Chipotle’s Paid Sick Personalized New Orleans Saints Jersey Leave Has Nothing To Do With Its Food Safety Crisis

Chipotle is giving its hourly workers paid sick leave. And that’s wonderful.

But the company did not implement the policy as a response to its terrible food
Personalized New Orleans Saints Jersey safety crisis, which has sickened at least 500 people since July and has sunk the company’s stock price and reputation.

Chipotle announced paid sick leave for its hourly workers in June,Men’s Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale, well before the whole mess got started. The policy took effect in July, along with new paid vacation and tuition assistance benefits.

In a press release on Tuesday, the company implied that it is giving paid sick leave as a direct response to the crisis. The burrito-maker provided a detailed list of measures for preventing another crisis, including DNA testing ingredients,
Custom NFL Jersey strengthening its food safety training efforts, changing the way the company preps tomatoes, lettuce and other fresh food — and giving paid sick leave “to ensure that ill employees have no incentive to work while ill.”

A few media outlets picked up on the apparent news. “Chipotle To Give Employees Paid Sick Leave So They Don’t Make Customers Ill,”
Men’s Nike Personalized New Orleans Saints Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Cheap, read Consumerist’s headline.Custom NFL Jersey “Chipotle boosts paid-sick leave in name of safety,” said CNBC.

Reached by email on Thursday, Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold confirmed that there is nothing new about the company’s sick leave policy.

Regardless of the reason, though, it’s notable for a restaurant chain to give hourly workers paid sick leave. Very few hourly workers in the U.S. have such a benefit,
Custom Saints Jersey which means a lot of sick people wind up coming into work and infecting their colleagues and customers. The U.S. is one of the few Women’s Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale developed countries in the world that doesn’t offer paid leave for sick employees.

The actual cause of Chipotle’s food safety issues — which have resulted in lawsuitsand a criminal inquiry — is still unclear.Youth Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale. But the company says it’s using the crisis as an opportunity to take the lead on food safety going forward,
Customized Saints Women’s Jersey looking at all aspects of its production processes “from farm to restaurants,” Arnold said in December. The company hopes its food safety plan “will establish Chipotle as a leader in food safety.”

Personalized New Orleans Saints Jersey Oil prices fall near 2003 lows on oversupply, demand worries

Oil fell on Thursday, dipping back toward 12-year lows on persistent concerns about a supply overhang and the outlook for demand.

Oil futures dropped to their lowest levels since 2003 this week as investors worry
Personalized New Orleans Saints Jersey that a glut of crude is combining with slowing demand due to economic weakness, especially in China.

International benchmark Brent was down 17 cents at $27.71 a barrel by 1052
Men’s Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale GMT. Brent has lost 26 percent so far in January, on track for its biggest monthly fall since 2008.

Front-month West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures traded at $28.17 per barrel, down 18 cents from their previous close.

Broad market sentiment Custom NFL Jersey remained bearish as producers around the world pump 1 million to 2 million barrels of crude every day in excess of demand, creating a huge overhang of stored oil.

Iran’s return to the oil market this month added to the glut, after the lifting of international sanctions aimed at discouraging the country from obtaining nuclear weapons.

“There are worries surrounding demand and oversupply,” said Hans van Cleef,
Men’s Nike Personalized New Orleans Saints Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Cheap,senior energy economist at ABN Amro in Amsterdam.

He said weaker demand in the Middle East, which has been hit by lower oil prices, could add fuel to the sell-off and there was little to stop crude falling to $20 per barrel.

Indicating the glut may grow further, Iraq’s Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi told Reuters the country’s southern region planned to increase output by up to 400,000 barrels per day (bpd) this year to over 4 million bpd.Women’s Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.

Concerns are also growing that China’s economy could slow further and cut demand in the world’s second-largest oil consumer.

“Lower commodity and oil prices reflect weakening demand,” HSBC said on Thursday.

