, director of the Counterterrorism Research Center at the university, which is the first in China to train such professionals.

In recent years, terrorists have incited hostilities and launched terror attacks across the country — including in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province,
Baltimore Orioles Personalized Jersey  and the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region — that killed or injured hundreds of people.

The four-year counterterrorism program — which enrolls students who have passed not only the national university entrance exam but also physical and
Men’s Authentic Custom Baltimore Orioles Alternate Baseball Jersey Orange psychological tests — includes training in investigation, technology, strategy and tactics, as well as international judicial cooperation, said Xu Meng, a physical training instructor at the college.

“Attention will be given to their physical training and overall strategic research. They will also learn to use weapons, including submachine guns and sniper rifles,” he said.

The first recruits include 27 female students. Shi Zhuoran, 19, a freshman from
Men’s Baltimore Orioles Authentic Personalized Orange Color BP Baseball Jersey Xinjiang, said the region is the key battleground for combating terror attacks and has a strong need for special counterterrorism personnel.

“It’s my dream to be a counterterrorism officer,” she said. “I hope I will grasp more strategy and tactical anti-terror methods, then contribute more to the country after my graduation.”

Mei, the center’s director, said most of the graduates will join counterterrorism departments under the Ministry of Public Security or in local public security units.

China created counterterrorism departments in public security agencies at the national, provincial and municipal levels in 2001, but there was a shortage of specialists.

“To tackle the increasing threat of terrorist attacks, it’s more than necessary to enhance counterterrorism law enforcement cooperation with relevant countries,
Custom MLB Jersey including the United States, Pakistan, Israel, Russia and some European countries,” Mei said last week.

The university has 30 senior professors and has invited counterterrorism experts to serve as visiting professors from the US, Israel, Pakistan and Australia to help train the anti-terror specialists.

“The US and Israel have rich experience in combating terrorism. The US is
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The university also intends to regularly send its best students to the US and Europe to participate in anti-terror training programs to get practical experience.

The Ministry of Public Security said it will strengthen judicial cooperation with Interpol, which will offer more internships for Chinese students in its member states.

Custom Braves Jersey Argentina finally scores a few goals, edges Chile 2-1

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — SANTIAGO, Chile – Argentina, which had scored only two goals in its first four South American World Cup qualifiers, scored that many in
Men’s Atlanta Braves Majestic White Home Flexbase Authentic Collection Custom Jersey the first 24 minutes Thursday in a 2-1 victory over Chile.

Argentina improved to eight points in five matches with a strong victory over Custom Braves Jersey Chile, which won last year’s Copa America – the continental championship.

Argentina was the runner-up in the 2014 World Cup, but has been below par qualifying for Russia in 2018.Men’s Customized Atlanta Braves Authentic Alternate Road Navy Blue Jersey.

Felipe Gutierrez scored for Chile in the 10th minute, but Angel di Maria leveled in the 19th and Gabriel Mercado got another five minutes later.

It was a bad start in qualifying for new Chile coach Juan Antonio Pizzi, who replaced Jorge Sampaoli.

Ecuador, the leader in South American qualifying, salvaged a 2-2 draw with
Atlanta Braves Personalized Jersey Paraguay on Angel Mena’s equalizer in second-half stoppage time. Ecuador improved to 13 points in five matches. Paraguay improved to eight, happy to get away with a point at 2,850 meters (9.350 feet) in Quito.

Enner Valencia gave Ecuador a 1-0 lead in the 19th, but Dario Lezcano scored the next two in the 37th and 58th to give Paraguay hope of a victory.Youth Personalized Stitched Atlanta Braves Authentic White Alternate Baseball Jersey.

In La Paz, Bolivia, Edwin Cardona scored in second-half stoppage time to give Colombia a 3-2 victory over Bolivia.

Colombia improved to seven points and Bolivia stayed near the bottom of the standings with three.

