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Forgiving for a moment that Cornyn is essentially just laying out the constitutional options that lawmakers have, if a conference committee ― or an
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House Republicans have previously voted on repealing the individual and employer mandates, as well as the medical devices tax ― the three main components of a skinny repeal at this point ― and even though House conservatives have staked out an early position against just taking that bill and
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Senate GOP leaders are selling their small bill as a vehicle to come up with a larger plan, which is still the most likely scenario, but lawmakers are also ignoring obvious policy shortcomings because leadership has told them this won’t be the final bill. Conservatives are holding off on insisting that Medicaid changes be in the skinny repeal because leadership is telling them this measure is just advancing the process, while moderates from expansion states are hard-pressed to vote “no” because they’ve said all along that they just want to make sure Medicaid is preserved for their states. In this narrow bill, the expansion isn’t touched.

Asked how Republicans are going to ever deal with those trickier issues on a
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But, if more talking isn’t a viable solution, could the skinny repeal be the endgame?

Politically, Republicans just passing the scaled-down bill and giving Trump his Rose Garden signing ceremony could be disastrous. The Congressional Budget Office has previously said similar legislation would lead to 15 million fewer
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Removing the mandates from the current health care law could actually produce something resembling a death spiral ― a result of only the sickest people signing
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After enacting such policy, Republicans would own the most troublesome part of Obamacare ― the insurance market ― while preserving a number of other
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Those items are difficult to find consensus on, however, in part because many lawmakers think they’re working.

Senate Republicans are being sold on the idea that they don’t need to evaluate the policy effects of their legislation because it’s only advancing the process. Already, 50 Republicans voted to do that when they agreed to the motion to proceed to debate on this bill.

But a fair question to ask when you’re making policy is whether the bill you’re
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When HuffPost asked Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) whether the skinny repeal would be an
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