Meanwhile,Custom Saints Jersey Venezuela has requested that OPEC hold an emergency meeting to discuss steps to prop up oil prices, although delegates Youth Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale from other members of the producer group said such a gathering was unlikely.

Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey Another ‘F’ for Andy Reid in clock management class

Andy Reid reminded football fans on Saturday night that his time management skills are still a work in progress. Hey, he’s only had 17 years as an NFL head coach to work on it.

In an AFC divisional playoff game against the New England Patriots,Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey a contest that was in New England’s hands from nearly start to finish, the Kansas City Chiefs had a chance to make things interesting late in the fourth quarter.

“Time was of the essence,” Reid said of his team’s hurry-up offense during its last drive of the game, down 27-13.

Wait, what? The Chiefs didn’t act that way for most of their final drive,Men’s Nike Custom Made Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap, especially when they got down to New England’s 1-yard line after Alex Smith completed a 19-yard pass to Albert Wilson. With three timeouts in his pocket and 2:33 remaining, Reid passed on using one of them, letting the clock run down (even huddling) to the two-minute warning after a Charcandrick West run lost a yard.
Custom NFL Jersey The Chiefs still had to punch it in after the two-minute warning. And after a penalty, a pass to Jason Avant was short of the end zone. And the Chiefs huddled up again. Seriously.

“We wanted to get that play off,” Reid said, indicating that he didn’t understand why he was being asked about his clock (mis-)management. “We had 20 seconds.Men’s Nike Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Away White NFL Jersey for Sale. It was 2:20 on the clock. We wanted to make sure we got our best personnel in for that play and we didn’t get it done.”

You can hear Chiefs fans’ collective sigh. They just “didn’t get it done” in a critical moment, not sure what direction to go in when every second mattered. In a playoff game.

The Chiefs eventually ended their 16-play drive on a touchdown with 1:18 left. Custom Steelers Jersey Somehow, with time being of the essence, the Chiefs bled 5:16 off the clock on that drive and lessened their chances of getting the ball back. Kansas City eventually lost, 27-20, after Rob Gronkowski recovered the onside kick and the Patriots later got a first down.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Seattle Seahawksrunning back Marshawn Lynch is
Women’s Nike Custom Made Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap active for Sunday’s NFC divisional playoff game against theCarolina Panthers.

It will be Lynch’s first game in more than two months. He was injured in Seattle’s 39-32 loss to theArizona Cardinals on Nov. 15. The Seahawks have gone 7-1 without him,Customized Steelers Women’s Jersey including a win last week over Minnesota in the wild card game.

Wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. and running backJonathan Stewart are active for Carolina.Youth Nike Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Away White NFL Jersey for Sale.

Carolina’s inactives include running backs Fozzy Whittaker and Brendan Wegher, wide receiverBrenton Bersin and Kevin Norwood, cornerback Lou Young, safety Dean Marlowe and defensive endRyan Delaire.

Jeb! Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey Comeback Watch: A Gentle Nudge Toward The Exit

For a few months now, Jeb Bush’s campaign has been insisting that the Jeb!
Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey Comeback is on, and that the media should get on the ground floor of this amazing narrative. It’s an idea upon which a lot of money has been spent, anyway. Here’s how the comeback is going.

The Jeb Bush campaign is all about one thing: spending those dollars. Lord, have mercy, how they have spent those dollars! All of y’all out there playing Powerball on these streets would have been better off if you’d positioned yourselves to benefit from Jeb’s burn rate. As NBC News’ Mark Murray notes,Men’s Nike Custom Made Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap, Bush has blown $52.8 million thus far on ads alone — just about $10 million or $12 million less than the rest of the Republican field combined. And there’s no end in sight.

Or is there? As Politico’s Eli Stokols reports, “establishment Republicans” are starting to circle the Bush campaign like a murder of crows out of increasing concern that they only thing they might accomplish is permanently damaging Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, or worse, end up being the guy who paves the way for a nominee that no one (among the establishment, anyway) wants.Custom NFL Jersey As one-time Mitt Romney strategist Stuart Stevens tells Stokols: “This is something Jeb Bush has to decide. Does he want his legacy to be that he elected Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?”