James Rodriguez and Carlos Bacca scored first half goals, but Bolivia rallied in the second half as Colombia got tired in the thin air in La Paz located 3,600 meters (11,800 feet) above sea level. Juan Arce and Alejandro Chumacero scored, before Cardoza netted the winning goal for the visitors.

Raul Ruidiaz scored in second-half stoppage time to salvage a 2-2 draw for Peru at home to Venezuela. A first-half penalty from Romulo Otero and Mikel Villanueva’s Custom MLB Jersey 57th minute strike gave the visitors a 2-0 lead before Paolo Guerrero reduced the deficit in the 61st.

Uruguay play away to Brazil on Friday in the northeastern city of Recife.
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In the next series of matches Tuesday, it’s: Colombia vs. Ecuador, Uruguay vs. Peru, Argentina vs. Bolivia, Venezuela vs. Chile and Paraguay vs. Brazil.

Custom MLB Jersey Brussels Shows The Limits Of Mass Surveillance — Again

The mass surveillance debate in Washington has long been framed as a tradeoff between liberty and security. The basic assumption is that in order to get greater security, we may have to give up some liberty. But the attack in Brussels Tuesday morning is just the latest reminder that sacrificing liberty doesn’t come with any security promises — and may in fact make us less safe.

As European and U.S. intelligence services have begun to rely heavily on surveillance and data analysis, the opportunity cost has been human intelligence.
Custom MLB Jersey Entire neighborhoods have become black boxes to European security services, even as data and metadata are gobbled up, stored and analyzed by the gigaton.

Meanwhile, terrorist networks have turned to burner phones and easily available encryption technology, leaving the big eye in the sky with nothing to see. Without eyes on the ground, Western governments have become blind.
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“After the Paris attack police found boxes of unused phones. Metadata collection is pretty useless if every conversation happens on a different phone and collection doesn’t focus on the individual,” Kristofer Harrison, a former top intelligence official with the State Department and Department of Defense during the Bush administration, who is now advising the Ted Cruz campaign, told The Huffington Post. “You get all the downside without it working well against the folks we need to be monitoring. A net cast broadly and then sorted by an algorithm doesn’t net terrorists — which is the whole point.”

And regardless of what Sen. Cruz (R-Texas) is now saying about “patrols” in Muslim neighborhoods, the GOP candidate’s voting record suggests he at least partly gets it. Cruz broke with the majority of his party to vote for a June 2015 law that placed some limits on the National Security Agency bulk phone data collection program exposed by Edward Snowden.

Governments have managed to infiltrate and disrupt insurgent networks for
Men’s Customized Atlanta Braves Authentic Alternate Road Navy Blue Jersey thousands of years — long before a massive server built in the Utah desert was spooking local residents.

Michael Horowitz, head of business development at the Levantine Group, a London-based private intelligence firm, warned that the “over-reliance on technology” for intelligence gathering has made the United States intelligence
Custom Braves Jersey agencies complacent to terror cells that either do not use digital media, or have figured out how to circumvent those high-tech tactics.

“In a sense, the technological collection tools are also the victim of their own successes: From the Al-Qaeda operatives protecting Bin Laden in Pakistan who decided to ‘go low-tech,’ to the ISIS militants using encrypted messaging services (created to protect our own privacy), jihadists have been able to adapt to the intelligence agencies’ ‘giant ear,’” Horowitz said.

A net cast broadly and then sorted by an algorithm doesn’t net terrorists—which is the whole point. Kristofer Harrison, Ted Cruz campaign advisor

Then there is the challenge of having enough analysts to sift through enormous quantities of information. When your proverbial haystack is that big, it is awfully hard to find a needle.

“The intelligence community sometimes makes me think of a taxi company that
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Sophisticated technology is no replacement for the painstaking cultivation of human intelligence sources.

“In a world of increasingly sophisticated encryption and small, networked cells, nothing beats a human source. Period,” said Carl Jensen, a former FBI official and director of the intelligence and security studies program at the Citadel, a Charleston, South Carolina-based college.