How has it come to pass that what was once a nominal campaign for the Republican nomination has become a fully-funded hit-job on Rubio? Part of the problem involves the way that the so-called “lane” to be the “respectable”
Men’s Nike Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Away White NFL Jersey for Sale, GOP option has gotten clogged by campaigns that haven’t taken off. Bush is trying to pick off Rubio to put him out of the competition and become the first option for Rubio voters. There are other candidates — John Kasich, Chris Christie — who are plying themselves at the same task (though perhaps not quite so pointedly or extravagantly as Bush is doing to Rubio). This story is bad for Jeb, though, because here you see party elites attempting to be the selectors in this blood-sport, and they’re indicating that maybe it’s time for Bush to quit the stage.

But another problem is the simple fact that Bush’s empire has amassed a lot of campaign money, and campaign money wants to be spent. As Stokols’ piece notes,Custom Steelers Jersey a massively-endowed super PACs like Bush’s Right To Rise almost can’t restrain itself:

“The chances of those ads hurting Rubio are a lot stronger than the odds of them helping Jeb,” said Curt Anderson, a Republican strategist who ran Bobby Jindal’s campaign last year.Women’s Nike Custom Made Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap. “The Right to Rise folks don’t want to end the campaign with $30 million in the bank and they probably realize the positive spots haven’t helped Jeb at all.

“But how these ads help Jeb, no one understands.”

That’s just because they don’t understand … The Comeback!

This has been the Jeb! Comeback Watch for Jan. 14, 2016. Jeb Bush is currently in fifth place in Iowa (4.2 percent),Customized Steelers Women’s Jersey sixth place in New Hampshire (7.8 percent) and fifth place nationally (5.4 percent).

Personalized Seattle Seahawks Jersey Richardson rewarded for patience with Panthers’ Ron Rivera

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — While Ron Rivera is a coach of the year candidate for the second time in three seasons after leading the Panthers to an NFL-best 15-1 record, his footing in Carolina wasn’t always solid.

Rivera has survived – and succeeded – while other NFL head coaches who struggled with early losses met abrupt termination.Men’s Nike Custom Made Seattle Seahawks College Navy Blue Team Color NFL Football Jersey Sale.

Six games into Rivera’s second season in Carolina, team owner Jerry Richardson fired longtime general manager Marty Hurney after a 1-5 start and called Rivera into his office.Personalized Seattle Seahawks Jersey He told him the Panthers need to be ”trending upward,” but assured Rivera he wouldn’t make any decisions on his future until they met after the season.

The Panthers went 6-4 the rest of the way in 2012, including four straight wins to close the season and finished with a 7-9 record.

Even after the Panthers started 1-3 in 2013, Richardson remained patient.Men’s Nike Seattle Seahawks NFL Elite Away White Custom Jersey Cheap.

Rivera eventually found his groove, coaching more aggressively and earning the nickname ”Riverboat Ron” for his penchant for taking risks on fourth down.

The Panthers would finish 12-4 in 2013,Custom NFL Jersey Rivera’s third season, winning the first of three straight NFC South championships.

This year they started 14-0 and will host Seattle on Sunday as the NFC’s No. 1 seed.

”Nobody wants to be on the hot seat -and I’m not a big fan of that term,” Rivera told The Associated Press. ”But I will say this: What gave me confidence more than anything else is Mr. Richardson telling me,Custom Seahawks Jersey ‘I will never make a decision in the middle of the season. This is too important.”’

Richardson didn’t want Rivera feeling any pressure.

He told Rivera, ”I don’t want you looking over your shoulder. I want you looking forward. I want you looking at the team and I want to see you trending up.”
Women’s Nike Custom Made Seattle Seahawks College Navy Blue Team Color NFL Football Jersey Sale.

And while he would still spend most of the 2012 season – and some of early 2013 – answering questions about his job security, Rivera knew in the back of his mind that he had time to find a solution.

”For him to tell me not to worry, just to work – man, that took a lot of pressure off,” Rivera said.

Rivera is 33-10-1 in his last 44 regular season games and nobody is talking about his long-term future anymore. He got a three-year contract extension in 2014.

Not every NFL owner has been so patient.

Three of the seven NFL coaches hired in 2014 have already been fired. Hue Jackson became theCleveland Browns’ ninth coach in 18 seasons after parting ways with Mike Pettine after just two seasons.

The San Francisco 49ers didn’t wait that long, firing Jim Tomsula after one season.

In today’s win-now world it’s almost unfathomable how Tom Landry survived as long as he did. The Hall of Fame coach started his tenure in Dallas with six Women’s Nike Seattle Seahawks Personalized Elite Alternate Gray Football Jersey Shirt straight losing seasons before taking the Cowboys to the playoffs 17 of the next 18 seasons.

Rivera said with Richardson, the owner offered more than just patience.

They would meet regularly to discuss some of the things he needed to do to improve on as a coach.Customized Seahawks Women’s Jersey He even set Rivera up to meet with longtime friend, coach John Madden.

”I think he felt the responsibility because he OK’d my hiring and he wanted to see me succeed,” Rivera said.

Rivera said picking Madden’s brain was a huge help.

He’s also spoken with and learned from other successful coaches as well. On Saturday, he met with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski after watching the Blue Devils play at Cameron Indoor Stadium. After their conversation, Rivera stepped outside the room and began writing down everything he could remember Krzyzewski telling him.

Rivera said based on what he now knows, his biggest advice to first-time NFL coaches is to hire a former head coach as a consultant.

”It’s funny, you think you’re ready to be a head coach – you really do – and you have a book, and all of this stuff that is there to help you, but the truth of the Youth Nike Seattle Seahawks NFL Elite Away White Custom Jersey Cheap
matter is until you have done it and sat in that chair you don’t realize how hard it is,” Rivera said. ”Some crazy things come up.”

Rivera has turned to his military roots to help deal with various scenarios.

He’s brought in admirals, colonels and sergeant majors to speak to his players and staff. He said they told him about a study the military conducted in which it takes five to seven years to change a culture.

”It doesn’t happen overnight,” Rivera said. ”Whether it’s fair or not that a coach gets two years or not, the thing that we all need to do is take a step back and look.”

Rivera has benefited from working for an owner who looked beyond where his team was at, and believed in where it was going.

Customized Broncos Jersey Youth San Antonio Spurs equal best start in NBA franchise history

New York (AFP) – Forward LaMarcus Aldridge tallied 25 points and 11 rebounds as San Antonio matched the best start in franchise history with a 106-79 rout of Brooklyn.Men’s Nike Custom Made Denver Broncos Elite Team Color Orange NFL Football Jersey.

The Spurs improved to 33-6, matching the team’s best 39-game start,Customized Broncos Jersey Youth a mark set during the 2010-11 season. San Antonio also posted its league-leading 14th win by at least 20 points while stretching its winning streak to eight games.

Aldridge shot 12-for-17 from the field and posted his 12th double-double.Men’s Nike Personalized Denver Broncos Elite Alternate Navy Blue NFL Football Shirts. He had his 10th game with at least 20 points and was the Spurs’ leading scorer for the 11th time.

Forward Kawhi Leonard scored 17 points and rookie center Boban Marjanovic scored 13 for the Spurs, who won despite little scoring from all-star guardTony Parker and center Tim Duncan. Parker scored six points, while Duncan finished with eight.

“I like him,” San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich said of Marjanovic. “He’s really Personalized Denver Broncos Jersey an intelligent player. He’s hard-working and just learning. So every minute he gets really helps him develop.”