Republicans like to lament the decline of the military due to inadequate funding from the Obama administration, but they rarely if ever mention human intelligence, which many believe is an area of national defense that could benefit significantly from greater investment.

“About the only time over the last 25 years the U.S. has had a really effective human intelligence network was during the surge in Iraq from 2006 to 2008,”
Atlanta Braves Personalized Jersey said Chris Harmer, a senior naval analyst at the Institute for the Study of War and a retired U.S. Navy commander.

By contrast, he notes, adversaries, rivals and allies alike, including Iran, China and Israel, have developed sophisticated human intelligence networks through
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The challenge, according to Harmer, is that human intelligence is expensive, risky and lacking the kind of political clout wielded by the defense technology industry.

“From a policy and budget perspective, it’s a lot easier to cut funding for human intelligence programs that are, by design, covert and have no real policy constituency, than it is to cut hardware procurement programs (spy planes, satellites, drones, listening posts) that have a significant political constituency, if for no other reason than they are associated with high-tech manufacturing jobs in congressional districts,” Harmer concluded.

Not everyone agrees that human intelligence collection is possible in all of the circumstances where the U.S. needs timely information about security threats.
Women’s Custom Any Name Any Number Atlanta Braves Authentic Home White Baseball Jersey.And years of neglecting our “humint” capabilities becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: After another attack, tactics like data sweeps gain currency because they are immediately available.

Bruce Hoffman, the director of security studies at Georgetown University, argues that it would be very hard for the U.S. to train spies capable of penetrating the Islamic State in Syria, for example.

“Infiltration I would think is not possible,” Hoffman said. “In the circumstances, vacuuming up data and sifting through it is the only viable option.”

Arizona Diamondbacks Personalized Jersey Chinese universities gaining more international recognition

China has 88 universities that have at least one subject ranking in the worlds’ top 400, Arizona Diamondbacks Personalized Jersey according to the latest report from London-headquartered education company Quacquarelli Symonds.

The report, QS World University Rankings by Subject 2016, was published on the company’s website on Tuesday.Men’s Authentic Arizona Diamondbacks Customized Stitched Alternate Red Baseball Jersey.

It looks at 42 individual subjects taught around the world and names the top 400 institutions in each of those subjects, based on the institutions’ academic reputation, employer reputation and research impact.

A total of 58 colleges and institutions from the Chinese mainland, eight from Hong Kong, 21 from Taiwan and one from Macao were included in the ranking
Custom MLB Jersey for breaking into the top 400 in at least one subject. The good performance of the 88 educational institutions was second only to the US, which had 164 colleges and institutes ranked.

“This year, China has five subjects in the global top 10, 65 subjects taught at seven universities that are in the top 50 and 134 subjects from 24 universities in the top 100 … these are internationally recognized achievements,” Zhang Yan, China
Men’s Authentic Custom Arizona Diamondbacks Alternate Black Home Baseball Jersey director at the QS Intelligence Unit, was quoted as saying by Shanghai-based Xinmin Evening News.

“In the future, China will give more independent development space to universities, and both the central authorities and local governments will work closely to support the more than 2,000 local colleges in becoming world-class universities. This will increase China’s voice in the global education system and make China a new education powerhouse.”

However, despite the fact that China had surpassed the UK, France and Germany in reaching second place worldwide in terms of the number of universities with
Custom Diamondbacks Jersey at least one world-class subject in 2015, most Chinese universities that made the list only had one world-leading subject.

In contrast, universities including Harvard and MIT were leaders in dozens of subjects.Youth Customized Arizona Diamondbacks Road Gray Authentic Baseball Jersey Cheap.

“The number of universities with world-leading subjects now is limited and the number of world-class universities is even less in China,” said Rao Zihe, a molecular biologist and a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. “In order to develop more world-class universities and first-class fields of discipline,
Men’s Personalized Arizona Diamondbacks Home White Authentic Baseball Jersey Cheap, we need to clearly understand the current situation in different universities in China and the gap between reality and our goals, so as to make a rational cost-benefit analysis and spend government funding more effectively.”