Interim coach Tony Brown was making his debut with the Nets, one day after the sacking of coach Lionel Hollins.

Brooklyn missed 10-of-12 three-point attempts and had 19 turnovers, leading to 30 San Antonio points.

Center Brook Lopez led Brooklyn with 18 points and forward Joe Johnson added 16 for the Nets, who lost their 10th consecutive home game.

The Spurs led 77-56 at the end of the third quarter. The Nets scored the first six points of the fourth to get within 77-62.Cheap Custom Football Jersey Two minutes later, San Antonio stretched the lead to 87-62 as Leonard sandwiched a pair of three-pointers around a jump shot by Aldridge.

San Antonio led by double digits over the final 18 minutes.

Elsewhere, the Washington Wizards had no trouble beating the Chicago Bulls 114-100, despite missing several players due to injuries.

The Wizards won their second straight game by getting points from 10 players, including seven who finished in double figures.

Point guard John Wall paced the attack with 17 points, 10 assists and three steals, while guardGarrett Temple, forward Otto Porter and center Nene all scored 14 points in the win.

Ramon Sessions had 16 points, Gary Neal added 11 points and Drew Gooden finished with 10 points and 12 rebounds, all off the bench.Youth Nike Customized Denver Broncos Elite Team Color Orange NFL Football Jersey.

Washington’s reserves outscored Chicago’s 47-32.

Chicago was led by Derrick Rose’s 23 points,Custom Broncos Jersey while shooting guard Jimmy Butler added 19 points and center Pau Gasol had 15 points and 10 rebounds.

The Bulls lost consecutive games for the first time since a three-game losing streak in December.

Custom Bengals Jersey Muslim Millennials’ Views on Religion

At the close of 2015, Zogby Research Services (ZRS) conducted face to face polling of 5,374 Muslim youth between the ages of 15 to 34 in eight Arab countries: Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, and Palestine.
Custom Bengals Jersey We had been commissioned by the Tabah Foundation to explore the views of Arab Muslim millennials, specifically with regard to their attitudes toward religious identity, religious leadership, the role of the state in
Men’s Nike Carolina Panthers Custom Made Elite Team Color Black Football Jersey religious affairs, the need for reform, and religious extremism. The results of the study provided fascinating insights into the views of a much “talked about” but not often “talked to” generation of Arabs.

What we learned was that, in the main, Muslim millennials were committed to their faith; recognized a need for renewal in Muslim discourse; saw a need for a more visible role for women in religious life; believed that religion would play an important part in their country’s future; and rejected extremist groups as a perversion of their faith.

While there were observable differences in the attitudes of young Arab Muslims from the different countries included in the study, overall we found a generation committed to their Muslim identity, seeing their faith as more of a “private Personalized NFL Football Jersey spiritual affair” than “just about beliefs and laws defining right and wrong.” It was noteworthy that the importance of Muslim identity was more pronounced in societies that were more pluralistic (like UAE, Kuwait, and Egypt)–the very same societies where young Muslims indicated that they felt tension between the “temptations of today’s society” and their Muslim faith.

When asked to identify the most important aspects of their faith, most frequently cited were “living by Islamic ethics and morals” and addressing the “political issues facing Muslim societies.” And while majorities in most countries disagreed that religion was the source of decline in the Arab World and believed that religion has a key role to play in their country’s future, there were differing views about the role of the state in administering religious affairs. Only in Egypt, Kuwait, and Palestine, were majorities inclined to support the state’s Men’s Nike Customized New England Patriots Elite Throwback Red Alternate Football Jersey involvement in anything related to religion. The only areas where majorities in all eight countries agreed with government intervention were in “ensuring that religious discourse is not used to promote violence, incitement, and hatred” and in banning movies, TV, etc, if they “breach the values of society.”

Substantial majorities of millennials in all eight countries felt that the “language used to speak about Islam” and the topics and issues addressed by scholars and preachers needed to be made more relevant to today’s life,Custom Panthers Jersey which is why many also claimed that Friday sermons were either a “tirade,” “boring,” or “the government’s voice.”

Muslim millennials frequently pointed to their country’s Grand Mufti or other prominent religious scholars as being the authorities to consult on matters of religion, but a significant number pointed to religious TV shows as “their most important source or guidance and direction.” And majorities of young men and women in every country agreed that there was a need for more women religious scholars and preachers.

What also came through quite clearly was the fact that Muslim millennials Youth Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey overwhelmingly reject extremist groups and movements largely identifying them as a “complete perversion of Islam.” And they identify “corrupt, repressive, and unrepresentative governments” and “extremist religious teaching” as the principal reasons why some of their contemporaries join these groups.

The upshot of this study is that Arab Muslim millennials, like their age cohorts in other parts of the world, are struggling to find their place in a rapidly changing world. They are neither a “lost generation” nor are they an amorphous
Custom Patriots Jersey unthinking mass without definite ideas about the future of the societies they will soon inherit. They are not to be feared, nor should their insistence that there be change be ignored. As the Tabah Foundation noted in commissioning this study “it is only by knowing this generation that we can address the seismic religious, cultural, social, and political shifts taking place in the Arab World today and in the future.”

Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey These Numbers Show That The US Is At War With ISIS

WASHINGTON — What began in August 2014 as limited airstrikes in Iraq, aimed at protecting American diplomatic personnel and the minority Yazidi population from the Islamic State, has escalated into daily bombings against the militant group in both Iraq and Syria.

Wary of starting another protracted occupation of a Middle Eastern country,
Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey President Barack Obama has tiptoed into this war, calling for greater military force only in a piecemeal fashion. Now, nearly 17 months into the fight against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, it doesn’t exactly feel like the U.S. is at war.Officially, Obama has kept his initial
Men’s Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey pledge not to deploy combat ground forces, although he has blurred the lines by allowing for several thousand on-the-ground advisory troops. And Congress, for its part, has yet to declare war or even authorize the military endeavors in Iraq and Syria.

However, it is clear that the U.S. is indeed at war with ISIS, and that the battle is likely to continue for years. As the first full calendar year of the war draws to a close, here’s a look at the scale of the current conflict:

Airstrikes: As of Dec. 22, the U.S. had conducted 4,115 strikes in Iraq and 2,903 in Syria since August of last year, totaling 7,018 airstrikes, according to the Defense Department.Custom Bengals Jersey The other countries in the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS launched an additional 2,023 attacks on targets in Iraq and Syria during the same time period.

Targets destroyed: The Defense Department says that the U.S.-led coalition has destroyed a total of 16,075 ISIS targets as of Nov. 13. Tanks, Humvees, buildings and oil infrastructure are all included in this category.

Cost: The war against ISIS has cost a total of $5.36 billion so far, which amounts to just over $11 million a day,Men’s Nike Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt according to Defense Department reporting from Nov. 30. The daily average cost has increased by $2 million since the earliest days of the war in August 2014.

U.S. ground troops: About 3,500. But didn’t Obama say he wouldn’t send any U.S. ground troops to Iraq or Syria to fight ISIS?

Yes, but the president started sending small groups of American troops to serve in an “advisory role” in Iraq back in June 2014, just after ISIS stormed the Iraqi city of Mosul. Since then, that number has gradually increased to 3,500.

In October, Obama announced plans to send an additional 50 Special
Customized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey Operationstroops into Syria to advise local ground troops trained by the U.S. Before that, the only American troops authorized in Syria were those assigned to conduct quickraids against high-value targets.

Civilian casualties: Technically, 0. The U.S. military does not track or formally acknowledge that any civilians have been killed in the military campaign (thoughthis isn’t unique to the fight against ISIS). Earlier this year,Women’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey a Pentagon official toldthe Daily Beast that it’s impossible to know for sure whether a civilian is killed in an airstrike, but that the military will not drop bombs on a target if they think civilians are present. Despite this vague assurance, it is extremely unlikely that the bombing campaign against ISIS has not resulted in any civilian casualties.

Number of war authorizations passed: 0. The White House claims it has the authority to deploy military force against ISIS under the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force,Youth Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey, which permitted the U.S. military to fight the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks.

Obama sent Congress a draft of a new, ISIS-specific war authorization in February. Crippled by partisan politics, however, lawmakers failed to move forward on that AUMF, or on an alternative proposal of their own.Custom NFL Jersey Instead, Congress has tacitly endorsed the Obama administration’s convoluted claim that the 2001 war authorization is sufficient.

Custom NFL Jersey Lawsuits Seek To Abolish U.S. Bail Bond System

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Crystal Patterson didn’t have the cash or assets to post $150,000 bail and get out of jail after her arrest for assault in October.

So Patterson, 39, promised to pay a bail bonds company $15,000 plus interest to put up the $150,000 bail for her,Custom NFL Jersey allowing to go home and care for her invalid grandmother.

The day after her release, the district attorney decided not to pursue charges. But Patterson still owes the bail bonds company. Criminal justice reformers and
Men’s Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey lawyers at a nonprofit Washington, D.C., legal clinic say that is unconstitutionally unfair.

The lawyers have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Patterson,Custom Bengals Jersey Rianna Buffin and other jail inmates who argue that San Francisco and California’s bail system unconstitutionally treats poor and wealthy suspects differently.

Wealthy suspects can put up their houses or other valuable assets — or simply write a check — to post bail and stay out of jail until their cases are resolved.
Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey Poorer suspects aren’t so lucky. Many remain behind bars or pay nonrefundable fees to bail bonds companies.

San Francisco public defender Chesa Boudin says some of his clients who can’t afford to post bail plead guilty to minor charges for crimes they didn’t commit so they can leave jail.

Boudin represented Buffin, 19, after her arrest for grand theft in October. Buffin couldn’t afford to post the $30,000 bail or pay a bond company a $3,000 fee and so contemplated pleading guilty in exchange for a quick release from jail even though she says her only crime was being with the “wrong people at the wrong place at the wrong time.” Men’s Nike Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt.

Fortunately, the district attorney declined to charge Buffin and she was released after being held for three days.

“My family was worried,” said Ruffin, who lost her $10.50 an hour baggage handler job at the Oakland International Airport after her arrest.

The lawsuit filed by the Equal Justice Under Law in San Francisco federal court in October seeks to abolish the cash bail system in the city, state — and the country. It’s the ninth lawsuit the center has filed in seven states.

“The bail system in most states is a two-tiered system,” said center founder Phil Telfeyan. “One for the wealthy and one for everyone else.”

The center has settled four lawsuits, convincing smaller jails in states in the South to do away with cash bail requirements for most charges.

Telfeyan said a win in California could add momentum to the center’s goal to rid the country of the cash bail system, which the lawyers say is used by most county jails in all 50 states. The federal system usually allows non-violent suspects free without bail pending trial and denies bail to serious and violent suspects.

“The country watches what happens in California,” said Telfeyan,
Women’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey, a former Department of Justice attorney who founded the Washington organization in 2013 with a partner and the first-ever grant from the Harvard Law School Public Service Venture Fund in 2013.

Telfeyan said it’s not his goal to put out of business the classic neon-advertising Customized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey bail bonding industry, but conceded the business model would become obsolete if he convinces courts that the cash bail system is unconstitutional.

The industry didn’t acknowledge Telfeyan’s first lawsuits filed earlier this year.

But on Monday, lawyers for the California Bail Agents Association filed court papers seeking to formally oppose the San Francisco lawsuit. The association argues that government lawyers for San Francisco and the state are offering only “tepid” opposition to the California lawsuit.

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi argues that most jail inmates are awaiting resolution of minor, non-violent crimes and that letting them free while awaiting court hearings will save the city millions of dollars. Mirkarimi said non-violent suspects can be monitored electronically and with frequent visits from law enforcement officials to ensure they don’t flee the area and attend all their court hearings.

In January, Telfeyan and his colleagues from Equal Justice Under Law will ask a judge to temporarily suspend San Francisco’s cash bail system until the lawsuit is resolved. Telfeyan said a victory in San Francisco and the elimination of cash bail in the city will most likely lead to the abolition of cash bail in all of the state’s 58 counties.

Maggie Kreins, who is president of bail agents group, the says the longtime system of putting up money or an insurance-backed bail bond is better at getting people to show up in court and it saves the public costs of monitoring defendants or hunting down bail jumpers.Youth Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey.

Kreins said that California’s “bail schedule” could be reformed to lower bail amounts for minor crimes, but that scrapping the system completely would be a mistake.

“What is the incentive to go to court if you don’t lose anything for failing to appear?” Kreins said.

Custom Bengals Jersey Driver who plowed into Las Vegas crowd charged with murder

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – An Oregon woman accused of plowing her car into a crowd on the Las Vegas Strip, killing one person and injuring dozens, was charged with murder on Tuesday as investigators sought clues to what motivated the rampage.

Lakeisha N. Holloway, 24, who was arrested after the incident on Sunday,
Custom Bengals Jersey has been charged with one count of murder through use of a deadly weapon in the death of a 32-year-old Arizona woman who was in the crowd.

Holloway, due for her first court appearance on Wednesday,Men’s Nike Carolina Panthers Custom Made Elite Team Color Black Football Jersey, was being held in a “medically restricted” jail unit set aside for inmates requiring increased supervision, including those on suicide watch, according to Las Vegas police spokesman Michael Rodriguez.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said he expected additional charges to be brought against Holloway as the investigation unfolds.

“This is a horrendous and inexcusable act that has needlessly and tragically impacted countless lives,” Wolfson said in a statement.

Authorities Personalized NFL Football Jersey said Holloway had been living in her car in Las Vegas for about a week with her 3-year-old daughter and had been driving on a suspended Oregon license.

In addition to murder, she has been charged with child abuse or neglect, and with leaving the scene of a collision, according to the criminal complaint filed in Clark County court.Women’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Away White NFL Jersey Cheap.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sheriff Joe Lombardo said the incident did not appear to be an attack motivated by extremist ideology. U.S. law enforcement agencies have been on heightened alert since this month’s massacre in San Bernardino, California.

Police said Holloway repeatedly drove her automobile onto the sidewalk, Custom Panthers Jersey ramming pedestrians and street posts as bystanders pounded on the windows and tried to pull open her car door to stop her. According to a police report, she then drove about a mile away on a flat tire, parked and asked a hotel employee to call police before surrendering.

The incident occurred near Planet Hollywood, where the Miss Universe beauty pageant was being held. Three victims remained hospitalized in critical condition and two in serious condition, an area hospital said.

Holloway, who is being held without bail, told detectives she had been trying to sleep in her car earlier on Sunday but became stressed when she kept getting chased off by security guards, the police report said.

Holloway may have stopped in Las Vegas en route to Texas, where her daughter’s father lives, and the couple may have quarreled, Lombardo said, adding it was otherwise unclear what might have “caused her to snap.”

In 2012, Holloway received an award from an Oregon career-mentoring organization, the Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center,Men’s Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey, for being a role model to high school students.

In an online video posted three years ago by the group, Holloway described growing up with a mother who battled alcohol addiction and poverty,Custom Patriots Jersey and how she was homeless during her first year in high school. She said she ultimately “beat the odds” to become the first member of her immediate family to graduate high school.

“Today, I am not the same scared girl I used to be. I am a mature young woman,” she said in the video. “Being homeless and on my own taught me how to stand on my own two feet.”

Holloway worked part-time for the U.S. Forest Service from 2009 to 2012 while attending community college, the agency said.